Sunday Shoes: Normal Shoes

I finally caved. I got a pair of shoes that are so normal it’s not even funny. I bought a pair of Vans in the classic style slip-on. ┬áCheckered black on black. It was cool until I realized how uncomfortable it was. Literally was cutting off the circulation in my foot!!!Totally uncomfortableTotally uncomfortable

So after wearing them twice, I brought them back and actually exchanged them for the Vans in a classic lace style. SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!! At $50 a pair, it’s a pretty good deal.

Much better
Much better

Classic Janet Jackson “Say You Do”

I’ve been very bad at my blog lately. I’m trying to find the inspiration but in the mean time, I decided to share with you one of my favorite Janet Jackson song’s off her debut album, the track is called “Say You Do” Reminds me of when music was innocent, listen to it and I know you’ll love it…..