Twerkin For A Birkin: Favorite Songs of 2013

Disclaimer: Girls, however, you acquire your Birkin bags, I am not judging. I am applauding you for going out there and being proactive because they are a costly bag. Do what you gotta do. 

2013 was probably an interesting year musically. Miley and her lickity split tongue accomplished what she set out to do, which was have everyone enamoured with her new choice of dance. Twerking otherwise known as Bounce.

I was supposed to end 2013 with a bang. I’m going to Los Angeles instead of the Middle East to hear one of my favorite Boston DJ’s, Nate Bluhm. 5 DJs. 3 Rooms. It would have been glorious but all the for the better because I didn’t like my outfit.

However, I want to share some of my favorite songs from 2013(the songs aren’t all from 2013, just songs that I may have discovered for the first time in 2013)

Kaytranada–Holy Hole Inna Donut


M.I.A.–Bring The Noize

Diplo–Express Yourself

Juicy J–Showout

Future–Honestly, any of his music is good because that autotuned voice just resonates in your mind

Drake–From Time

Big Freedia–Twerk Bounce Genre. It’s all good….but my favorite song is “Nasty” with Spank Rock

Brenmar–Temperature Rising

Salvia & Brenmar–Let Me Bang


Sage The Gemini–Gas Pedal(Justin Bieber Remix) and Panoramic

Cooly G–Dubplated


Iggy Azaela–Anything by her honestly is good

I have a lot more songs, but these are songs or artist that stood out in terms of creating a perfect dance environment.



OONST d(._.)b OONST d(._.)b OONST d(._.)b OONST

Standing up against the wall. All you feel is the vibration of the speakers going “OONST OONST OONST OONST”  The rhythm is intoxicating.  I cannot go a day without listening to music. On the way to work. On the way home. While doing homework. At least one headphone is on. I swear in my former life, I was a musician or something. I guess it really does run in the family(my mother’s played bass guitar but that’s another story) and we’re moving along…..

My Fall Favorites:


From Time- Drake feat. Jhene Aiko

Natural’s Not In It-Gang of Four

Swerve-Sage The Gemini

Hell Yeah Fucking Right(HYFR)-Drake feat. Lil Wayne

Marble Floors(Thugli Bootleg)-French Montana

Show Me-Kid Ink feat. Chris Brown

Boneless-Steve Aoki feat. Chris Lake & Tujamo

Let Me Bang-Salva & Brenmar

Love Don’t Live Here-Meek Mill

Inside Me(Roska Remix)-MA1

Trampoline-Tinie Tempah feat. 2Chainz

Black Horse-Leo Simone

Saturday Night-Richard Leone

Here are some DJs to check out:

DJ. Nate Bluhm

DJ. R-Tistic





OONST! or UNZT! Get your groove on……….


Every 30 Seconds In America……

Don't You Wish That You Could Be A Fly On The Wall?
Don’t You Wish That You Could Be A Fly On The Wall?

Miley Cyrus is still TWERKIN!

Now, I honestly have no problem with Miley Cyrus. However, the performance at the VMA’s was just down right awful. It was an obliteration of her song, Robin Thicke’s song. It was just bad. Why on earth would her team allow her behave like this.

We understand that’s its  rebellion from her “Hannah Montana” image, but c’mon girl, you could do better. We get it that you were doing this for shock value but quite frankly, that’s not who you are.

A few questions: Were you thinking about Liam and his family? Were you thinking about your family? Your fans? Your image? Did you think about the fact that you weren’t wearing an outfit that would enhance your booty?

Bend Ova and Twerk
Bend Ova and Twerk

Why was your tongue out during the entire performance? I mean a lot. I’m sure they kept a fire hydrant in the dressing room.

I totally get it that you were paying an homage to the women of the Robin Thicke video which is why you emerged in a barely nude ensemble. HUNTY, you’ve got to eat a cheeseburger!

The really sad thing about this whole performance is that Drake(Jimmy from Degrassi), Rihanna(who really is nobody to judge) and little Taylor Swift(jump-off), were given a chance  to put their head down in shame on your attempt of a performance!

Wasn’t it enough with your art school reject haircut? The platinum blonde do wasn’t enough for you? Oh well, Nicki Minaj is relevant again.


Miley, I will say “Congratulations”, you succeeded in making Lady Gaga not shocking at all. Lady Gaga seemed like an African-American Methodist Zion Church Choir compared to you. Be Thankful that 2Chainz and Kendrick happened to get on stage and freestyle… thankful…..