Something For Your Friends Contest

Do you have friends? Are your friends my friends? This contest could be for you…..

Summer is over but who says you can’t still have fun?!?! Fall is just as pretty. Fall is just as fun. SO WHY NOT CELEBRATE ALL THAT FALL HAS TO OFFER?!?!

Random Factoid About Your’s Truly:

  • I have a best friend. I have another best friend. Another best friend. And another best friend. Lot’s of best friends.
  • I don’t drive. Neither does that one. Nor that one. Well that one does but work with me here.
  • We haven’t spent quality time in forever!!! BOO!

So here ya go. October is October shenanigans Month. What does that mean do you ask?

  • America’s Horror Theme Park also known as Spooky World(oooh SKURRY)
  • Apple Picking
  • Pumpkin Carving
  • SALEM, MA(witch hunting)
  • Ouija Board Nights
  • Halloween Party and It Ain’t Tricking If You Got It or Treating

You’re probably asking yourself “How can I be a part of this? How can I make these dreams a reality?”

Drive us around. Open doors. Throw the red carpet out.



I miss my friends

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Disclaimer: This was strictly just a post to reiterate to my friends how much I adore them. Love them. Miss them. Appreciate them in my life. They are amazing. It’s hard to find friends that you get along with. LOVE YOU GUYS!

What would you do for your friends? Or a Klondike bar?

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"Most Likely To Be Ambivert" is the best way to describe me. Approaching 30 with kindness and hoping she does the same. Boston based hair stylist, best friend, wardrobe consultant, student of the world, etc., Welcome!

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