Wah Gwaan Papcaan?

This is just another way to say What’s Up? It’s Jamaican Patois, which is a language that they speak in Jamaica. I learned this phrase from one of my twitter friends Sammy. 

friend  (frnd)


1. A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.
2. A person whom one knows; an acquaintance.
There are multiple definitions for this word. I’m fortunate that in my life, I have plenty of people that I can call a friend. Unfortunately, as I get older I realize who my true friends are. There are people I would trust with my life, people I would ride or possibly be seriously injured for…I won’t say ride or die because well if I die and you live, that’s not fair. You get the drift. I actually really love my friends. 
I have three types of friends. The classifications are as followed: 
1.Real Life Friends-Friends that I hang out with in life on a regular basis
2. E-Friends or Internet Friends-People that share the same interest in me and if we were in the same geographical area would be friends in real life. The common bond is a social networking platform such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.
3.Acquaintances-People that your merely friends with for appearances. You want to take it to the next level but there is a wall that prevents you from actually allowing a full bond of trust.
Lately, I’ve begun to notice that my friends count is dwindling. It hurts in some ways a lot. It’s a reminder to me that things happen for a reason. People are in your life at particular phases for a reason. You learn a lesson. You grow from that lesson. You move on. I never thought I’d grow apart from certain people that I was attached to. It’s sad to think that you could lose that person in the drift forever and a day. I don’t wish these fallen friends any harm, I wish them the most in life. I wish for them the same happiness that I am striving for. I stan for my Kevin and Danielle, and of course my work friends. Work doesn’t count cause that’s like family. I have a new addition to one that I’m beginning to be a really good friend. I give a harm time every chance I get, he puts up with it. Actually, I kind of look up to him in some ways. I genuinely think he’s a great person and he often time gives me really good advice when he least it expects. I know I’m too old to say that I have someone that is a mentor, but I’d say he’s a good mentor. I appreciate that about him. 
I come across as being a mean, cold, callous person sometimes. If you can make it past the wall that is built, I’m truly a great friend. I will have your back through thick and thin. 
What I really like about my E-Friends is that some of these people I’ve been friends with for almost an eternity it seems! From AOL chat-rooms to Myspace Groups and even meeting some of these people in real life. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to spend as much time as I wanted with my E-Friend Kassie as I wanted to while here, even though she was close, my schedule just didn’t link up. Richard, I’ve been friends with since I was 15-16. The good ole days of AIM, am I right? He knows more about me than I probably know about myself. Then there is Vince and Kevin from the same AOL chat-room and we’re all still friends to this day. Richard I talk to to the most, and Vince and Kevin we chat from time to time and it’s nice. To see the evolution of a person from then to now, it’s really amazing. 
With the way social networking and social media has taken off, I’ve been lucky to find a new base of friends based of even more of my unique interest that say some of my best friends might not be into. It’s cool. It’s different and I LIKE IT. 
Acquaintances are the friends that you wanted to be friends with a point because they seemed cool but when you become friends with them you realized that it was a Full on Monet. They are nothing but a hot mess of problems that you want to steer clear of. No point going down that dark  desperate alley. They need more than you can actually give them as a friend. Not worth it. They are merely good for entertainment purposes i.e. going to the club, getting dinner, going to the club and DROPPING THEY ASS BACK AT HOME!
I love my friends. They love me and my idiosyncrasies! 

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"Most Likely To Be Ambivert" is the best way to describe me. Approaching 30 with kindness and hoping she does the same. Boston based hair stylist, best friend, wardrobe consultant, student of the world, etc., Welcome!

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