Music Monday: Spring Is Here

All I Need Is My Headphones
All I Need Is My Headphones

Would it surprise you one bit if I told you that this past winter I spent the better part of it hibernating and listening to music nonstop when the opportunity presented itself. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again “Music makes me happy!”

I’m sure I’m not the only one who fixates on a song and listens on a constant repeat? It seems pretty normal to some degree to have songs that actually make you feel good that you listen to on constant auto-repeat until the song suddenly deletes itself off your phone!!

Current Obsessions:

  • Partynextdoor “Relax With Me”
  • Mayer Hawthorne “Reach Out Richard”
  • Ty Dolla $ign feat. Tinashe & Charlie XCX “Drop That Kitty”
  • Major Lazer feat. Kreesha “Dance Bling”
  • TWRK “Helicopter”
  • Blackbear feat. G. Eazy “90210”
  • Sevyn Streeter feat. Chris Brown “Don’t Kill The Fun”
  • Tchami feat. Stacy Barthe “Afterlife”
  • Tchami feat. Kaleem Taylor “Promesses”
  • Tajan “Be With U”
  • Kid Ink feat. Dej Loaf “Be Real”
  • Dej Loaf “Try Me”
  • ODESZA feat. Shy Girls “All We Need(Giraffage Remix)”
  • Beyonce “7/11(DJ Mustard Remix)”
  • Syn Cole “Miami 82(Kygo Remix)”
  • Basement Jaxx feat. ETML “Never Say Never”
  • SNBRN feat. Kerli “Raindrops”
  • Kaskade & John Dahlback feat. Sansa “A Little More”
  • Little Dragon “Paris(Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Holiday Edit)”
  • Maya Jane Coles “What They Say”
  • Skrillex & Kill Th Noise feat. Fatman Scoop and Michael Angelakos “Recess”

If there’s a song you’d think I’d like send it my way, I’d love to hear it!


Music Monday: Nicki Minaj All Up On Your Stereo

Usually when I get plastic surgery I try not to bring in a picture of "Tickle Me Elmo"
Usually when I get plastic surgery I try not to bring in a picture of “Tickle Me Elmo”

Nicki Minaj… either love her or you hate her. I like her mix tape stuff when she was “Beam Me Up Scotty” or “Sticks In My Bun”  and that was on the days of IMEEM!

Even though I knew  she was releasing an album, I had to scratch my head and say “With what relevance?” “Pills N Potion” it’s an okay song, I get it. For some reason, I got excited for “Anaconda” 

Every girl is going to be posing like this to take #Selfies now
But first let me take a #selfie

If you are a fan of the 90’s booty shaking Sir MixALot’s “Baby Got Back”, you’ll love Anaconda. Playing one of her many characters, this song is sure to TURN UP parties and clubs everywhere! Can’t wait to see the video and the “Twerk” she came up with for the video.

We Just Some Pretty Bad Bitches
We Just Some Pretty Bad Bitches

Beyicki? Neyonce? Whatever the hell you want to call these two, just make sure you stay on their team! Everyone is all like she’s addressing the “Elevator Scandal” and let’s be real…..she really didn’t. This song just throws all kind of shade while making sure that everything you do is FLAWLESS! There’s another remix version of this track, Lil Kim recorded a version where she added her vocals in……I mean I could understand Foxy Brown over Lil Kim but that’s none of my business.

Really? Kim C'mon
Really? Kim C’mon

Nicki Minaj-Anaconda

Beyonce-Flawless(Nicki Minaj remix)

Scandal In The House Of Bey

It's been a good run of a business relationship
It’s been a good run of a business relationship

I wonder how the Church of Beyonce is going to explain this to their Beyciples… I even want to know of the blasphemy that they’ll come up with? However, what we do know is that they are grown, they are human, they are prone to mistakes and who are we really to judge. Yeah, it’s fun to speculate but how many times do we want people really speculating and giving their little opinion in our affairs.

Despite what went on in the elevator, she's working her outfit
Despite what went on in the elevator, she’s working her outfit

Solange from the beginning has always marched to a different drum and I like her for that. I appreciate her music, her style, her personality and a lot more. What I will say is that she kind of gets a bad rep. for falling into an “angry black woman” stereotype or the black sheep because she isn’t as successful as Beyonce.

Girl would have pulled a Marlo Hampton if she had a razor blade with her. I'm convinced!
Girl would have pulled a Marlo Hampton if she had a razor blade with her. I’m convinced!

Unfortunately, Solange wasn’t aware that there were probably cameras in the elevator or if she did realize she didn’t care. In which that case, I would automatically assume she was doing this for some publicity stunt. Although, I would hope she’d have more tact then involving her own sister in a stunt that could be kind of damaging for all parties involved. I think if the bodyguard hadn’t been there to help Jay-Z, Solange would have just made a complete fool of herself.

Whatever it is, I hope that they do get it squared away.

Mood & Music

Ever realize how much music correlates to our mood? Music breaks down the barriers of language and everyone can enjoy. Music makes us feel good. It tells a story, it sets our mood, it inspires us and so much more. As you know, not a day goes by when I am not listening to music. I'M LITERALLY OBSESSED WITH MUSIC. I also have a bad habit of listening to music on a first glance and disliking the song but then hearing again to find that I only like the song or artist.

Coincidentally, I was at the barbershop(a place that i truly loathe) however this visit wasn’t as bad, the person cutting my hair actually happened to be a “DJ” and on his tape actually put a song that I am now obsessed with. So here’s a list of songs that I am now obsessed with.

  • Childish Gambino “3005” The song from the barbershop playlist
  • Jazmin Sisters “You” sampling  SWV’s classic “Weak” Very good too! My mother liked this too which says a lot
  • Leo Simone “Black Horse”
  • Jazmin Sisters “PYT” sampling QTip’s “Vivrant Thang”
  • Le Youth & Dominique Young Unique “Dance With Me(TWRK Remix)”
  • Dominique Young Unique “Get Out Of My Shoes”
  • Pharrell Williams “Happy” This song is so feel good, you can’t help but want to dance
  • Tigerlight “Respect The Booty” Really cute dance party song
  • Beyoncé “Partition”
  • Nicki Minaj feat PTA “Boss Ass Bitch”

This is what I’m obsessed which is a reflection of my mood at the moment. I want to dance!!!! If you live in Boston, you should check out Controversy

Ratchet is to Nicki. Basic is to Bey?

From insult to compliment
From insult to compliment

Basic girls never cut their lace front wigs properly.

Basic: An adjective used to describe any person, place, activity involving obscenely obvious behavior, dress or action. Unsophisticated. Transparent motives.

Basic Bitch: Typically female, who believes she is the shit because of the type of clothing or materials that separates them from other people. They also have the tendency to believe they hold a higher standard than regular people.

Click the link on Beyonce to read this article I saw on Tumblr “Bey is For Basics”

Beyonce does actually have a lot of these qualities. Whatever though she’s still banking it to the bank.

Sometimes when your basic, you don't realize
Ratchets To The Left. Basics to the Right. Single File Line Please!

Twerkin For A Birkin: Favorite Songs of 2013

Disclaimer: Girls, however, you acquire your Birkin bags, I am not judging. I am applauding you for going out there and being proactive because they are a costly bag. Do what you gotta do. 

2013 was probably an interesting year musically. Miley and her lickity split tongue accomplished what she set out to do, which was have everyone enamoured with her new choice of dance. Twerking otherwise known as Bounce.

I was supposed to end 2013 with a bang. I’m going to Los Angeles instead of the Middle East to hear one of my favorite Boston DJ’s, Nate Bluhm. 5 DJs. 3 Rooms. It would have been glorious but all the for the better because I didn’t like my outfit.

However, I want to share some of my favorite songs from 2013(the songs aren’t all from 2013, just songs that I may have discovered for the first time in 2013)

Kaytranada–Holy Hole Inna Donut


M.I.A.–Bring The Noize

Diplo–Express Yourself

Juicy J–Showout

Future–Honestly, any of his music is good because that autotuned voice just resonates in your mind

Drake–From Time

Big Freedia–Twerk Bounce Genre. It’s all good….but my favorite song is “Nasty” with Spank Rock

Brenmar–Temperature Rising

Salvia & Brenmar–Let Me Bang


Sage The Gemini–Gas Pedal(Justin Bieber Remix) and Panoramic

Cooly G–Dubplated


Iggy Azaela–Anything by her honestly is good

I have a lot more songs, but these are songs or artist that stood out in terms of creating a perfect dance environment.



Behind The Lace Front: Everyone Secretly Hates Beyonce


Disclaimer: I do not hate Beyonce. However, I go through phases where I find her absolutely intriguing and I can’t get enough. Then there are phases where I’m in utter disgust by the sound of her. It’s neutral at the moment. 

Beyonce this. Beyonce that. Love Beyonce. Hate Beyonce. Fake Bitch. Beautiful Soul. There’s something about her that draws us to her. There’s something about her that makes us hate her with an extreme passion.

"Why Don't They Love Me Momma?"
“Why Don’t They Love Me Momma?”

December 13, Beyonce decided to give us a musical masterpiece. Simply titled “Beyonce” which I haven’t listened to entirely yet. I have my reasons. One of the reasons, there’s nothing that will act as my dance anthem of the winter. Usually she has a song such as “Diva”, “Run The World”, “Crazy In Love”, you get the idea. Her record label decided not to allow her any spending money for promoting this album, so I’ll give her props that it’s getting some recognition for this album. Special guest appearances from Frank Ocean, Drake and Blue Ivy.

She can do no wrong. She’ll snatch your wig and have you saying “Thank You” but what if people really hated Beyonce.

Don't Do This Again
Don’t Do This Again

Reasons To Hate Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter: 

  • Even when she happens to be dressed down, she’s still rocking a light full face and some weave. Would she still be considered flawless without the makeup?
  • Although her version of the Miley haircut was absolutely ridiculous. GIRL, don’t ever take the lace off!
  • Destiny’s Child disbanded because of her. We should have known from jump that it was Beyonce and The Homies. Beyonce had a group and a solo career at the same time. Coincidence much?
  • Sellout? I could understand this one. With earlier albums actually having great(subjective) content that one could associate with, she’s kind of gone down in terms of quality. “You a bad girl and your friends bad too. You got the swag sauce you drippin swagu” Thanks J.Cole
  • Similar to Diana Ross, Beyonce had the look. She had the sound. She had the appeal. While there are other artist with stronger voices, quality material, how do they fit into the equation of making record companies money compared to Bey. However, I think she’s a great entertainter.
  • I’m not gonna rag on her love. When it gets down to it, it’s probably tough. She’s high-profile. She needs someone on her level. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Secretly we hate her. Secretly we love her. Secretly we wish we could be her. I’m sure there are many other reasons that people “hate” on her. These are the ones that I’ve heard time and time again. Like I said though, she’s an amazing entertainer. She keeps you intrigued. She got another 10 years before she’s irrelevant. Or…..

It's Beyonce's World
It’s Beyonce’s World

There is one song I can’t get enough of “Drunk In Love” featuring Jay-Z. Obsessed!




Gaga! She’s Better Than You!

Typically, I’m not a fan of Gaga. I am not a Monster by any means. However, after talking with a client on Sunday morning about this song, I decided that I should take a listen.

I love the new look
I love the new look

Requirements for Music:
Good Beat
Good Beat
Good Beat

Maybe I was excited because I’m really excited for the Art Pop album because of the supposed feature with Beyonce, Azealia Banks and Rihanna but this song is actually good. I love the video. She truly is a remarkable performer, which I knew before but this video just kind of solidifies that.

Go Gaga


By the way the girl is totally slaying with her almost normal new look. The hair is fantastic! I mean FANTASTIC. WERQ BITCH

Todrick Hall’s Cinderonce

This is actually really cute. Cinderella, well, actually her name is now Cinderonce. Todrick Hall, who brought us the Mean Gurlz, reworked Cinderella to a soundtrack of Beyonce songs.

This was enjoyable, despite the Shangela appearance. Can’t stand her but that’s another story….

Here’s the Mean Gurlz

It’s Beyoncè’s World And We’re Just Living In It

Who Run The World?
Who Run The World?

Despite being a buzz-track, “Bow Down” and “I Been On” has completely captured my heart. If changing her last name to Carter was Beyoncè’s way of saying I have a new sound, I think there are going to some happy fans out there. Hit-Boy and Timbaland produced the two tracks as a fusion hybrid style. Definitely flowing on the H-Town Swagger! Beyoncè is back and she’s keeping her reign as the Queen!

Listen Here:

SophistiRatchet? Ratchet?
SophistiRatchet? Ratchet?

If the rumors are true and from what I’ve heard….I’m also excited for the possible collaboration of  Lady Gaga & Bey on the track “Ratchet”. Speculated to appear  on the track as well is Rihanna and newcomer to the scene Azealia Banks. They’re version of Ratchet is the around the way girl who owns bamboo earrings at least two pairs!

I’m glad that Queen Bey is back and she’s snatching wigs…………I’ll always be a stan for Bey………

Say what about a maternity leave?
Say what about a maternity leave?