Manly Monday: the man bag

Men in Boston are notorious for carrying backpacks!

Lifestyle of a Fashionista


My blog is about style choices, trends, observations, tips, as well as general fashion and beauty talk. I decided to expand the blog to cover men’s styles as well. Alexis of recently wrote a post about how easy men have it when it comes to putting together an outfit. I agree with her but I would still like to cover styling for men. This post is called Manly Monday. I will post it the first Monday of every month unless there is a need or want for more posts. I might be convinced to write this weekly.

My first topic is the man bag. Men don’t carry as much as women, in fact while running errands and going out men can make do with a wallet and a cell phone. I rarely travel with just those two things. I need to be prepared; some friends call me McGyver because…

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