It’s Beyoncè’s World And We’re Just Living In It

Who Run The World?
Who Run The World?

Despite being a buzz-track, “Bow Down” and “I Been On” has completely captured my heart. If changing her last name to Carter was Beyoncè’s way of saying I have a new sound, I think there are going to some happy fans out there. Hit-Boy and Timbaland produced the two tracks as a fusion hybrid style. Definitely flowing on the H-Town Swagger! Beyoncè is back and she’s keeping her reign as the Queen!

Listen Here:

SophistiRatchet? Ratchet?
SophistiRatchet? Ratchet?

If the rumors are true and from what I’ve heard….I’m also excited for the possible collaboration of  Lady Gaga & Bey on the track “Ratchet”. Speculated to appear  on the track as well is Rihanna and newcomer to the scene Azealia Banks. They’re version of Ratchet is the around the way girl who owns bamboo earrings at least two pairs!

I’m glad that Queen Bey is back and she’s snatching wigs…………I’ll always be a stan for Bey………

Say what about a maternity leave?
Say what about a maternity leave?

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4 thoughts on “It’s Beyoncè’s World And We’re Just Living In It”

    1. I am sorry for the delayed response to your comment. I have always loved Beyonce, hardcore Destiny’s Child fan and a fan of her an entertainer in respects to her being a solo artist. It’s also a weird torrid hate relationship as well when there are moments like, she’s just a human being too. But I will always love Beyonce and the girls of Destiny’s Child. I wish the Superbowl Performance had been the original Destiny’s Child. That would have been really sweet.

      What is the link to your fanclub blog? I would love to check it out.



      This the demo and it matches up with what Lady Gaga had posted on her soundcloud. It’s a very colorful beat and I can actually envision the music video along with who should go where in the song. I think the collaboration will be nothing short of perfect especially since Azealia is in on the mix but as for Rihanna…I could leave it or take it. Not about that life


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