HMBalmaination: November 5th

Balmain for H&M

Designer collaborations and H&M are nothing new. Versace, Karl Lagerfeld, Lanvin and so many more have participated. One of the highly anticipated collections of the year is about 21 days away. If you’re a fan of Balmain, November 5th, Oliver Rousteing is making it just a bit more affordable for you to get your Balmain fix!

I have always loved Balmain. Decadent embroidered blazers, skin-tight tailoring and dresses adorned with pearl embellishments Balmain doesn’t skimp when it comes to the “WOW” factor.

However, when I look at the collection everything screams Kim Kardashian-West. It was really hard to look at the collection and say to myself “That’s fierce!” or “OMG! I need this!” In all actuality the only thing that really is appealing is the Balmain logo t-shirts.

Personally, I was really excited when I learned about it. After seeing the look book, I just don’t know what I think about it anymore. I’m a bit less than impressed but maybe in person it will have a different effect on me!!!

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Shoe Addiction: New Year’s Eve

Inside the FW 2010/11 Lookbook that came with the shoes
Inside the FW 2010/11 Lookbook that came with the shoes

As far as I’m concerned, I truly don’t need another pair of shoes for a while. Today, I was going to through and organize all of my shoes and clothes that I don’t wear anymore to get ready for donation. I got distracted after talking with my Grandmother this morning, so then I just decided to put it off until tomorrow.

New Year’s Eve will be interesting. I never like to really go out on NYE, because it’s just an unnecessary hassle. This year, I’m going out by myself too, which is just another anxiety provoking thought because I have to really pay attention to people around me. So for Christmas, I really wanted a new pair of winter boots. I typically wear moonboots, despite the name behind the brand, I feel as though the quality is rather inferior to what the standard is. This year, as I was searching for boots, I remembered Lil Wayne had a pair in the music video for “The Motto“, being able to remember the brand, I immediately started searching.

Upon their arrival, I immediately knew that I couldn’t wear them out on NYE as much as I want to. I’m just afraid that someone is going to spill a drink and then trying to find someone to clean them…DISASTER! Unbeknownst to me, it came with the FW 2010/2011 lookbook campaign. I really got lucky finding these because they were brand new, not even taken out of the box once. Amazing!!They’re insanely comfortable feel as though I’m walking on the moon. So cool. Definitely going in the books as one of my favorite pair of shoes, if not my favorite pair.

In all honesty, except for two pairs of Y.R.U. and the teddy bears, I’m all set on shoes. I guess the question that I never asked “What should I wear with them?” I was almost thinking grey or silver denim and probably just  a white or black shirt. Keep it cute and simple. What is everyone doing for New Years?

WHERE TO FIND:  There are multiple shoe sites that I follow that carry the brand but these are ones that I pay attention to.

Yoox is now having  a sale on Forfex. Great prices. Great choice.

ASOS also carries the brand as well and they have nice sales as well.

DROOLOVER is the official website and online store of the Forfex brand which is now closed until Jan 02, 2014.



Trunk Club Men’s Outfitters: My Experience

Trunk Club Package
Trunk Club Package

Most men are not great at shopping let’s be real. Brian Spaly, founder of Bonobos, started Trunk Club in 2008 as a way of helping men shop for things that they like without having to actually shop. Guys do like to look good without the fuss of having to shop unless you are like myself who actually enjoys shopping.

What Trunk Club Can Do:

  • You receive a personal stylist who actually works directly with you to select clothing for you
  • Try everything for free for 10 days. Keep what you want. Send the rest back. They will charge your card afterwards
  • High quality selections based on your choices
  • Free shipping both ways

What You Have To Do:

  • Complete a profile and choose from the selections
  • Click on the looks that you are most likely to wear
  • Let them know where you’re now shopping
  • Give them your measurements
  • Fill out the account information

After that happens, you sit back and wait for your personal stylist to give you a call to discuss some last minute things.

There are many stores that offer similar services such as this one, I tried this one because I saw it on a Facebook ad and decided to check it out. I always check out those ads. I liked the clothing. However, I wish that I had a better personal stylist.

Erin(the stylist) called and it caught me off guard because I had signed up a few weeks earlier. We went over things and I didn’t get a real sense that she wanted to help me because of my honest answers. I told her my style and what I liked and what I was looking for. I felt a sense of “standoffish behavior” and that she just was kind of mean. We all have bad days, so I didn’t take it for too much but by the end of the day I felt that we hadn’t connected. I felt like I wasn’t going to even receive my trunk.

A few days went by and I hadn’t received a confirmation email to let me know my trunk was on the way. I actually called and spoke with another stylist who super friendly. I ended up asking her if I could be assigned to her but found out that was something that I needed to discuss with Erin.

I received my trunk and too my surprise. It was ok. Nothing special like I thought. I appreciated the hand-written note. Unfortunately, I cannot find the pictures(Samsung Note 2, I miss you). Overall, I like the concept, the clothes, however the customer service is lacking. I would try it again but I would want a different stylist since we just weren’t able to connect. Try it for yourself……

Check It Out Here!