A New Way To Watch Films

I actually watch a lot of indie and foreign films. There’s a part of me that’s super intelligent. Independent films are either really raw in nature, this element that you don’t have in regular Hollywood blockbusters or they have this pristine quality that mesmerize you. Foreign films, I love because there’s a lot of drama, suspense and it just keeps you intrigued.

I actually used to love watching the Bollywood movies that would come on Saturday mornings on the Spanish channel. If you haven’t watched a Bollywood movie, you absolutely need to. The singing, the dancing, the content, it all is spectacular.

I’m a bit of a geek(I know, right?) and I love to research the internet. Aside from the Sundance Channel and the IFC there is almost no way to find indie films unless you go to the theaters all the time. So I was really happy when I stumbled across Indieflix.

Indieflix is a great resource for those who love indie films. Created by filmmakers who have submitted works to festivals around the world, I find that the site really does showcase a variety. At $6.99 a month it really is such a deal, you’ll be able to view everything from documentaries, short films, full length films, vintage and more. I’m glad that I can finally watch movies that I want to watch without having to leave my home.

What are some of your favorite indie or foreign films?

Ginger and Cinnamon is one of my favorite foreign films. Check it out. Cute story takes place in Italy and Greece.

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4 thoughts on “A New Way To Watch Films”

  1. As always, my friend, you are the “go-to-person” on all the latest! Thank you for keeping us all up-to-speed! Love ya and naked hugs! 🙂


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