There’s Something About…….

Ever meet someone who was just amazingly nice all around? Who could find a friend in everybody? It’s truly one of those beautiful rare phenomenons in the world.I wish I was like that sometimes.  As we become ultra consumed in our own lives and become more and more superficialized(I know this isn’t a legitimate word but I make up words all the time) we forget to take in the people around us and appreciate them for who they are.

I truly never thought I’d find myself in a place like this. A feeling like this. A thought like this. Becoming lost in oneself is one of the scariest things that you can realize has happened to you. Some of us are able to find ourselves with no problems while some of encounter bumps along the way. Does it make you a bad person? Of course not!

Each and everyone is unique and a lot of time I think that we forget that. It’s easy too. You have to take the time to remember what makes you and how special you are.

We’re all a work in a progress. Our goals and dreams in life are different. What’s so bad about that? There’s always a rainbow…..

What Do Rainbows Mean To You?
What Do Rainbows Mean To You?

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There Has To Be A Prescription For Your Disease?…….

Diddy Knows Best!
Diddy Knows Best!

Remember the show that Sean “Puff Daddy aka P.Diddy” Combs had called Making the Band? Remember the season where he called out the potentials on having too much “B*tchassness“?

Well, I never watched the show or saw this episode but I remember loving the word. Somebody’s doing something to piss you off “Stop the b*tchassness” or they do something in a backstabbing way “Why did you do that? That’s a whole a lot of b*tchassness right there!”. The word should be developed into a GIF emoticon, where the icon is looking at you cross for just a minute and then backhand slaps you twice. There is a point to this story but I’m setting the emotion for you.

No Fugaze
No Fugaze

Everyone has an ego. That’s just a known fact in life. When the ego is hurt that person is hurt. I walk around with an extremely big ego but it’s always in good fun. I don’t try to intentionally hurt other people’s feelings or do something backhanded by behind their back. That’s a slap in the face! Don’t you think? I mean we’ve all been there and I’ve done it and I’m sure you have and so as Suzy Q.

I don’t think I necessarily care anymore exactly now that I’ve had time to think about it a little more. Ever look at someone and realize they are “Fake as f*cking April’s Fools Day” and then everything that they have done and will continue to do makes a lot of sense actually.

I despise fake people and I think the older I get it seems as though they keep following me and surrounding themselves around me. I don’t project myself as a fake person at all. I have no problem admitting my faults. They are not the best traits but at least I can’t admit them. That’s not fake. I guess however in life, I probably should learn to act like a backstabbing brown-nosing person and then I won’t even have to be bothered. I should do all the things that I don’t believe to get the perks. The key to life and happiness finally makes sense. So glad I realized this now at 27.

So how do you deal with “BitchAssNess” in your life?  What is your definition of the word?


Cause There’s Beauty In The Breakdown……

I didn’t see the movie Garden State, primarily for the reason of my dislike for Zach Braff. However, I’ve heard this song “Let Go” by Frou Frou on many occasions. For some reason, on Tuesday night, I randomly heard it again. It caught my attention in a weird way, then last night when listening to the song, it just really took me by surprise in the most intense way. Have you ever had a song just do that to you? You don’t understand why but it just speaks to you on so many levels and you are ok with that?

That’s what this song did. I’m able to find emotion in music. I’m at that weird point in life at the moment where I’m going forward, yet I still feel far behind. I’m ready for that change but I’m scared to take it. I’m scared to just jump into it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it “I hate change” but watching those around me go forward it makes me realize that I’ll never know unless I do it. It’s ok to be scared, that is one of the things that makes it fun. If you aren’t scared, nervous, or excited there’s no point in it. You won’t learn a lesson from it, am I right? It seems like I’m really leaving this retrograde state and growing up. Back on track, which is good. Leaving the old behind and going forward with the new. I think that’s what this song is really all about.

Now I kind of want to see Garden State, just to see if I envisioned this song correctly.