Faux Real, Can I Talk To You For Just A Minute?

Couldn’t Get Michael Kors……….

Cover Me In Furs…Make This Boy Purr….Drop Diamonds On Me Daddy…..Let Me Drive Yo Caddy!!

Fur is one of the most luxurious items that a person can own. Whether real or faux, you have to admit when you see someone rocking a quality piece down the street, it almost makes you a little envious? You get a little jealous, right? It is only natural. Fur is just one of those things that at least make me say DAAAAAAAAAAAYUM!!!!!

When I say fur, I don’t mean furs from like Kaufmann’s Furs, or the fur shops out in Aspen or Vail. I mean the trendier furs that you might see at like Scoop NYC! They have this gorgeous Helmut Lang, it is to die for! The asymmetry of this is amazing. The way it drapes the models body but still has power and structure. YES! Thank YOU!

Adrienne Landau…..Down by the Sea Shore..

Adrienne Landau really knows how to maneuver her colors around to create the perfect pieces of amazement. It’s stunning and flawless the way she sees the colors and how to compliment each other for each vest, jacket or even home furnishing.

So I absolutely love fur. Faux or Real doesn’t bother me either way and yes I still love animals. However, I really prefer real fur. Something about the touch, the feel, the way it looks unless your paying $3500k and up for a faux fur, in which case I’d look at like an idiot with my head cut off.

And I don’t want to look like the tacky gay boy that throws on a fur vest because I’m here and I’m queer. I want to throw on a fur vest beause it ignites a sensuality in the person who is wearing it. They hug the body just right make theme of the whole look just melts together against the curves of the body to bring out the life of the piece.

Fur Fur Fur!! Er’body!!!!!! The only problem is I don’t want to look like a tacky hot mess. So when I wear the piece I decide to get, I have to own it! You should own it when you wear it too! No literally, jail is probably not a cool place to go …….