Michael Jackson: I Can’t Help It

Who's Bad?
Who’s Bad?

It’s still hard to grasp that Michael Jackson(RIP), Prince and Madonna are 55 years old this year. Kind of wild that he’s not even here on earth to create music anymore. His style in both music and fashion still live on. He’s really one of the rare few that can actually rock Balmain effortlessly.

Does anybody remember London Fashion Week last year when Philip Treacy did the hat collection inspired by Michael Jackson?

I remember growing up as a kid with his music on cassette and anytime we would take a road trip, I would bring along my favorite cassette “Off The Wall”. So  many great tracks on that album. My favorite track is actually “I Can’t Help It” and honestly, I think it’s probably one of his most covered tracks. Covered 12 times! Impressive!


My Top Michael Jackson Songs:

  • I Can’t Help It-Off The Wall
  • In The Closet-Dangerous
  • Remember The Time-Dangerous
  • Off The Wall-Off The Wall
  • Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’-Thriller
  • Bad-Bad
  • Liberian Girl-Bad
  • Another Part Of Me-Bad
Rolls Royce Swag
Rolls Royce Swag

There are many more but these are some of my absolute favorites. What are some of yours?

Philip Treacy Spring/Summer 2013



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