Fashion Forward: Style With A Scarf

2014 is an interesting time for men's fashion. The trends that have graced the runways are definitely bold and daring. There are a few that I would actually rock myself.

Cozy In Your Blanket:

Burberry Prorsum Blanket Scarves
Burberry Prorsum Blanket Scarves

I like this trend a lot actually since I’m not a fan of the cold. Knit me a scarf if you want but I’ll take a warm blanket. Totally awesome! Blanket scarves are a new alternative, versatile and go with every style imaginable. Try it with suit.


I love scarves like that
I love scarves like that

Extra long, patterned and oozing colors. A must try accessory if you feel the blanket scarves are too much for you to handle. A little easier to adapt to daily lifestyle, worn with a sweater or become more casual when worn over a coat. To infinity and beyond with your scarf.

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