Ratchet is to Nicki. Basic is to Bey?

From insult to compliment
From insult to compliment

Basic girls never cut their lace front wigs properly.

Basic: An adjective used to describe any person, place, activity involving obscenely obvious behavior, dress or action. Unsophisticated. Transparent motives.

Basic Bitch: Typically female, who believes she is the shit because of the type of clothing or materials that separates them from other people. They also have the tendency to believe they hold a higher standard than regular people.

Click the link on Beyonce to read this article I saw on Tumblr “Bey is For Basics”

Beyonce does actually have a lot of these qualities. Whatever though she’s still banking it to the bank.

Sometimes when your basic, you don't realize
Ratchets To The Left. Basics to the Right. Single File Line Please!

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"Most Likely To Be Ambivert" is the best way to describe me. Approaching 30 with kindness and hoping she does the same. Boston based hair stylist, best friend, wardrobe consultant, student of the world, etc., Welcome!

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