I Don’t Do Fashion, I Am Fashion……

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially these days, when humans come into contacts so quick. Fashion is an instant language”-Miuccia Prada

To me one of the greatest aspects about fashion is footwear. I absolutely love shoes. I’ve had some really awesome shoes too! I actually enjoy sneakers more in all honesty, I find that with my height and personality I can dress a sneaker up or dress it down. They always give me a little flair and pizzaz to my otherwise monotone wardrobe. Lately, I’ve become obsessed with Cinzia Araia and even wrote about the brand for a marketing project for school…..however, there is very little information that can be  found!

Philipp Plein Sneaker
Philipp Plein Sneaker

It happened that I was  on the site www.luisaviaroma.com and decided to take a look at sneakers that is where I discovered Philipp Plein. German born, Swiss based Plein, has had this company that designs for both men and women for over 10 years.Surprising, exclusive, luxurious is the brand in which was created using high quality materials to create a feeling of Rock ‘n’ Roll and high-end luxury combined. A luxury splurge in fact it is with most sneakers starting at around $740 and up. These pieces are definitely going to bring the shock and awe factor when entering your credit card numbers.

Ed Westwick For Philipp Plein FW 13 Campaign
Ed Westwick For Philipp Plein

Also designing clothing, last year he made headlines when famed transsexual model Lea T. opened and closed his women’s fashion show. In the headlines again recently after his recent show in Milan, in which models were toting around military guns and he opened with Ed Westwick from The CW‘s Gossip Girl!

Gienchi: The Statement Because It Is
Gienchi: The Statement Because It Is

As much as it looks like you could Do-It-Yourself, you wouldn’t be able to recreate it. Making a flashy, yet very chic appearance into the fashion forum Gienchi shoes have already made their debut in high-end magazines such s Vogue and have become the accessory to have among fashionistas and celebrities. Looking at these shoes you have to wonder, the person that could put these on and feel empowered.Almost all the shoes incorporate the usage of studs and if they are lacking that, they have pizazz with a great color! The Gienchi wearer is one that is unapologetic, bold, edgy and doesn’t do well without being the center of attention. Gienchi for the individual that is dedicated to preserving their flashy attitude and being really fabulous! “Girl, You Better Slay!”

The High Shield by Camilla Skovgaard
The High Shield by Camilla Skovgaard

Which brings us to Camilla Skovgaard, who designs impeccable women’s footwear to begin with but these sneakers are absolutely amazing. Futuristic yet minimal at the same time, this hot little ticket right here would probably be fierce with skin-tight cigarette pants or shorts with an oversized boyfriend sweater for a cool summer day.


Originally $1259Now $259
Originally $1259
Now $259

I was actually browsing ln-cc.com and found this awesome pair of snake-skin Skovgaards for about $259 with the original price tag being $1259! What a great deal!

I think these would be great a shoe for next season as well. I love the shark-like effect  that Camilla created on the bottom of her pieces as well. It is probably extremely comfortable for walking as well. Girls, GET THIS SHOE!!! I just can’t stress it enough. Amazing!

I love all the concepts behind the shoes and the ones that I could see myself wearing would actually be the Skovgaard sneakers as well as the Gienchi. Those are up my alley and Gienchi just scream “LOOK AT ME!”


If you would like to buy or see other brands the links are below for you to click away:

www.yoox.com                                                                           http://camillaskovgaard.com

www.philipp-plein.com                                                                       www.luisaviaroma.com

www.gienchi.com                                                                                           www.ln-cc.com

Dress Me, I’m Your Mannequin……..

Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people”-Eleanor Roosevelt

Well, I have to say that 2013 is the year of potential. I truly must admit that I have gotten off my lazy ass and just started putting my creative energy to good use with other creative people. “Energy creates energy!!” Something that I can hear Gina saying in the back of my head but you know what its true.

I’ve come into contact with truly fabulous people from makeup artist, stylist, wardrobe stylist to photographers. What makes it great is that we all think outside of the box and are not bound by what society says is normal. We are simply creating our own normals and creating beauty in ways that we see, while still making sure others can understand the concept. Anyways….

Just A Shoot Some Winter Night Outside 9 Newbury
Just A Shoot Some Winter Night Outside 9 Newbury

Photographer Matt Wright is always asking me to style and shoot. I actually really enjoy styling hair a lot but I do not get the chance to anymore, only due to the fact that  where I work is a departmentalized salon. Usually when he asks, it never works because it always last-minute, however this time it did work out(depending on how you view “worked out”). There were some key components that we should have planned for but for about a weeks amount of time we did good considering that we have hectic schedules. We were able to secure place, a few models(coworkers and friends) and a very talented newcomer to the fashion world:Rufus Dixon IV Designs

The Man Behind The Leather Mafia
The Man Behind The Leather Mafia

Rufus Dixon IV and I are from the same area outside of Boston. So it’s natural that we would run into each other at the same nightclub in Worcester occasionally. However, it wasn’t until about a year and a half ago that I realized he went to Lasell College and was in their fashion design program. Words cannot describe how beautiful the garments actually are. While some designers opt to create pieces that are pretty and pink, Rufus goes the other route. Edgy, dark and a bit of punk but still feminine is the Rufus Girl. The Rufus Girl is sexy, animalistic, strong and she’s empowered. The pieces really all have their own personality and I found that each piece has a message. 

Velvet Remy Is Not Only Just For Your Weave....
Velvet Remy Is Not Only Just For Your Weave….

The weave dress is one of my favorite pieces, I was so excited when he said that we could photograph this collection. His graduating collection was one of the lines featured at the Natick Collection when they allow the graduating students to showcase a few pieces of clothing in front of Neiman Marcus. Having traveled to London and Paris to study abroad, Rufus became inspired for this first collection by Girmorium Verum a piece by Martin Schongauer entitled Saint Anthony Tormented by Demons. Looking at the bigger picture within the picture he became intrigued with the different demons and noticed the differences between the creatures. 

Fur, Spikes and Scales…Oh My! Taking these elements of the demons, he began to design  a collection in which each piece is his vision of the demons. When looking at the pieces in person, you really begin to see all the different textures and colors that pictures. He really knows how to accentuate a woman’s body with  placement of color and texture, even being daring and using multiple textures within a garment. I was lucky enough to feel empowered when I got to wear one of the dresses for shits and giggles and then actually was able to be a model. Although, I still think Georgina Castellucci could have given the dress the justice that it deserved but there’s always next time. 

Are You Apart Of The Leather Mafia?
Are You Apart Of The Leather Mafia?

Although I don’t have any of the shots from the first half of the shoot, I think hair wise we definitely hit the mark on that. There will be more opportunities as well, I’m sure. I have to say a special thanks for everyone that came out. It was fun despite starting later than expected but life happens and it’s a learning experience. 

Why Can't I Be The Male Kate Moss?
Why Can’t I Be The Male Kate Moss?

So all in all it was exciting and I’m glad that some of my coworkers spent the day helping out. Special Thank You’s to Matt Wright, Georgina and Rufus Dixon IV Designs. Thanks to Carolyn, Jenna, Gabriella, Rachel and Mariah. 

So before I end this, The Liberty Hotel used to put on Fashionably Late in the lobby as a way to showcase local designers in the New England area. Rufus works for The Haute House and they will be retailing some of his garments after their show on January 31st at the Liberty Hotel in Boston. 

Dre and Mariah
Dre and Mariah
Fashionably Late?
Fashionably Late?

You Know You Want To Click The Link:






It Was Meant To Be, You Were Meant For Me…..

So That Means We Gotta Make It Work

Wrapped High Top Sneaker aka Rabbit
Wrapped High Top Sneaker aka Rabbit from CA by Cinzia

Everybody that knows me knows that I am a freak for shoes. I love shoes because of the way that can transform the outfit that a person is wearing and allow that user to stand out or blend into the crowd. I believe in standing out with my footwear and basing my outfits off my footwear. It’s easier than having to plan the outfit and then having to worry about the shoes. Start from the bottom up, am I right?

Anyways, in a earlier blog I had written about this interesting luxurious but casual sneaker that I saw on Barneys.com . To recap what the details that were mentioned, the parent brand is Cinzia Araia and this was her offshoot brand CA by Cinzia Araia. Which is the more street wear inspired footwear line and at a bit lower of a prince point then the parent Cinzia Araia. This shoe is just amazing and in doing research for my marketing class about the brand, I learned a lot about the shoe and the concept and not just adding this too my closet.

Cinzia Araia started in 2010 and in 2011 introduced us to CA by Cinzia Araia. With this new label underneath her still new label, she developed the Wrapped High Top Sneaker.

Wrapped High Top Sneaker in Black
Wrapped High Top Sneaker in Black

The really amazing thing that keeps drawing me back to these shoes are how versatile they are. You can always be funky fresh dressed ready to party or you can wear it a little more rock star subtle. Perfect for the office fashionista who is afraid to really be edgy but still right for the mom picking up her kids from school. By the way, did I mention that they are actually unisex so for the metrosexual who is feeling comfortable in his sexuality he can purchase a pair and look ever so good! This particular style runs from about $315-$345 depending on what site you buy from.

So the reason the particular style of sneakers is also known as The Rabbit is because of the long laces that are inspired by the ears of a rabbit. The laces are long because it gives the wearer the ability to create a few different looks. Another amazing thing was that Cinzia had her shoes internationally patented so that particular model type can become synonymous with her brand as her signature piece. Smart thinking from a wise gal!

I mentioned a little earlier about the cost of the shoes, however, Yoox.com has other CA by Cinzia shoes on their website. Worth a shot to see if you like something else. They have a pair of The Rabbits from the fall in a size 10 for about $98!!! WHAT A STEAL!!!

I really cannot wait to search a little more and find a pair. I say search a little more because I’m terribly indecisive when it comes to things like that and have to analyze every little detail. Goodness Gracious Golly Me, What Am I Going To Do With Myself?”


Where To Purchase:







Silver White Winters That Melt Into Spring……

Holiday Parties
All Eyez On Us We Took The Night

Tis the season to get out and enjoy that holiday party honey! I truly must say the holidays are a great time of year when you can get together and enjoy it with friends as well as family. Here’s a quote for you: “Ain’t No Party Like  A Holiday Party Cause A Holiday Party Don’t Stop!”  

Every year I dread the holiday parties, I dread the constant back and forth and let’s be cheerful and merry. I just don’t want to go, BLECH. I had fun at last years holiday party and maybe because I noticed a lot of growth in myself this year but this year was even more fun! The night before I went to a holiday party which was just as crazy, arguing with a drag queen, an Irish girl, and some other chick, turns out that was rather interesting. Naturally, I won the music choice.

So the holiday party was on the Odyssey Boat Cruises, which I’ve taken before in the past and it was fun. The music eh but it’s really hard to keep me actually happy to music because I find that a lot of DJs’s are inconsistent. Like my IPOD makes me happy because I choose the music but regardless this isn’t about the music.

Naturally, of course, we all wanted to go out dancing afterwards. Well, if you know me, you know that any chance I get I can I would love to make an outfit change of some sorts. Well not tonight, the only thing I wanted to change my shoes because everything else was perfect from the salon holiday party but for the nightclub, had to change shoes. Say Hello To My Friend:

Studdin' On 'Em
Studdin’ On ‘Em

I saw these shoes and said “Oh My God!” tried them on and they were a little tight but that’s ok….you can stretch a shoe, right? They are pretty fierce though I must say. It’s a high maintenance shoe but at the same time it’s simple.

If there is one trend that everyone should fall into in my honest opinion is the studded trend. So amazing all the things that you can do with them. There’s a brand that I follow based out of NYC called “Stud Muffin” it’s really amazing, how they take studs and make even sweatpants look good!!

Then again time to get back to the story at hand which is…that I love this time of year. It’s a time to be with those that you love, those that you hate and share and make memories. There is always too little time and too many parties to go to but that’s the fabulousness of it all. It’s like summer in New England, ya know.

Christmas is here sooner than we are going to realize. Hope you all have a safe and happy rest of your holiday season.


www.stevemadden.com Sacrifice Studded Ankle Boots

www.bobblesandlace.com Flying Monkey Silver Print Pants (AMAZING by the way) and the clutch

www.rescueboston.com Vintage Red Christian Dior Blazer (very helpful staff as well)

Style Is Primarily A Matter Of Instinct….

I couldn’t agree with that statement anymore. Style is really all about knowing your personality, your body and what works for you. If you know something doesn’t work for you, it’s about finding a way to make it work for you! Gathering your ideas on how to recreate something that gave you inspiration is vital to making yourself stylish and trendy, yet still be an individual and not looking as if you are a follower of the trend.

I find that it’s equally important to stand out in whatever city you live in. Yes, it’s easy to run off to another city and find a connection there and call it a day. What’s the challenge in that? Isn’t a bigger challenge to standout and create a buzz for your own style in the city that you live in at the moment? Why take the easy road and blend in when you can challenge yourself to standout and be heard in your city now? Well, that’s what Rachè Miller the owner of  http://www.shopadrionnedanielle.com did.

I stumbled upon the site because of twitter but if you google you definitely see a lot of information about her. In fact, even Diamond from the now defunct Crime Mob was spotted wearing when one of her pieces. Realizing that she destined  for fashion at the early age of 12, she was watching the older kids in her school set themselves apart from each other with their style. Grasping that concept she realized that she needed  to set the trends.

Moving to the Nashville area from North Carolina was the first step that was  to begin this evolution in style. What I really like about the site is that the pieces are unique and  pieced together to show that individual’s personal sense of style. If you notice on the site there are pieces such as the studded wedge ankle boots…

I really think that this girl has a good thing going and with more and more pieces coming through, it’s pretty clear that she knows what she is doing. Definitely check out www.shopadrionnedanielle.com. Items do change quickly be sure to act fast. I took a look just a few minutes ago and there is a really cool “Brass Knuckle iPhone Case” just in time for a small holiday gift!!

Studs for Your Wedges

Faux Real, Can I Talk To You For Just A Minute?

Couldn’t Get Michael Kors……….

Cover Me In Furs…Make This Boy Purr….Drop Diamonds On Me Daddy…..Let Me Drive Yo Caddy!!

Fur is one of the most luxurious items that a person can own. Whether real or faux, you have to admit when you see someone rocking a quality piece down the street, it almost makes you a little envious? You get a little jealous, right? It is only natural. Fur is just one of those things that at least make me say DAAAAAAAAAAAYUM!!!!!

When I say fur, I don’t mean furs from like Kaufmann’s Furs, or the fur shops out in Aspen or Vail. I mean the trendier furs that you might see at like Scoop NYC! They have this gorgeous Helmut Lang, it is to die for! The asymmetry of this is amazing. The way it drapes the models body but still has power and structure. YES! Thank YOU!

Adrienne Landau…..Down by the Sea Shore..

Adrienne Landau really knows how to maneuver her colors around to create the perfect pieces of amazement. It’s stunning and flawless the way she sees the colors and how to compliment each other for each vest, jacket or even home furnishing.

So I absolutely love fur. Faux or Real doesn’t bother me either way and yes I still love animals. However, I really prefer real fur. Something about the touch, the feel, the way it looks unless your paying $3500k and up for a faux fur, in which case I’d look at like an idiot with my head cut off.

And I don’t want to look like the tacky gay boy that throws on a fur vest because I’m here and I’m queer. I want to throw on a fur vest beause it ignites a sensuality in the person who is wearing it. They hug the body just right make theme of the whole look just melts together against the curves of the body to bring out the life of the piece.

Fur Fur Fur!! Er’body!!!!!! The only problem is I don’t want to look like a tacky hot mess. So when I wear the piece I decide to get, I have to own it! You should own it when you wear it too! No literally, jail is probably not a cool place to go …….
















Mode Creation Munich….

Mode Creation Munich

Otherwise known as MCM is the German luxury handbag brand that rose to prominence in the late 70s and stayed pretty sure in the 80s. Lately since changing the base of the headquarters to South Korea, the brand has taken on a brand new image so to speak. It’s not just the brand that was crafted for your luxury travel. It’s a brand almost reinvented for the generation of today.

I actually have a few pieces myself, and I have a small sort of pouch bag that I like to carry here  and there. Kudos to my grandmother for having such great taste and needing to store things at our house. Lately, I’ve been obsessing with the backpacks. Every time that I go to NYC, I always see someone that has a MCM backpack in a unique color.

The Olympic Collection that they put out was very awesome in my opinion. I find the bags to be very unique and I think between the handbags and backpacks and even the travel bags, the whole line has something for everyone.

Olympic Collection

Take a peek and enjoy the world of Mode Creation Munich and see what makes it so special. If your in Boston, I believe you can find it sold at the Tannery on Bolyston St, as well as the location in Harvard Square in Cambridge.








Long Heels, Red Bottoms

Long Heels, Red Bottoms

I absolutely love shoes. They make you feel great. They can make or break a look. I own way more shoes than I probably should. I’m a hoarder of shoes, you could probably say. I love every shoe that I own….even if I haven’t worn some of them at all since purchasing.

I became obsessed with the hidden wedge sneaker look. I bought a pair of the Steve Madden’s just because one day. I actually wear them a lot. It was the best purchase ever. They give you height but you can’t tell it’s a heel. AMAAAAAZZZZZING!!!!!!!! However, I then saw the Guiseppe Zanotti and Isabel Marant versions and wished that I had saved for those instead. Then again “It’s Not About The Label,How You Wear It!”

I was on Barneys.com on Sunday morning and I think I was looking in the handbag section. There on the sidebar was a shoe and I thought I’ll take a gander at shoes. I’m one of those really fortunate boys that has a shoe size that translates well into a women’s size. So off I went to to look at shoes. There staring back at me in all of it’s FIERCENESS:

CA by Cinzia Araia

I actually am a big fan of shoes like this. They are grown up sneaks!! The really cool thing about this shoe is all the different ways that you are allowed to wear it.

For instance, you can wear it up high by unfolding the suede wrap around straps to create a really cool look with a  pair of cigarette pants or leggings(for a girl, or a really fashionably daring gay man)

I really like the contrast of suede and leather along with distressed nature of the shoes soles.

CA By Cinzia Araia

I’m really just beyond obsessed with these shoes. I love sneakers and I think this is a really cool way of growing up from sneakers to SNEAKERS!

Pair this baby with a drop crotch pants and a cropped jacket….FIERCE!

If You Read The Blog, Buy Me A Pair!

Anyways, somehow the formatting got messed up. That’s annoying but these shoes I mean they are awesome. This brand is really  spectacular. I’m able to see my personality shine through in these shoes when I look at them. That’s important when buying a shoe because it really completes the look. It almost even creates the look. I wish the brand much success and I’m sure she’ll have no problem finding that if she’s only 22 and receiving such a buzz!!!




Style Is A Simple Way Of Saying Complicated Things…..

Anna Wintour & Kristen Stewart at Balenciaga

Jean Cocteau has given me my mantra for the rest of 2012 and probably the rest of my life. The great thing about fashion is everything recycles itself at some point. Paris Fashion Week has been amazing to watch so far. Guy LaRoche, Balenciaga, and Thierry Mugler are giving me a new LIFE!!  Words really can’t describe how amazing these collections are. One thing I’ve noticed with PFW is the strong, structured elements of the garments. The drapery is not without purpose on how the garment falls on the models, even some of the pieces that are unstructured still have some sort of structure. PFW is just pure amazement, raw talent by some of the most talented designers in the world and pure inspiration.

Sporty Spice Meets All Things Nice

BALENCIAGA: For one moment, forget everything you “THINK”, you know about Balenciaga. Not being rude, just want you to look past the bags. From the innovative silhouettes, to the eye-catching shoes, futuristic designs, and unique prints that just all seem to flow together to make their collections amazing, Balenciaga is just that AMAZING!!! 

Ghesquière usually goes for a more masculine approach, typically going for cuts that are broader and lines that are boxier. This season he actually really embraced femininity and gave us ruffles. While, I’m not a big fan of ruffles and pleats, this collection makes me want to scream “RUFFLES ARE A GIRLS BEST FRIEND!!!” However, I’ll abstain from that because I have a slightly monotone voice and my excitement still sounds monotone. 🙂

The collection didn’t shy away from an over abundance of high cut hemlines that gave us an array of legs, similar to what we saw at Armani. When watching the show, I was also reminded of the late 80s and early 90s with bare midriff exposing suits.

Balenciaga Darling….Not Chanel!

If you are used to the prints that Balenciaga tends to use this season seemed to lack those. There was a strong use of black & white for the season but used complimentary with neutral shades that infused to the tweed fabric of choice.High slits, exaggerated tops, later on the show, the more patterned and colorful side of The House of Balenciaga is shown. Enjoy the show:

Guy LaRoche, this collection is very similar in the appeal of Gucci’s 2013 collection. A little more on the conservative side of things but still very glamorous and sexy. It screams minimalist but still sleek, chic and FRENCH. Knee length skirts with high collars and colors such as greens and purples were what we were seeing. I still really like it, there were some pieces that were ultra sexy. This is where the quote comes in I think. Style isn’t something you go out and buy because the designer says so. Style is something that comes from within that really shows and expresses how you are feeling. These collections aren’t necessarily for you to buy it look for look, piece for piece down to every detail, it’s for you to be inspired and take something away.

New York Nights, Paris Mornings
Nineteen Number Naughty Baby Press It On Yo’ Dial

One other thing that was really cool about the collections in general this season, the beauty aspect. Makeup was grungy, yet hair was reminiscent of a Veronica Lake era,but there was also a very 70s appeal to the hair that was classic Jerry Hall, Brooke Shields, Studio 54 chic.

It’s What The French Call “Classique”

I wish I could find a full link for you to enjoy the show but I wasn’t able. I hate watching the shows in parts and I wouldn’t want to inflict that on you.

Thierry Mugler: Welcome to the World of Mugler Handbags. We’ll get to that later. Nicola Formichetti is really hard at work, working on a way to put his vision into the brand. That’s the really tough part of going into a brand that is already known for a certain image, however, I really think he’s past the hit or miss phase with his collections. The one problem that I have with his pieces, how do you know if it’s a Gaga piece or not. Time will tell, right? The pieces in this collection are very wearable, structured pieces. There is an element to it that says “Rebel With A Reason”

To Chic For a Parisian Ghetto
There’s Something About a Mugler Girl
Mugler Document Clutch says “I Love You”

Remember, style is a way of making your impression on the world. Get inspiration from what speaks to you. These are aspects of style that I love. It’s inspiration on all levels, even if you take away the hair and makeup, you’ve learned a little something. Enjoy!!!

La Vita Chic

Gucci, my Guccissima?

I don’t even know where to begin to start with Milan Fashion Week. I always think it’s great when a designer doesn’t need a flashy venue to really make their clothes pop. Yes, sometimes that really can help to showcase a certain theme in clothing but I find I only gravitate towards that in more fall fashion because well fall clothing is more about layer and not being simple. To me Spring/Season is all about “Simple, Sexy, Refined Elegance”.

GUCCI: Seemed to really evoke the 60’s & 70’s fashion forward glam woman in this collection for the SS2013. Bold, Striking, Elegant, Daring, Feminine, Flowing, Gorgeous and STRONG describes this collection. I remember this Kevyn Aucoin makeup that I bought once and one of the women in the book he recreated to look like socialite model Marisa Berenson, that’s exactly what I thought of when looking at this collection. Very opulent, yet wearable for a women comfortable with her sex appeal.

Gucci 2013…Pure Romance

Emporio Armani: Gave us ultra sleek & chic masculine appeal with a very soft, feminine touch.  Definitely a lot of leg from this collection and I mean a lot of leg. From the sexy short suits to the minidresses this collection is just everything beautiful. The colors are subdue yet strong. The look below is one of my favorite looks from the beauty of the models to the actual way the clothes fall on the models.

Ombrè Cardigans & Legs for Days

Another really interesting thing about this collections was in the presentation of the beauty of the models. The muted down makeup really emphasized the structure of the models faces which in turned help to really give the clothes an innocence in some aspects. The models look were reminiscent of something from the 90s waif era in the appeal of their look.











BEAUTY: Everybody knows that a look isn’t  complete without the hair and makeup. The designers really depend on this aspect to really tie the look together. I know how important that is not only working in a hair salon and watching Fashion Week preparations happen but just from a design aspect of what I like. I know if a look is too Avant Gardè from the makeup and sometimes that’s not what we’re looking for. This season was interesting, Prada brings us STATEMENT lip! Versus brings us gorgeous & elegant makeup looks for their collection. Anteprima brings back with it’s OUTRAGEOUS eyebrow statement almost as an homage to Brooke Shields. Etro and Blumarine kept it simple and as you know Gucci was a running throwback to the 60s with their glamour makeup and hair! Here a few photos to enjoy:

Versus SS13
Faux Me With Your Lips? Wanna Faux With Fringe?

Over The Top Natural Brows