It Was Meant To Be, You Were Meant For Me…..

So That Means We Gotta Make It Work

Wrapped High Top Sneaker aka Rabbit
Wrapped High Top Sneaker aka Rabbit from CA by Cinzia

Everybody that knows me knows that I am a freak for shoes. I love shoes because of the way that can transform the outfit that a person is wearing and allow that user to stand out or blend into the crowd. I believe in standing out with my footwear and basing my outfits off my footwear. It’s easier than having to plan the outfit and then having to worry about the shoes. Start from the bottom up, am I right?

Anyways, in a earlier blog I had written about this interesting luxurious but casual sneaker that I saw on . To recap what the details that were mentioned, the parent brand is Cinzia Araia and this was her offshoot brand CA by Cinzia Araia. Which is the more street wear inspired footwear line and at a bit lower of a prince point then the parent Cinzia Araia. This shoe is just amazing and in doing research for my marketing class about the brand, I learned a lot about the shoe and the concept and not just adding this too my closet.

Cinzia Araia started in 2010 and in 2011 introduced us to CA by Cinzia Araia. With this new label underneath her still new label, she developed the Wrapped High Top Sneaker.

Wrapped High Top Sneaker in Black
Wrapped High Top Sneaker in Black

The really amazing thing that keeps drawing me back to these shoes are how versatile they are. You can always be funky fresh dressed ready to party or you can wear it a little more rock star subtle. Perfect for the office fashionista who is afraid to really be edgy but still right for the mom picking up her kids from school. By the way, did I mention that they are actually unisex so for the metrosexual who is feeling comfortable in his sexuality he can purchase a pair and look ever so good! This particular style runs from about $315-$345 depending on what site you buy from.

So the reason the particular style of sneakers is also known as The Rabbit is because of the long laces that are inspired by the ears of a rabbit. The laces are long because it gives the wearer the ability to create a few different looks. Another amazing thing was that Cinzia had her shoes internationally patented so that particular model type can become synonymous with her brand as her signature piece. Smart thinking from a wise gal!

I mentioned a little earlier about the cost of the shoes, however, has other CA by Cinzia shoes on their website. Worth a shot to see if you like something else. They have a pair of The Rabbits from the fall in a size 10 for about $98!!! WHAT A STEAL!!!

I really cannot wait to search a little more and find a pair. I say search a little more because I’m terribly indecisive when it comes to things like that and have to analyze every little detail. Goodness Gracious Golly Me, What Am I Going To Do With Myself?”


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8 thoughts on “It Was Meant To Be, You Were Meant For Me…..”

  1. You should get a pair, you’ll love them…. speaking as a fellow shoe freak, I have 4 pairs of them now (yes, 4!) in different colours, and they are supremely comfortable and luxurious-feeling on the foot. My only criticism (and it’s a very mild one) is that they don’t have any vent holes, so they can be a little warm in the summer – even the canvas ones, as they are fully leather lined. But if you tie up the rabbit ears very loosely, like a slip-on ankle boot, they’re not too bad even in warmer weather. And yes, YOOX often has them at lower prices, and I saw some on sale at recently as well for an excellent price.


    1. My foot is too wide though! That’s the problem and the associate at Barney’s was like it’s a bad idea. However, now they are on sale for half. I can justify it more. It’s such a gorgeous shoe. I’m so jealous, you have 4! Show me pictures of how you wear them?


      1. Get a size larger – they are super soft leather inside, so they will stretch! Seriously, the colours I wanted were only available in a size 40 initially, and I was convinced the first pair was slightly too small. Finally I found a pair in 41, but by then the first pair was stretched out and super comfy. I have a little more toe room in the 41s, but the 40s fit like a glove now. (so I grabbed up a couple more 40s while they were on sale. No regrets!)

        Pictures? Ah, I’ll have to see if I can get that sorted out 🙂 Pretty much anything goes. I like to mess around with the ties and try out different looks each time. It depends on how I’m feeling that day and the rest of the outfit of course!


      2. In that particular model, I was at at the largest. I’ve been trying to email them to see if they make that shoe in a bigger size in a mens model. The pains of fashion! I would love to wear them like tuxedo shorts, a crisp white shirt and a skinny square tie! Omg that would be so cute with the cranberry!


      3. Ah bummer! I hope you can find them in men’s sizes… and now I’m thinking I’d like to get a pair for my husband. He lives in Guinea, and I’ve noticed African guys LOVE THEIR SHOES. He’s almost more of a shoe nut than I am (except that’s probably impossible). And yes, definitely the cranberry pops! It would look good with pretty much any outfit! I want a pair that colour too, just having a hard time justifying it with already 4 pairs in my closet, LOL!


      4. I need to get a pair asap. I mean $165 is such a great deal! I could get two pairs, I love the cranberry color and the greyish color. Have you seen the new collection?


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