Fashionably Responsible


So I wanted to travel extremely comfortable on my way to Los Angeles. As I mentioned in the earlier blog, I wore my new boots, for the reason that they are comfortable and I knew it was going to snow a ton. Guess what happened? A big black scuff mark in the middle of the boot because some girl didn’t take the time to pay attention. She back stepped on the train for no reason whatsoever. Guess I should have been a little more Fashionably Responsible.


I really love blogging. I love having an arena in which I can share myself and what makes me with everyone who decides to read. One of the hardest things I find that comes across my plate when it comes to blogging is just what is my blog about. I love talking about music, pop culture, fashion and the personal developments that I go through as young twentysomething year old.


One of the things that I noticed when I started blogging, was the focus of my blog was all over the place. Mainly because I was thrilled finally to have a blog but I wanted to take the time to figure out what it was that readers liked about me. Towards the end of the year, I discovered that people care about the personal development that I was going through but they really responded well to my views on fashion(recovering and always relapsing shopaholic).


Fashionably Responsible, well, I’ll be honest. I like the way it sounds. I’m not very responsible when it comes to shopping, I do it and I do it a lot. Now, I’m on a mission to justify everything that I buy because as I get older I realize that I should care more conscientious about things like that. Make purchases that will last a while and aren’t just a fad. Anyhoo……


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"Most Likely To Be Ambivert" is the best way to describe me. Approaching 30 with kindness and hoping she does the same. Boston based hair stylist, best friend, wardrobe consultant, student of the world, etc., Welcome!

2 thoughts on “Fashionably Responsible”

  1. Life is an evolutionary process, my friend. How we think, feel, believe, act and react reflects our progress (or regress). Just be you and do you, because you do it so well. That’s one of the many reasons I enjoy your blog and knowing you! All my best for the new year and beyond. BTW: I really like your fashionably responsible motto. I should be more nakedly responsible! 😉 Much love and naked hugs, Dre!


    1. Hugging Naked & Responsibly could your be motto!!!! GENIUS! I’m glad you enjoy reading and I’m glad your able to see all those things in my personality! I appreciate that!


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