Even though I’m a few seasons late…I should have posted my thoughts on this 1st….

Personally, I actually think that the team behind the creation of Balmain’s menswear line in the past few years has definitely hit the mark. Every collection that they have put out is the epitome of a rockstar style. The attention to detail in the current fall collection is really a key thing. If you notice in the womenswear, there is always such extreme detailing to beading, stitching, as well as the shape as fabrics. I really like that Oliver Rousteing brought that over to the mens. WE LOVE DETAILING TOO!!!Image

Kris Van Assche Spring Summer 2013

KVA happens to be just one of my favorite designers out there for men at the moment. Having an extensive background working as Heidi Silmaine’s assistant at YSL and Dior, KVA broke out in 2005’s Paris Fashion Week and has developed his line into a distinctive elegant yet nonchalant approach for menswear.

This show definitely gave me some new ideas on the approach to the “White Tee”. A very basic, yet sexy look for anybody, some of the looks are bit out there for the everyday wearer. However, I find that if you are careful to detail and knowing when to mix things together, you can pull anything off!

It’s the Pleasure Principle

Growing up for some reason I’ve always felt a strange connection to this song. Before truly understanding the meaning of this song, just alone watching the video, I always felt a connection. The excitement of the video, the choreography simple yet so intricate. Something just always resonates and makes me feel so good.

In terms of the meaning of the lyrics, haha I just really figured out the meaning of it. Or what it means to me.

I often times think of the song as being about a person who is sick of the bullshit games that’s being played by the person he or she is involved with. It’s about liberation, freedom, maybe independence!!! It’s a song that speaks on so many different levels that I think that almost anyone can relate too! Plus it’s Janet Jackson….I mean HELLO!!!!

Nothing’s Promised but a Graveyard…

I often what my first impression to someone is. It doesn’t help me that I have a monotone voice, or that contrary to popular belief I’m very introverted. I live for being around people but I’m painfully shy, more than you’ll ever know. So it’s only naturally as I grow older and encounter more people I wonder what my first impression really is.

Over the years, I’ve received everything from intimidating, bitchy, mean and I’ve gotten nice. I have a very dry sense of humor and can be very sarcastic so I often wonder how people perceive this. I mean nobody really tries to be bitchy, yeah I joke around and act higher than thou with friends but has that really transcended into my personality as an extension of who I am? I hope not!

It’s funny, a friend of mine who has known me for years was saying how he could see that people perceive me as bitchy! I was shocked because up until recently we never talked much about where we were at career wise, so it did come as quite a shock that’s what he really thought.

I thank my grandmother for my attitude problem. I’m accountable for my decisions and what I do but she always instilled in me that I was entitled to things, I could do things my way because I was simply me. Great message to send kids! I think so much of her holier than thou attitude has come into my personality more so than I know how to deal with at times. So where do I to from there? How do I be the change? I try to be more subconscious about it but how do I really put the end to it?

One of the mysteries in life, I’ll have to take one step a time.

One Last Option…One Last Chance….One Last Question….

I often times wonder why I keep talking to him. I know that the answer will forever be the same. The results never change. I’m given just enough information to keep hanging on to that glimmer of hope.

At one point in time it was fun to play that game. A game in which you play make believe. When does imagination turn into reality? I realized that the reality I wanted with you is one that I can’t have. Once I experienced it and that would have to be good enough for me.

Recently two people that I cared for deeply at one point in time have decided to make an appearance in my life again. In some ways I was excited and in others disappointed. Both opening wounds that I for sure thought were closed. In my mind, I thought “Maybe this time we can actually be friends!”

In reality, they view me as one thing. Guess no matter how old I really get, I’ll never be viewed as the friend I really wanted to be. The completion in my life that I longed for with these people will never happen. An imagination that I wanted to be a reality.