Other People’s Children……

I'm Not Into Playing Games With My Friends
I’m Not Into Playing Games With My Friends

I never thought I’d actually continue writing the second half of Unexpected & Dramatic. I thought that was the end of my friendship with girl. After the fiasco with the plane ticket and that there wasn’t an explanation was clear sign to stay away from that train wreck.

The other week, I went on a date with a young fellow. We had talked for a while and decided let’s go out and grab a drink. Which actually turned into a meal because you really can’t just have a drink at 8pm at night when both of you didn’t have dinner. Back Bay Social Club which was formerly known as Vinny T’s on Boylston Boston was the destination.

Back Bay Social Club
Back Bay Social Club

So I’m not sure the exact purpose of the place except more of a twist on comfort foods. To drink, I decided I would order a Bee’s Knee. It’s rather refreshing. I think he had a Manhattan. The bread was good. Looking at the menu, a lot of variety which is never a bad thing to have. On Sunday’s they do a brunch with Chicken & Waffles….you know……

“You have to get the burger! It’s amazing” said my date. “Oh, well I was thinking that anyways.”  which was my reply but the truth is when I can’t figure out what I’m going to eat I always just go with a big slab of ground beef in a bun and call it a day.

The burgers came. I must say, the size of it is enormous. I couldn’t cut it in half, I couldn’t pick it up. Eating a burger on a first date is a MUST-NOT!! I bite into my burger and who would have known it was colder than this past winter in Boston. I was immediately turned off and ate my fries in a bag. We continued to have great conversation as we got full. No dessert necessary, so we walked to Back Bay Station. 10:00pm at Back Bay Station he realized he forgot his credit card at the restaurant. “Do you want to walk with me?”  with puppy dog eyes I was asked this question. I really had no choice since, I didn’t have to pay for dinner. FYI….Don’t take the chance walking from Neiman’s to Boylston through the mall and back…It’s a wrap at that point. We said our so long, fare well, see you next time.

So I’m sitting on the train and all the sudden I look down at my phone, I’m getting a text from Little Miss Florida! In my mind, this scene from American Beauty kept playing. You know the scene where they told Mena Suvari she couldn’t be a model.

Now We're Talking
Now We’re Talking

Why you were so adamant about not talking to me? Not returning my text and now after I’ve stressed myself into a silly about my birthday which I shouldn’t have to stress about you. You want to text me and not even bring up the fact that you almost ruined my birthday. MY BIRTHDAY!!!! The text was something like “Omg! These girls are Swayze need to move before kick them in the vag”

There’s no need for people to live that delusional of an existence. To think that kind of behavior is acceptable. Whatever though, as my friend would say “Other People’s Children”


The date happened March 27th….fast forward to April 3rd. Just out curiosity, I asked “Where in Tampa can I stay without a car but be close to things?”…..”Stay at the Marriot at the airport in Clearwater. There’s a shuttle”………Like had I been in her face, I probably would throw her phone to the ground. Again, I’m over it.

You know I’ll keep you posted…………