“You Can’t Do That!”

I’m gonna come back and act as if I wasn’t on a hiatus for a really long time. However, I’m pretty sure “You Can’t Do That!” in life. Right?

My friend Carolyn Paine is a comedian, dancer, choreographer, writer, singer, radio host and CAT LOVER. Oh, did I mention that she’s entering the Women in Comedy Festival? She is and I was so honored that I was asked to participate. The theme for this year is “You Can’t Do That!”

Inspired by the political climate around her, Carolyn decided to take all of her talents, along with some talented friends to create an interesting “Stand Up For Your Rights!” through comedy. Adam Sarette and Christian Daniel Kiley helped with the writing and filming of this project. It’s catchy. It’s sassy. A whole lotta of fun to help with as well.

Good luck Carolyn!!!

Must Be The Music

My New Obsession
My New Obsession

I love SoundCloud. I follow who I want and get the latest in music when they release. I highly recommend it especially if you want to find artist who aren't typically played. 



Currently Being Overplayed:

Aksel Friberg – Viking Line(Disco Mix) 

Aksel Friberg feat. Kicki Halmos – To Be There With You

ARP 101 – Groove

Kanye West – Flashing Lights(TWRK Remix)

Machinedrum – Back Seat Ho

Dj Sayso – Honestly, if you like hip hop check him out. He has the latest in the L.A. sound.

HOLLERTRONIX – Never Scared(it’s an hour-long mix by Diplo & Lowbudget)

Major Lazer feat. Pharrell – Aerosol Can

Addison Groove – An We Drop (Scuba DJ-Kicks Exclusive)

Jon Convex – Streetwalk

Mood & Music

Ever realize how much music correlates to our mood? Music breaks down the barriers of language and everyone can enjoy. Music makes us feel good. It tells a story, it sets our mood, it inspires us and so much more. As you know, not a day goes by when I am not listening to music. I'M LITERALLY OBSESSED WITH MUSIC. I also have a bad habit of listening to music on a first glance and disliking the song but then hearing again to find that I only like the song or artist.

Coincidentally, I was at the barbershop(a place that i truly loathe) however this visit wasn’t as bad, the person cutting my hair actually happened to be a “DJ” and on his tape actually put a song that I am now obsessed with. So here’s a list of songs that I am now obsessed with.

  • Childish Gambino “3005” The song from the barbershop playlist
  • Jazmin Sisters “You” sampling  SWV’s classic “Weak” Very good too! My mother liked this too which says a lot
  • Leo Simone “Black Horse”
  • Jazmin Sisters “PYT” sampling QTip’s “Vivrant Thang”
  • Le Youth & Dominique Young Unique “Dance With Me(TWRK Remix)”
  • Dominique Young Unique “Get Out Of My Shoes”
  • Pharrell Williams “Happy” This song is so feel good, you can’t help but want to dance
  • Tigerlight “Respect The Booty” Really cute dance party song
  • Beyoncé “Partition”
  • Nicki Minaj feat PTA “Boss Ass Bitch”

This is what I’m obsessed which is a reflection of my mood at the moment. I want to dance!!!! If you live in Boston, you should check out Controversy

Obsession Confession: Guilty Pleasure Music

Click the picture and watch the Queen

Another Obsession Confession: Guilty Pleasure Music,everybody has some. My love for music is kind of ridiculous in a lot of ways. I don’t even listen to the lyrics half the time, if the lyrics are catchy then even better. I listen to music for the pure enjoyment of tuning out the world and just drifting into relaxation.

Twerkin On The Wall
Twerkin On The Wall

I’ve mentioned several times earlier that I love almost every genre of music. I love everything from Deep House, Garage, Dubstep, Trap, Soul, Jazz, Funk(long story behind that one)some country, and more. You name the genre, I’m sure there’s a song that I’ve liked it from that genre.

Here We Go…….

Current Obsession:

Guilty Pleasure Music

Why? What’s So Great?:

The creative juices start to flow and I feel a rebirth. I feel alive. I feel inspired. This guilty pleasure is my SoundCloud. The music that I love to get the party started.

One Minor Flaw:

As Nene Leakes would say, this mix of music on this particular site could be deemed as “Ghetto” or “Hood”, there’s everything from Nicki MInaj, Kystylis, Todd Terje, and much more. So it’s a hodge podge, none of it makes sense but then again neither does my iTunes library……..

So what’s your Guilty Pleasure Music? 


Bend Ova and Twerk: Twerkin’ & Yiken…….

Disclaimer: I love to dance. I was twerkin’ before it became a phenomenon! I love it so much that Thursday after work, I twerked in front of The Taj while waiting for the light to change to Khia “My Neck My Back” 

Don't Drop That Thun Thun
Don’t Drop That Thun Thun

So I was at the bank today making a deposit and I walked into the Gap in Wellesley Square. However, I caught this girl on the bench out in front and her conversation seemed really intense. Maybe it was cause I had just woke up but I caught this part made me giggle….she said “She was doing it all wrong. She wasn’t even moving her body. She acts likes she can twerk but can’t. People are like Miley Cyrus can twerk but she can’t”  I wish I were joking but this really is what she said so I turned my head and smiled. She got blushed.

Twerkin– A dance in which movements consist of shaking hips, bounce booty up and down in a gyration causing it to bounce or wobble. Basically make your booty as sexualized as possible! To the right beat, I admit this is actually quite fun. Upside down against the wall. You can be as innovative as you want…..

Instead of study hall...you YIKE
Instead of study hall…you YIKE

Yiken- Is the creative Oakland area version of Twerkin! They make it more advanced because the partner your dancing with is behind you and what happens is they throw the rhythm off while you twerk. Making it impossible for you to catch the beat!

Honestly though, YIKEN is like beyond sexualized though.It really pushes the envelope. If you look at some of the YouTube videos, it’s like “Oh My God, I hope they’re being safe!” Makes you wonder where the parents are when they are recording this stuff because lord knows my mother would have known what I was trying to do before I pressed record!

Boys Twerkin' It
Boys Twerkin’ It




Like I stated earlier, I love to dance but have missed every opportunity to dance my ass off(no pun intended) like I like to. Nobody seems to want to go dancing. The last time I remember going, we went “Controversy” at Machine in Boston. It was amazing. I entered the Twerk Contest in my studded wedge sneakers in skin-tight silver jeans! WERQ BETCH! There was a video of me somewhere in the contest.I couldn’t find the one on my Facebook from the contest but I found this one instead…..

This summer though I need to bring the YIKEN Movement to Boston. We would totally benefit from it…..



Yiken?Twerkin? What Do You Do It To: ‘memba you suppose to get RATCHET

Panoramic-Sage the Gemini (Pop and swerve your booty like your life depends on it)

Express Yourself-Diplo feat Nicky B (Twerk upside down if you dare)

Vibrate-Petey Pablo (Fast and with an attitude)

Higher Ground-TNGHT (Like you know have this in the bag)

Big Booty Judy-Shawnna (Make it roll and watch the hips go)

Shake That Ass-Mystikal (Like the song says and watch yourself)

Just Another Night Out With Dre
Sometimes You Twerk So Hard It Hurts The Next Day To Perform A  Walk of Shame


XXXY a.k.a Triple X Y: My Newest Music Obsession

I really enjoy good house/dance music. I had no idea that he has been around since 2009, probably due to the fact that Boston lacks amazing clubs or even lounges that would have music like this. Although, I would say that Bijou would probably be a place that would come to close to it…..

Body Movin’-XXXY

These are some of my favorites already…I hope you enjoy……

If you have any artist similar or in general that you think I might like I’m always open to new material………