TBT: Glitter Everywhere

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I’ve never seen this movie but I still have no idea what it is about

Glitter, does anybody know why it is exist? A lot of people wish that movie and actually glitter would just disappear. I know I’m a little late on the trend by like a few years but it’s kind of okay because I never tried it to begin with. Glitter, you either love it or you send it to your mortal enemies as like a gag gift. I choose productivity and cuteness.

I like to have a little fun with my makeup when I wear it.  I thought by doing a glitter beard I could over emphasize the brightness in the apple of my cheek. Eh, doesn’t work that way. I also was under the impression that it wouldn’t take long. I was wrong. The earlier post was the day that I attempted glitter brows and then decided I wanted to try a glitter beard because why the hell not?!

How To Achieve Glitter Facial Hair:

1.  First you should buy the color glitter you want. You can never have too much.

2. You’re gonna need eyelash adhesive. I like the Ardell. It’s clear and smells a little like acetone. Kind of stings if you apply after you freshly shaved. BE A MAN AND TAKE IT!

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Don’t Cha!

3. THE BEARD: To achieve the depth of the silver in the glitter and I’m sure this would apply to any color, use a water soluble eye shadow or cream makeup your first layer before applying adhesive. Then sprinkle glitter in bowl while singing the soundtrack to Mariah Carey’s “Glitter” #PoorMariah

4. In small sections, dip your paintbrush, I use a 1 inch brush in the bowl, and bring the brush to your face. Press and dip. Press and dip. Moving along section by section moving along the outline of how your beard should look. I did one layer but I didn’t account for actually having to go out into the world and live my day. Probably good to use as much glitter as possible.

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Resting Bitch Face is required to make sure cracking doesn’t occur.

5. BROWS: I take one of those tacky little eyeshadow applicator, and squeeze a little adhesive on my brow and swipe! It’s covered in adhesive. WARNING: CLOSE THE EYE THAT YOU ARE APPLYING GLITTER ABOVE. THE OPPOSITE EYE SHOULD BE OPEN. WHEN SATISFIED. REPEAT ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE. I feel as though I shouldn’t have to place a warning but people like to play dumb. I then take the applicator and into the bowl of glitter and press and dab. Press and dab. Press and dab. You should only need one layer for the eyebrows. An eye full of glitter sounds like a scratched cornea.

6. Spray it down with some Aquanet. Make sure it’s not windy or rainy and go about your day. “Give them hoes what they came to see.” – Eleanor Roosevelt 

Sheet Masks

Sheet masks can be used anywhere without interrupting daily life
Use them anywhere, anytime without interruption of daily life

Sheet masks have always been one of my favorite obsessions. Except I never really paid attention to the purpose except that it was just another thing to buy. One of the staples of Korean skin care is finding its way stateside. A thin cotton sheet is doused  in a liquid that will brighten, hydrate and even hide those fine lines! If your skeptic, it’s understandable but if you’ve had a facial, there’s a chance they used a sheet masks on you.

Add Sheet Masks To Your Regimen: DON’T THROW AWAY YOUR MASKS! These masks are an addition to your regimen. The liquid that the sheet is packaged in is a serum formula which is giving your skin nutrients. It’s not going to deep cleanse or exfoliate your skin. I use them on days that I’m feeling dry or my skin isn’t looking it’s best.

Not A Replacement: Yes, it’s a serum based formula. No, you cannot throw out your daily serum in lieu of this. While the temptation to use them everyday with different price points, it’s just a bit excessive. The effects only last for a day, so continuing using the serum that works for you.

Is My Face Too Big?: One size never fits all. EVER! As you know, there are countless face sizes and shapes but only size masks. Applying them is kind of annoying. Laying down works best, working your way up from the bottom to the top. Smoothing it out as you go along.

Use Them Anywhere: Open the package, apply, wait 20-30 minutes and throw it away. It’s pretty simple. I use mine a lot on the train or on my way to work. You only have so much time in a day, so why not spending it wisely.

Obsession Confession: Glowing Skin

There is no greater feeling than that of a glowing complexion. However, some people are not naturally blessed with perfect skin. A lot of the time, I struggle with finding the right combination of products to produce that “natural glow” that others have.

One of the things that I learned to do at an early age was the art of giving myself an at home facial treatment. I have problematic skin due to the fact that my facial hair grows in curly and if I’m in the middle of life’s natural stress, well then I break out. Not the best combination as the facial hair grows in. However, you learn to deal right.

I actually bought this one on Amazon from Slice of Nature
I actually bought this one on Amazon from Slice of Nature

One of my friends mentioned that her mother uses Rhassoul Clay and she loves it. I went on a search and it wasn’t until late last week that I actually ordered this famed clay found in Morocco. Rich in minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron it really goes in deep to remove impurities within the skin. I’ve used it twice as a mask this week and I noticed results immediately. Skin felt firmer and looked clearer! Who wouldn’t want that?

Along with my Rhassoul, I ordered GlamGlow. GlamGlow is the new ‘facial in a jar’ used by everyone in Hollywood lately. The YouthMud TinglExfoliate Treatment is absolutely amazing. After using my clay as a cleanser and shaving, I next decided to go deep and get glammed. I applied a very thin layer of GlamGlow, immediately I felt the tingle. Thankfully, there is cucumber and lavender extracts which was great considering they are both healing and calming agents.

Get Your Glam On Today!
Get Your Glam On Today!

Designed to work in 10 minutes, I believe it did just that. I never pay attention to the directs perse and I left it on 12. I noticed a glow. I love it. I recommend it. I thought for sure that my skin would be worse just because of a bad experience with an alpha-hydroxy treatment I bought a few years ago which caused me to go haywire. Red thread back to the story at hand.

Rhassoul Clay Cleanser: 1/3 tablespoon. Mix in a bowl with a bit of water. Apply as a cleanser and rinse well.

Rhassoul Clay Mask- 1 tablespoon. Mix in a bowl to make a paste-like concoction. Apply. Let dry. Rinse well. They say to follow-up with Argan oil or moisturizer.

Let's Glam. Let's Glow.
Let’s Glam. Let’s Glow.

GlamGlow YouthMud TinglExfoliate Treatment- After cleansing skin, apply mask in a thin layer. Obviously you want to avoid your eye area. Allow to sit and dry for 10 minutes. Rinse well. GLOW!

One day if you’re lucky, I’ll teach you my trick to “Bronzed” skin. Has anyone tried the Benzonite Clay?


P.S.- I ordered both on Amazon. $9.99 for my Rhassoul Clay from Slice of Nature. GlamGlow was $37.50 on Amazon. 1.7oz too! Amazon Prime is amazing as well. Enjoy!


The Stigma
The Stigma

No. I mean it when I say “No”. It’s just not okay to walk around in public with your hair in a “Doobie Wrap”  and walk out of the house or salon with it in that state. It’s just not cute. Whatever, she’s an a musician and she can do whatever she wants but now all these girls are going to go out and wear this pre-style hair out in public. It’s personal opinion but if I were a woman I wouldn’t wear it in public, it’s almost like wearing rollers to the supermarket. NO!

Doobie Wrap: The result of wrapping ones hair around ones head using circular brush, comb, or finger-comb motions. Utilized mainly by African-American or Latina women at night with a scarf to create bouncy hair in the morning.

It’s not necessarily that it’s an unfinished look that she was sporting because finger waves is a similar style in which the hair is waved along the head. It’s just to me, personally, I thought that RiRi looked unfinished. She didn’t look put together in her outfit and the hair didn’t look put together. When girls leave the salon with their “doobies”, it’s because they are going to take it out later before the night, typically they don’t jaunt around in public looking like a hoodrat.

Ursula Stephens, Rihanna’s stylist who helped to create her look during The Good Girl Gone Bad phase, also helped to create this look. I respect the creativity because Rihanna’s hair is always laid to the heavens, this just isn’t one of those times.

Here’s a few more pictures incase you were still wondering about her hair these days…..

Would you wear this style to the club? To a formal function?

Jeffrey Campbell: Popp Urban Outfitters Edition

The note inside the lid
The note inside the lid

Over the weekend while in Los Angeles, I was contemplating getting the Jeffrey Campbell’s that I mentioned in the last post. I couldn’t decide between the Urban Outfitters  version because their version is different from the Karmaloop version. This edition has “Love” & “Hate” on the left and right shoe. The other version is just the metal lines.

I believe I ordered them Saturday and splurged for the next day arrival.Well, I didn’t get home from L.A. until Monday and sure enough there were my shoes awaiting for me. Everything about this is interesting. The box is vibrant but the usage of color is simple. Inside the box there’s a note on lined paper. Cute.

The shoes are unique because they glow in the dark. They are all white. Black soles. Silver non-lace. It’s a curved metal band. There’s no ties at all. It’s tighter fit but I knew it might be. If I had gone with the Karmaloop, I could have ordered size 11 but Urban doesn’t have that. Anyways…….

Love. Hate.
Love. Hate.

I decided to take the shoe out of the box last night to try it on when I got home from the day. I stick my foot and sa I go to zip up. What happens? Tell me what happens? Yup….it ripped at the seam near the zipper. I had to double take to make sure that I wasn’t mistaken. WTF?! Jeffrey Campbell, we just got married last week and you want a divorce already?!?! I couldn’t believe it was happen. I thought I could get away with wearing. Being dramatic and upset, I called Urban’s customer care line as if my life was over. It isn’t ruined but damn sure my outfit for Friday night is ruined. I’ve seriously worn every shoe in my closet I think? I have one more option which would be these amazing Cole Haan’s that I haven’t actually worn yet but I don’t want those for Friday I want my Jeffrey’s!!!!

Urban Outfitters has awesome customer service
Urban Outfitters has awesome customer service

So anyways, Urban Outfitters is amazing. They were so helpful, we were able to get the new pair shipped off. Although, I assumed it was going to happen to both pairs and I noticed that they have another pair, “Krakle”, it’s not a high top like” Popp” which is actually better. They unfortunately couldn’t make the switch since they are two different items and I have a defective pair. Ugh. I just want my shoes for Friday night. Whatever, I’ll survive. If anybody has any tips or tricks on how I can wear it and make it okay, let me know because the shoes actually fit.

Overall, I love the shoe so far. I can’t wait to see it actually glow in the dark more. Unfortunately, I wish it were a bit sturdier to where something like this doesn’t happen. Krakle is cute too. If it didn’t say the same words, I’d probably entertain the idea of getting them as well. Oh well,I am just really thankful that the situation is being resolved.

Jeffrey Campbell, Will You Marry Me?

He has won my heart. He has made me complete. Jeffrey Campbell, let’s elope! Aside from my other shoe designer obsession with Cinzia Araia which unfortunately I am not able to fit her designs(at least The Rabbit), Jeffrey Campbell is the only brand I want to wear forever.

Such Beauty
Such Beauty

Vintage. Fashion forward. Runway. Boho. Glam. Futuristic. Impractical. Functional. Are words that describe the brand and it’s truly becoming one of the brands to know around the world. There’s truly a shoe for everyone, woman or man. You can find a shoe that’s out of this world and rock star or you can find a shoe that you can wear to the office that sets you apart from the woman with the kitten heel. The shoes look great whether it’s dressed down or dressed up. Each shoe gives the wearer the ability to find a way to showcase their personality. The Jeffrey Campbell Girl(Boy) is a confident person who marches to the beat of their own drum.


As if I should be shopping at this moment in life but whatever. So Jeffrey has decided to torture me this Fall/Winter season and make available for sale either on Karmaloop or UrbanOutfitters…..GLOW IN THE DARK SNEAKERS!!! Honestly, that’s so cool! There are multiple types of sneakers, heels, platforms and more available from this collection. I really need (want) a pair.

Popp(Love Hate Edition) Glow in The Dark Urban Outfitters
Popp(Love Hate Edition) Glow in The Dark Urban Outfitters

Jeffrey Campbell, I ask you to marry me. It’ll be a great union. I’ll wear amazing shoes. You’ll have inspiration. It’ll beautiful. Think about it. In all honesty, you are so talented and your shoes bring joy to many people. Thank you!!!





Isabel Marant for H&M

Daria Werbowy is the lead model for the campaign
Daria Werbowy is the lead model for the campaign

I can already envision people lined up freezing outside on Clarendon St. in Boston’s Back Bay. Waiting in the frigid weather, just so they are first for the 15 minute shopping limits and only allowed to buy 4 pieces. You can only buy one piece if you buy online which I think is a little ridiculous.

What I am really excited for is the men’s line. It’s her first time designing for the opposite sex but based on what I’ve seen thus far, she knows what she’s doing. There’s her signature French flare in every item. There’s even pieces for the kiddies!

Men this probably your one chance at grabbing pieces as she isn’t going to add a mens line to her name anytime soon.

Isabel Marant for H&M             The Men
Isabel Marant for H&M
The Men

How To Navigate:

  • Camp outside. If you want entry inside first,you’ve got to camp outside. Doors open at 8am. Items available at 12(Noon) online
  • 15 minute intervals. Color coded wrist bands. 4 pieces per person in store. 1 piece online
  • Returns 7 days with receipt
  • Look at the collection online first, so you have an idea of what you want
  • Again this will probably be your only chance if you are  guy
  • Don’t worry there will not be  any hidden platform sneaker wedges


Men On Film? Fashion Queens?

David Alan Grier & Damon Wayan
David Alan Grier & Damon Wayan

Do you remember the show In Living Color? So you have to remember Antoine Merriweather and Blaine Edwards? Remember the segment Men On Film?  Where they would review movies, cooking, exercising and even art?

I Can't
I Can’t

Let’s flash forward: RHOA is taking off and we’re introduced to Lawrence Washington and Derek J(who just finally dropped the “ae”) but stylist in Atlanta. We rarely seem them style hair but they style with their choice of fashions.

I rarely watch tv and since my almost year of not watching anything, I turn it on for noise. I look over and see a commercial for “Fashion Queens” similar to the “Fashion Police” on E! with an African-American panel. The only reason BET didn’t try to jump to a show like this because of their B.Scott incident over the summer.

Derek just tries too hard
Derek just tries too hard

However, the first thing that came to my mind was “Congratulations!” and “Men On Film” I had no idea that it was already on a second season. A mid-season but still. Good for them but before Derek J is out there talking about people’s fashion flaws, he probably should remember while that celebrity is wearing a pair of Louboutin’s, wasn’t he rocking some Bakers shoes with a replica fake? Just saying………..

This would be exactly what I'd say after watching it
This would be exactly what I’d say after watching it

Obviously, the show isn’t a copy of that segment. They would probably would watch that segment and fight over which one is Blaine and who is Antoine. Has anybody else noticed this? Has anybody watched the show? I assume that it’s 10x cattier than Joan Rivers and Kelly Osbourne could be. The one thing I’ll say GET DEREK J some clothes that fit. I mean c’mon. I won’t watch the show, I’m just having flashbacks from when he was Kim’s stylist and his own Hair Battle Spectacular.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on it……..Oh and whatever happened to Sheree Whitfield?

Who Wants To Take Marc Jacobs Spot?

Buh Bye
Buh Bye

I’m sure you heard of Marc Jacobs departure as the Creative Director for Louis Vuitton and I’m sure you’ve all have asked “Who’s going to take on that role?” Do you remember Nicolas Ghesquière? The designer who left Balenciaga last November?

After months of speculation, it has been announced that he would be taking on the role that Marc Jacobs has departed from. Personally, I really love what Ghesquière did for Balenciaga. He’s truly a talented designer and it was shocking when he left Balenciaga.

He isn’t giving any interviews until his collection debuts in March, so we’re really going to just have to speculate about what he’ll bring to the table. However, I think that his collection will bring an luxuriously sexy appeal with provocative cuts showcasing the femininity of a woman.

Don't Bring Kristin To Any Events Please?
Don’t Bring Kristin To Any Events Please?

One of the biggest challenges, I think that’ll find is working with a brand that has built their reputation on a logo but at the same time that just might be something new and fresh for the Louis Vuitton label. I definitely think about accessories that he’ll have us in awe for. As he did for Balenciaga with the Lariat bag, he’s going to give us a new “It Bag” to lust over. I’m ready to lust! Are you?


Obsession Confession: Karmaloop

........and now it's Ben Sherman.......
……..and now it’s Ben Sherman…….

It’s always been an obsession of mine but I thought that as I grew older maybe I outgrew, Karmaloop. Little did I know, that I hadn’t. Karmaloop is a great site for underground, provocative, unique and fresh clothing. They had a store on Newbury St. in the Back Bay before completely going to an online platform. I really find some pretty unique things there.

I even joined the Karmaloop Rep Team. That’s how obsessed I am with the company. So this time around when I went shopping, I wanted to really get something that stood out. So this time around, I became obsessed with 3 things!!

Honestly, it’s 4 things that I became obsessed with, but I bought one-off eBay. So I’m not sure if I can count it…..and there isn’t a picture of me with it yet.

Nastier In My SnapBack
Obsession 1: NASTIER SnapBack by Beauty Forever


Ratchet or See Me Next Tuesday Obsession 2 & 3: Bracelets by Oh Mighty
Ratchet or See Me Next Tuesday
Obsession 2 & 3: Bracelets by Oh Mighty




The whole outfit was something a little out of the ordinary for me. I love standing out but this was pushing the limits for Boston considering, I had on platform sneakers.

Why? What’s So Great?:

The blazer had fringe….almost similar to Graduation Cap tassels. The Harem style pants with the print that is right in your face. The oversize women T-Shirt. The platform sneakers with their studded spikes. The eyebrows were on point, sometimes you need a bit of a brow! IN YOUR FACE! Learn it! Live it! Love it! Have fun with what you’re wearing. You are your own person!

One Minor Flaw: 

The blazer needed could be tailored to create a snug fit but since I got it at such a great price, if I wore it just that once, I’d say I got my money’s worth!

Blazer and Shirt from H&M

Pants from American Apparel

Tinted Moisturizer from Bobbi Brown

Eyebrows from Nars



P.S. Even the next day when I had to walk of shame(despite not having had any reason, the outfit still worked). I brought it into day time. Check out my Instagram: Dre117 to see the next day outfit! Did I mention I wore this to a fashion show? Can’t wait to share with you that experience!

If you do decide to check out Karmaloop.com, use REP code 857 when checking out to save 20% off your first purchase and 10% off each future purchase! Happy Shopping!