And Then Your 28

If Mary can do it....I can do it too!!!
If Mary can do it….I can do it too!!!

Life is life and the things that happen in life are just little obstacles that try to set us back. I’m learning that I can’t let those things define me because then what was the learning experience in that, right?

I Suck At Taking #Selfies
I Suck At Taking #Selfies

I was dreading turning 28 for a multitude of reasons. However, they really just ended up being excuses for not going out and celebrating another year in life. The older I get the less, I want to go out to an actual club(although I can still get down and dance) and I opt for a relaxing evening with friends. However, I was dying to wear one of the tops that I bought! Of course, I needed pants as well and I have to say I put together a super cute outfit. I’m still convinced that if I didn’t get my haircut, I would have looked ┬árather “Basic” and that’s not cute.

Birthday dinner at Sonsie with Tyler and Racine. You always appreciate the time that you spend with people when you don’t see them everyday at work anymore. So that was a fun actual birthday night. Then Saturday night it was off to Oberon with Eve to see “The Donkey Show” which is an amazing version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Think Studio 54 meets William Shakespeare but completely interactive. I highly recommend if you haven’t been!

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Friday Night Adventures in Cambridge……

I love going to the theatre. Only problem is I can’t sit still for very long periods of time. I always enjoy the production but there’s that one point where I become narcoleptic and start to nod off. I hate that and it’s kind of embarrassing……

However this past friday night I was lucky enough to see the David Adjmi production of Marie Antoinette at A.R.T. in Cambridge. I highly recommend seeing this production. Everything about it from the acting, costumes, the set design was really just wonderful. Every actor truly did such a great job capturing your heart with their performances. Brooke Bloom who plays Marie Antoinette was amazing. Words cannot describe how great her performance was. I just can’t recommend seeing this production enough. I really hope I get to see it again before it ends on September 29th. Here are a few shots I was able to find, that I find to capture the essence of the play: