Legally Blonde

“And last week I saw Cameron Diaz at Fred Segal, and I talked her out of buying this truly heinous Angora sweater. Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed” Elle Woods (Legally Blonde)

Never Good Enough

I watching Legally Blonde, absolutely love the movie. It’s a riot, she’s hilarious. Until this recent time in watching it, did I realize something important and how it pertained to my love life.


All of my friends know about the “Love of My Life”. It’s been an ongoing battle of back and forth. I’ve begun to write-off the prospect of actually getting that relationship back. I don’t want think that I should be strung along like a little but puppet. Tonight I realized that I’ll never be good enough in his eyes. Good enough to string a long…’s a good realization to come to though and maybe with that realization I can move on to….

On another lighter note, I went out with a few co-workers over the weekend. Went to the waterfront in Boston to start the night, Whiskey Priest where we were hit on by a few married men. Then to the South End and ended up at Machine Nightclub. In which every 3rd Saturday of the month, they have night called Controversy. Music was great, one of the DJ’s played one of my favorite songs of the moment “Higher Ground” by TNGHT. The music is a mix of everything great that I love dancing to at the moment. I even ended up on the stage several times and entered their “Twerk Contest”….I didn’t win but there’s always next month……cause i will be upside down against the wall!!!!!!!!!!!

Just Another Night Out With Dre
Just Another Night Out With Dre

My co-workers and I started a challenge at work. To see who can do 100 push-ups in 10 minutes by the end of May.  What should be the prize be? I’m going to win. I’m too competitive not to win. Each week we increase the amount. Yesterday, I did 21. Next week, I’m going to do 30. I think I have this in the bag……

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"Most Likely To Be Ambivert" is the best way to describe me. Approaching 30 with kindness and hoping she does the same. Boston based hair stylist, best friend, wardrobe consultant, student of the world, etc., Welcome!

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