Fashion Forward: Spring Summer 2014

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn!”-Orson Welles

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer '14
Louis Vuitton Spring Summer ’14

Bomber Jackets. Floral Patterns. Color Block Stripes. Androgyny. Over-sized. Cropped Shorts. Summer Coats. Rose Gold. Deconstructed. Retro. 90’s. Tunics. There’s a lot to look forward when we move into the Spring Summer season.

Raf Simons SS14
Raf Simons Spring Summer ’14

Blending classic menswear(button ups, blazers, etc.) with overt feminine influences such as over-sized tee-shirt dresses and skirts is a really interesting perspective as seen at Raf Simons. The simple and chromatic yet with the aesthetics of 90’s club attire brings new meaning to the standard uniform. Not your average androgynous boy can pull this off either, I feel as though you should at least be 5’11.

Tom Ford Spring Summer 2014
Tom Ford Spring Summer ’14

Floral printed blazers, cropped shorts and 50 shades of pink were in abundance at Tom Ford. Actually, with the comeback of loafers, finding items that are of similar style(try ASOS) is actually a way to stay on trend without breaking the bank.

JUUN J: Have You Heard Of Him? 

Rihanna's Custom JUUN J for her Diamond's Tour
Rihanna’s Custom JUUN J for her Diamond’s Tour

Deconstructed. Menswear. Cut, structure and volume were the three main elements of this collection.  Cropped shorts that stayed at thigh level paired with over-sized jumpers made from Raglan.  An homage to American sportswear, the show starts with various shades of blues and whites. Trousers that lengthened with the aid of drawstring waists and kimono influenced sleeves dominated the second half of this show. Colors shifted more into midnight blue and black as fabrics changed to satin and leather. JUUN J is available at  SSENSE  & FarFetch.

JUUN J Spring Summer '14
JUUN J Spring Summer ’14


I Don’t Do Fashion, I Am Fashion……

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially these days, when humans come into contacts so quick. Fashion is an instant language”-Miuccia Prada

To me one of the greatest aspects about fashion is footwear. I absolutely love shoes. I’ve had some really awesome shoes too! I actually enjoy sneakers more in all honesty, I find that with my height and personality I can dress a sneaker up or dress it down. They always give me a little flair and pizzaz to my otherwise monotone wardrobe. Lately, I’ve become obsessed with Cinzia Araia and even wrote about the brand for a marketing project for school…..however, there is very little information that can be  found!

Philipp Plein Sneaker
Philipp Plein Sneaker

It happened that I was  on the site and decided to take a look at sneakers that is where I discovered Philipp Plein. German born, Swiss based Plein, has had this company that designs for both men and women for over 10 years.Surprising, exclusive, luxurious is the brand in which was created using high quality materials to create a feeling of Rock ‘n’ Roll and high-end luxury combined. A luxury splurge in fact it is with most sneakers starting at around $740 and up. These pieces are definitely going to bring the shock and awe factor when entering your credit card numbers.

Ed Westwick For Philipp Plein FW 13 Campaign
Ed Westwick For Philipp Plein

Also designing clothing, last year he made headlines when famed transsexual model Lea T. opened and closed his women’s fashion show. In the headlines again recently after his recent show in Milan, in which models were toting around military guns and he opened with Ed Westwick from The CW‘s Gossip Girl!

Gienchi: The Statement Because It Is
Gienchi: The Statement Because It Is

As much as it looks like you could Do-It-Yourself, you wouldn’t be able to recreate it. Making a flashy, yet very chic appearance into the fashion forum Gienchi shoes have already made their debut in high-end magazines such s Vogue and have become the accessory to have among fashionistas and celebrities. Looking at these shoes you have to wonder, the person that could put these on and feel empowered.Almost all the shoes incorporate the usage of studs and if they are lacking that, they have pizazz with a great color! The Gienchi wearer is one that is unapologetic, bold, edgy and doesn’t do well without being the center of attention. Gienchi for the individual that is dedicated to preserving their flashy attitude and being really fabulous! “Girl, You Better Slay!”

The High Shield by Camilla Skovgaard
The High Shield by Camilla Skovgaard

Which brings us to Camilla Skovgaard, who designs impeccable women’s footwear to begin with but these sneakers are absolutely amazing. Futuristic yet minimal at the same time, this hot little ticket right here would probably be fierce with skin-tight cigarette pants or shorts with an oversized boyfriend sweater for a cool summer day.


Originally $1259Now $259
Originally $1259
Now $259

I was actually browsing and found this awesome pair of snake-skin Skovgaards for about $259 with the original price tag being $1259! What a great deal!

I think these would be great a shoe for next season as well. I love the shark-like effect  that Camilla created on the bottom of her pieces as well. It is probably extremely comfortable for walking as well. Girls, GET THIS SHOE!!! I just can’t stress it enough. Amazing!

I love all the concepts behind the shoes and the ones that I could see myself wearing would actually be the Skovgaard sneakers as well as the Gienchi. Those are up my alley and Gienchi just scream “LOOK AT ME!”


If you would like to buy or see other brands the links are below for you to click away:                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Dress Me, I’m Your Mannequin……..

Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people”-Eleanor Roosevelt

Well, I have to say that 2013 is the year of potential. I truly must admit that I have gotten off my lazy ass and just started putting my creative energy to good use with other creative people. “Energy creates energy!!” Something that I can hear Gina saying in the back of my head but you know what its true.

I’ve come into contact with truly fabulous people from makeup artist, stylist, wardrobe stylist to photographers. What makes it great is that we all think outside of the box and are not bound by what society says is normal. We are simply creating our own normals and creating beauty in ways that we see, while still making sure others can understand the concept. Anyways….

Just A Shoot Some Winter Night Outside 9 Newbury
Just A Shoot Some Winter Night Outside 9 Newbury

Photographer Matt Wright is always asking me to style and shoot. I actually really enjoy styling hair a lot but I do not get the chance to anymore, only due to the fact that  where I work is a departmentalized salon. Usually when he asks, it never works because it always last-minute, however this time it did work out(depending on how you view “worked out”). There were some key components that we should have planned for but for about a weeks amount of time we did good considering that we have hectic schedules. We were able to secure place, a few models(coworkers and friends) and a very talented newcomer to the fashion world:Rufus Dixon IV Designs

The Man Behind The Leather Mafia
The Man Behind The Leather Mafia

Rufus Dixon IV and I are from the same area outside of Boston. So it’s natural that we would run into each other at the same nightclub in Worcester occasionally. However, it wasn’t until about a year and a half ago that I realized he went to Lasell College and was in their fashion design program. Words cannot describe how beautiful the garments actually are. While some designers opt to create pieces that are pretty and pink, Rufus goes the other route. Edgy, dark and a bit of punk but still feminine is the Rufus Girl. The Rufus Girl is sexy, animalistic, strong and she’s empowered. The pieces really all have their own personality and I found that each piece has a message. 

Velvet Remy Is Not Only Just For Your Weave....
Velvet Remy Is Not Only Just For Your Weave….

The weave dress is one of my favorite pieces, I was so excited when he said that we could photograph this collection. His graduating collection was one of the lines featured at the Natick Collection when they allow the graduating students to showcase a few pieces of clothing in front of Neiman Marcus. Having traveled to London and Paris to study abroad, Rufus became inspired for this first collection by Girmorium Verum a piece by Martin Schongauer entitled Saint Anthony Tormented by Demons. Looking at the bigger picture within the picture he became intrigued with the different demons and noticed the differences between the creatures. 

Fur, Spikes and Scales…Oh My! Taking these elements of the demons, he began to design  a collection in which each piece is his vision of the demons. When looking at the pieces in person, you really begin to see all the different textures and colors that pictures. He really knows how to accentuate a woman’s body with  placement of color and texture, even being daring and using multiple textures within a garment. I was lucky enough to feel empowered when I got to wear one of the dresses for shits and giggles and then actually was able to be a model. Although, I still think Georgina Castellucci could have given the dress the justice that it deserved but there’s always next time. 

Are You Apart Of The Leather Mafia?
Are You Apart Of The Leather Mafia?

Although I don’t have any of the shots from the first half of the shoot, I think hair wise we definitely hit the mark on that. There will be more opportunities as well, I’m sure. I have to say a special thanks for everyone that came out. It was fun despite starting later than expected but life happens and it’s a learning experience. 

Why Can't I Be The Male Kate Moss?
Why Can’t I Be The Male Kate Moss?

So all in all it was exciting and I’m glad that some of my coworkers spent the day helping out. Special Thank You’s to Matt Wright, Georgina and Rufus Dixon IV Designs. Thanks to Carolyn, Jenna, Gabriella, Rachel and Mariah. 

So before I end this, The Liberty Hotel used to put on Fashionably Late in the lobby as a way to showcase local designers in the New England area. Rufus works for The Haute House and they will be retailing some of his garments after their show on January 31st at the Liberty Hotel in Boston. 

Dre and Mariah
Dre and Mariah
Fashionably Late?
Fashionably Late?

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