The Stigma
The Stigma

No. I mean it when I say “No”. It’s just not okay to walk around in public with your hair in a “Doobie Wrap”  and walk out of the house or salon with it in that state. It’s just not cute. Whatever, she’s an a musician and she can do whatever she wants but now all these girls are going to go out and wear this pre-style hair out in public. It’s personal opinion but if I were a woman I wouldn’t wear it in public, it’s almost like wearing rollers to the supermarket. NO!

Doobie Wrap: The result of wrapping ones hair around ones head using circular brush, comb, or finger-comb motions. Utilized mainly by African-American or Latina women at night with a scarf to create bouncy hair in the morning.

It’s not necessarily that it’s an unfinished look that she was sporting because finger waves is a similar style in which the hair is waved along the head. It’s just to me, personally, I thought that RiRi looked unfinished. She didn’t look put together in her outfit and the hair didn’t look put together. When girls leave the salon with their “doobies”, it’s because they are going to take it out later before the night, typically they don’t jaunt around in public looking like a hoodrat.

Ursula Stephens, Rihanna’s stylist who helped to create her look during The Good Girl Gone Bad phase, also helped to create this look. I respect the creativity because Rihanna’s hair is always laid to the heavens, this just isn’t one of those times.

Here’s a few more pictures incase you were still wondering about her hair these days…..

Would you wear this style to the club? To a formal function?