Who Wants To Take Marc Jacobs Spot?

Buh Bye
Buh Bye

I’m sure you heard of Marc Jacobs departure as the Creative Director for Louis Vuitton and I’m sure you’ve all have asked “Who’s going to take on that role?” Do you remember Nicolas Ghesquière? The designer who left Balenciaga last November?

After months of speculation, it has been announced that he would be taking on the role that Marc Jacobs has departed from. Personally, I really love what Ghesquière did for Balenciaga. He’s truly a talented designer and it was shocking when he left Balenciaga.

He isn’t giving any interviews until his collection debuts in March, so we’re really going to just have to speculate about what he’ll bring to the table. However, I think that his collection will bring an luxuriously sexy appeal with provocative cuts showcasing the femininity of a woman.

Don't Bring Kristin To Any Events Please?
Don’t Bring Kristin To Any Events Please?

One of the biggest challenges, I think that’ll find is working with a brand that has built their reputation on a logo but at the same time that just might be something new and fresh for the Louis Vuitton label. I definitely think about accessories that he’ll have us in awe for. As he did for Balenciaga with the Lariat bag, he’s going to give us a new “It Bag” to lust over. I’m ready to lust! Are you?