Twerkin For A Birkin: Favorite Songs of 2013

Disclaimer: Girls, however, you acquire your Birkin bags, I am not judging. I am applauding you for going out there and being proactive because they are a costly bag. Do what you gotta do. 

2013 was probably an interesting year musically. Miley and her lickity split tongue accomplished what she set out to do, which was have everyone enamoured with her new choice of dance. Twerking otherwise known as Bounce.

I was supposed to end 2013 with a bang. I’m going to Los Angeles instead of the Middle East to hear one of my favorite Boston DJ’s, Nate Bluhm. 5 DJs. 3 Rooms. It would have been glorious but all the for the better because I didn’t like my outfit.

However, I want to share some of my favorite songs from 2013(the songs aren’t all from 2013, just songs that I may have discovered¬†for the first time in 2013)

Kaytranada–Holy Hole Inna Donut


M.I.A.–Bring The Noize

Diplo–Express Yourself

Juicy J–Showout

Future–Honestly, any of his music is good because that autotuned voice just resonates in your mind

Drake–From Time

Big Freedia–Twerk Bounce Genre. It’s all good….but my favorite song is “Nasty” with Spank Rock

Brenmar–Temperature Rising

Salvia & Brenmar–Let Me Bang


Sage The Gemini–Gas Pedal(Justin Bieber Remix) and Panoramic

Cooly G–Dubplated


Iggy Azaela–Anything by her honestly is good

I have a lot more songs, but these are songs or artist that stood out in terms of creating a perfect dance environment.



Introducing Miss Azealia Banks

This 21 year old rap diva from Harlem has captured my heart. I honestly forget how I stumbled upon her earlier this year….could have it been the song “L8R”? Where at 19 she was rapping about how great her genitals taste….oh wait…now I remember! A friend of mine posted the song “212” on his Facebook page. The lyrics “Ima ruin you CUNT” stood out to me.

In a short few months, I then quickly filled myself in on the Yung Rapunxel style. Let me tell you this girl can RAP n SING! Her style is something that is reminiscent of the 80s and 90s female emcees but with a modern twist. I enjoy all of her mix tapes. I wish her much success and can’t wait for her Interscope Records debut entitled “Broke with Expensive Taste”

Just a few songs from her that I think you might enjoy:


Good luck to Miss Azealia Banks!!!