Don’t You Love When A Client Is Happy!

Dear Gina,


I hope this email finds you well this morning.  My name is Amy Soto, and I was provided your name and contact information as the person to contact regarding my appointments with Andrae Brashear and Tyler Trifilo last evening, October 4, 2012.  It is very important to me that you know how amazing my experience was with them, but also with all the staff.


Yesterday was my first time at Mario Russo Salon on Newbury Street.  I have been a loyal client at a salon based out of Allston/Brookline for over ten years.  Obviously, I was happy with my salon considering how long I was a client there, but I started to feel bored and also felt that they were not consistent with their pricing, etc.  Long story short, I was ready for a change.


I have very long, naturally curly hair, that is prone to frizz.  I’ve had the keratin treatment done twice, and I consider that treatment a “lifesaver/life change.”  So I was very excited to see that your salon offers the more affordable Keratin Express.


Let me start by my arrival.  To be honest, I’m used to arriving at my former hair salon and needing to wait for the front desk staff to come up front, or to finish their conversations, etc.  Not at your salon.  As soon as I stepped on to the floor, I was greeted so graciously by Moriah (I think that is her name), while a gentleman took my coat and offered me a beverage.  Talk about being treated first class.


Andrae did my color – one process.  Tyler did my cut and the Keratin Express.


Both of them made me feel comfortable from the beginning.  They both knew I was coming to them after 10 years with the same stylist, so I was very nervous.


Tyler immediately sat me down and didn’t rush the consultation at all.  The questions he asked were so on point, that all I could say was “I’m so glad you asked me that!”  or “You’re right!  Thank you for asking.”  I have very long hair and I love my length, and hate getting it cut.  But, I knew I needed a trim.  Tyler knew just by one glance that getting a haircut would be hard for me, but he led me through the consultation in such a way that my fears were alleviated within seconds.  Even his own observations of my hair were 100% correct.


Andrae asked me tons of questions about my color and what I wanted, and/or didn’t want.  He took his time and really listened to me.  And when I couldn’t explain myself well, he really took his time looking and feeling my hair to know exactly what my (now former) hair stylist used/did.  He explained to me very clearly what he was going to do, what kind of color, how long it would last – and he even took the time out to explain why he was doing what he thought was best.  His calming demeanor really put me at ease.


First of all, Andrae’s technique when he colored my  hair was IMMEDIATELY appreciated.  I really felt as though he was carefully making sure that every piece of hair, every section was taken care of as he colored.  I never experienced burning or dripping color.  Even while I waited, he would come by and check on me, offering me a beverage or a magazine, or making simple but hilarious conversation.  When he washed my hair, I could tell that he was conscious of my make-up, etc., and not once did water run down my face or neck.  It was evident that he wanted to make sure I looked and felt beautiful before, during and after my color treatment.


Tyler then greeted me at the haircutting floor and we got started with my cut.  Gina, the effortless and meticulous way he cut my hair was breathtaking.  I genuinely felt that he cared about me and wanted me to leave with THE perfect haircut and style.  I absolutely loved the fact that he would check in with me.  He knew that I was nervous about losing my length, and his assurances helped.  After only having met him that evening, I really trusted him 100%.


After my haircut, Tyler began the Keratin Express.  It is known to be a long process, but our conversations, etc., really made it go by quickly.


When he turned my chair to face the mirror after all was completed, I was blown away.  I actually started laughing because I couldn’t believe how PERFECT my hair looked.  I told Tyler and Andrae that I wouldn’t change a thing.  My color is AMAZING and really enhances my skin tone.  I actually think it brings more color to my face!  From now own, I will ONLY come to Andrae for my color.  His creativity and his talent made me speechless.  With Andrae, you really have a priceless gem on your team.  My haircut/style is ridiculously perfect.  I’m not sure how Tyler did it…but he managed to cut and style my hair without losing the sense of length at all!  I actually felt like I have a new head and Iove it.  I hugged him so tight when I said goodbye, that I didn’t want to let go!  He gave me more then he’ll ever know.


When I paid at the front desk, Moriah was there with the same friendly smile.  I really wanted to make sure I tipped both Andrae and Tyler correctly, and she patiently waited for me without making that moment seem awkward at all.  I bought some great products and she was just really super friendly.


Gina, the only way to describe my experience and the final result is with one word: PERFECTION.


I will go on yelp and any other site to give Mario Russo salon as many stars as possible.


You should be very proud of your staff and the salon’s overall ability and atmosphere.


With Warmest Regards,


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