Turning 30

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I know I’ve only been 30 for about 17 days, 10 hours and 45 minutes, however, I think that gives me a little authority on the subject.

Everybody tells you that it isn’t bad turning 30. In fact, they go one step further and say it’s like any other birthday. That’s a boldface lie. It’s slightly different because now you happen your an official adult. No more milestone birthdays to make transition through decades easier. Ethan Hawke, Growing up, old, 30

All jokes aside though turning 30 wasn’t as bad as I had envisioned. It was totally fine. If your definition is crying at weird moments throughout the weekend then it was totally fine. Not only did I cry during “Sing Street”, I cried at dinner, I cried after dinner before bed, I cried the following morning and I’m sure I cried some more. I’m placing blame on the new moon and Saturn’s retrograde.

New Lessons: Things I Learned In My 20s

  1. It’s going to hurt. You will cry. It’s an excuse to buy shoes. Don’t let heartbreak harden your heart. Just because you like that person today, doesn’t mean you will in a few months. Have fun but try with caution. If you happen to find your soul mate, good for you. Every failed relationship is a way to look at yourself and see what it is you want and how to go about seeking it in positive ways.

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    Gretchen was actually really fetch about this
  2. You have to fail just once at something. If you fail, “Dust yourself off and try again.” -Aaliyah. Failure is one of the greatest teachers we can learn from. I’ve had my share of failures and it took a long time to finally come to a place where I’m okay with them. Without those failures, I don’t think I’d appreciate the lessons I’ve learned in the past few years. Check your ego at the door. patrick dempsey, can't buy me love, amanda petersen, 80s, movies, love, paula abdul
  3. The family you choose is a wonderful thing. People come into your life at particular moment, sometimes they leave at particular moments. As you grow older, you want people in your group that are supportive, have similar ideals as yourself. You don’t have to be friends with everyone. It’s not satisfying. Some of these friends, you’ve shared tough and happy times with. Don’t take them for granted.
  4. Time waits for no one. It’s precious. Learn it. Live it. Love it. No, I mean that. If people want to throw their bad energy into the harmony your trying to create, it’s really okay to walk away from those situations. You are in charge of your life and happiness. Your boss was fine before your arrival and he’ll be fine after your departure. However, if it comes to friendships, you should grow a set of balls and learn to talk about the issues before throwing away friendships. Communicate before you eradicate.

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    Really though?
  5. You start to appreciate yourself more than you thought you did. Spending time alone doesn’t bother you as much. Learning new hobbies actually seems like a fun idea. In an ideal world, the more we knew who we are and the more we love ourselves, the more you start to live life.
      Jasmine guy, school daze, spike lee, fingers snapping, 30s, growing oldI know myself!
  6. You never stop learning. People are always evolving. You come to a point where you realize, nobody really knows how to do this called “Adulting.” It’s just everybody trying to find their own path and dealing with the bumps along the way.
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    This is life.

    In essence, it’s not bad turning 30. A little scary because no two paths are alike. Keep making new mistakes, living when you can, creating memories and you’ll move forward.

    Nothing a sheet mask and a glass of wine can’t fix, right?

London 2015

“There is nowhere else like London. Nothing at all, anywhere.” – Vivienne Westwood

I completely agree with that statement. If you haven’t been, it’s definitely a place to put on the list of places to visit. I was extremely fortunate and am forever grateful for the chance to have gone recently to London and get a taste of what this amazing city has to offer!

You could say that I’m difficult when it comes to food. Very difficult. However, being in a new country it really was exciting to try new culinary dishes that I might not try on my own. You know what? I actually enjoyed it too!

It was really difficult to get back on the plane to come back home but you honestly know where life is going to take you….so until next time London!


Valuable Lesons In Life: The World According To Karl Lagerfeld

What Would Karl Lagerfeld Say?
What Would Karl Lagerfeld Say?

“The minute you think the past was better, your present becomes secondhand and you become vintage, it’s OK for clothes, not that great for people.”–Karl Lagerfeld

Honestly, I could learn every valuable lesson about life and apply it to any situation if I read “The World According To Karl” and that’s a fact. There’s a quote for every possible thing as told in a rather matter of fact way. I understand his bitchiness. I understand.

Sometimes taking a step back is taking a step forward
Sometimes taking a step back is taking a step forward

I learned a few valuable lessons while pressing “pause” and taking a hiatus. That I cannot take a hiatus because I get bored. I don’t regret anything because all things happen for a reason. I learned that lesson that it’s OK to actually to do what I want in life because it’s my life and nobody has to live it but me.

Friends For Life
Friends For Life

One of my best friends who I’ve been friends with since I was 16 just turned 30. We’re born 2 years and 2 months apart on the same day. Crazy.  As I get older and learn lessons and actually apply them, it’s a great feeling. Now, I think the most important lesson on the agenda to learn before 30 is “How To Drive A Car”, that’ll be interesting!

We're getting old.
We’re getting old. 12 years and some new friends later…


Another valuable lesson is to always give your potential new people in your life an audition. It’s like trying on clothes but you try them out on social media sites and if it doesn’t mesh. BYE, FELICIA!

Somebody could have told me my shirt was not tucked!

For A Season……For A Reason

Friends are a lot like clothing. Best friends are there forever like that sweatshirt you lounge around in every season with your mud masque and hair tied up cleaning the house. People you know are there for a season, kind of like mass-produced clothing that  you find in the stores that changes every two weeks.

I have more clothing then I actually wear . I have more shoes than I actually wear . I know who my true friends are. I know who my seasonal friends are. As I was getting my items ready for donating, I got to thinking, is it time to clean house with my friends? How many of friends actually take the time to actually care about me like I care about them? So why not clean house?

The best friendships in life are the kind when you have those periods of constant communication, constant contact and then you have those periods of distance but as soon as you reconnect, it’s as if nothing was ever missing. I like those a lot. It’s not overwhelming, you don’t feel like your being smothered. It’s an organic and natural cycle.I do think that seasonal friends are sometimes needed. However, as I get older, I realize that seasons change and I prefer my seasons to have a little more longevity.

It makes it hard to know which items to get rid of and which items that I really find are worth keeping close to me. That’s the great thing about life. Letting go one, to make room for another. When it comes to my shoes, that’ll take some time to figure that out.


Something For Your Friends Contest

Do you have friends? Are your friends my friends? This contest could be for you…..

Summer is over but who says you can’t still have fun?!?! Fall is just as pretty. Fall is just as fun. SO WHY NOT CELEBRATE ALL THAT FALL HAS TO OFFER?!?!

Random Factoid About Your’s Truly:

  • I have a best friend. I have another best friend. Another best friend. And another best friend. Lot’s of best friends.
  • I don’t drive. Neither does that one. Nor that one. Well that one does but work with me here.
  • We haven’t spent quality time in forever!!! BOO!

So here ya go. October is October shenanigans Month. What does that mean do you ask?

  • America’s Horror Theme Park also known as Spooky World(oooh SKURRY)
  • Apple Picking
  • Pumpkin Carving
  • SALEM, MA(witch hunting)
  • Ouija Board Nights
  • Halloween Party and It Ain’t Tricking If You Got It or Treating

You’re probably asking yourself “How can I be a part of this? How can I make these dreams a reality?”

Drive us around. Open doors. Throw the red carpet out.



I miss my friends

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Disclaimer: This was strictly just a post to reiterate to my friends how much I adore them. Love them. Miss them. Appreciate them in my life. They are amazing. It’s hard to find friends that you get along with. LOVE YOU GUYS!

What would you do for your friends? Or a Klondike bar?

55 Miles From Home!!!!

Well the song is actually “25 Miles From Home” by Edwin Starr, a great song. I love it. Download it you’ll love it to! Moving on……


4th of July happens once a year. Every 365 days there’s a 4th of July. We celebrate the birth of our nation. America became Independent! Celebrate. Rejoice. Have yourself a cocktail during the day at 10:15am….It’s alright!

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So that’s what I did! 55 miles from Boston lies this quaint little town called Manchester. My coworker decided to have a shindig. Went to Michael’s pool party girl. I was there at 10:15!!!

It was a fun day.I tried SkinnyGirl Margarita for the first time. It was good. Very refreshing. I highly recommend if you haven’t tried it.

It was a great time with great people celebrating Twerkapendence Day! Jenna, Bianca and I tried to Twerk it in the water but apparently we aren’t Kim Kardashian donkalicious(there’s always next year though) but overall it was a great time with great friends.

How did you celebrate?

Incase you were wondering the shirt is vintage from this store in Provincetown called “Cherry”

Naomi Campbell Wished Me A Happy Birthday….

If somebody told me that I would be sitting in a Dodge Caravan while eating McDonald’s listening to Quiet Storm radio with a guy named Ramon driving me from Boston to Framingham while going from May 5 to May 6. I would have said “No, you’re crazy!!”

When you can't get into the club...get McDonald's
When you can’t get into the club…get McDonald’s

Did I mention that I was crying hysterically while eating a Quarter Pounder, 4 piece nuggets, large and medium fry with a sweet tea? Well, I was!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDRAE!!!!

My BFF Naomi wished me a happy birthday on Twitter
My BFF Naomi wished me a happy birthday on Twitter

I feel as though since turning 25, every birthday has been nothing but a failure of epic proportions. However, i can look back it at and laugh but it’s still annoying. It all started with a trip that was supposed to be but didn’t happen. Then when the trip was going to work out, It ended up being for the better that I didn’t go(Did I learn responsibility?). How I regret taking the responsible road!

I tried a beer
I tried a beer

My birthday fell on an a Monday which sucked. Totally fucktarded. I spent it with a friend of mine, who totally dropped the meal that he cooked for me. He seemed to have forgotten it was my birthday. So what did I end up eating? Sweet potato fries and JP Licks Ice Cream. I did however the next day at work get a really good and delicious Peanut Butter Ganache or something another from my coworkers….thanks Ini. I did TREAT MYSELF to a good french toast breakfast at Francesca’s.


Fast Forward to the weekend. I knew that nobody could go out because it was Mother’s Day. That was fine. The next weekend was CONTROVERSY. You know the night that caused me to enter the Twerk Contest. I made an invite on Facebook.

I was absolutely positively estastic. I went to the local store that carries tons of fake hair cause sometimes a brotha just wants to put some weave in his hairline.Excitement through my veins!!! Let’s talk about the epic proportion of fail that this was. ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS TWERK!!!! I actually was practicing in my living room how to do get on my forearms and do it upside down. I practiced when I could. Saturday comes around and do you think we went. NOPE! 5 people responded. Don’t act like you didn’t see the Facebook invite. Thankfully, I have some friends that are nice enough to actually call and say that they couldn’t go. Maybe I’m being a baby about it. Well I am because turning 21 for the 6th time sucks. I feel old. I look old(just kidding….Thanks Botox…not I’m kidding I don’t look old….apparently biege don’t crack). I wanted to see my friends for more than just a coffee at Starbucks or something.

However, it wasn’t a complete bust.Went to work the next day and while I should have went home and did homework,Tyler convinced me to go see Pornochio.A Gold Dust Orphans play,  a local theatre company based out of Boston. I like their plays so it wasn’t like a complete twist of the arms. It was hysterical. It’s their sexualized version of Pinocchio……and the girl who played Pinnochio was so flipping cute!!


  • Didn’t go to Tampa or Miami but went to NYC for a night
  • Didn’t go dancing for my birthday but saw a play instead
  • Crying in a cab at Midnight eating McDonald’s because I couldn’t get into the club because I wasn’t wearing a collared shirt…Well Mr.Bouncer tell me where will I find such shirt at 11:50pm
  • Got into an argument on Mother’s Day and the day after because I wasn’t feeling special at home for my birthday
  • Didn’t do dinner with friends but Bianca bought me lunch from one of my favorite spots
  • I learned responsibility and that SUCKED

This was my birthday month and it sucked…..*fingers crossed* 28 is gonna be SUPER!!!

Incase You Didn’t Know May 6th Is My Birthday!!!!!!

Last week, I went on a thrift store hunt with my co-worker which was a lot of fun. I love The Garment District in Cambridge because they always have a pretty great choice of gently or even brand new things at great prices(If you know what you are looking for). After thrifting we decided to go to Border Cafe in Harvard Sq for Margaritas(4 each actually). The night didn’t stop there because soon after we were at Club Cafe in the South End of Boston. What a fun night!


Thursday, I met up with friends for Carolyn & Georgina. We kept it simple and fun by going to Cheesecake Factory. I love it when you can sit with people and just chit-chat about absolutely nothing or something really intelligent for hours without realizing it. That’s important I think. A lot of people don’t have those types of relationships in their lives but it keeps you sane. You realize what’s important.

On That Samantha Status!
On That Samantha Status!

Sunday night, I reunited with an old friend of mine. Vanessa and I hadn’t seen each other in about 3 years maybe but we clicked right away like the last time we saw each other was the day before. That’s also important to me in friendships, sometimes things drift you apart but then you melt back together again. It’s wonderful being able to have that type of relationship in life. We went to Providence, to this really unique venue Lupos Heartbreak Hotel to see Bassnectar. What an amazing show!!! I’ll be honest, I really hadn’t heard his music until that night, I tried to listen online but ya know how that goes. It was great. We were over dressed but that’s ok. He’s on tour now with Thriftworks and Griz. Griz is awesome, he “plays” the saxophone during certain numbers. I highly recommend seeing this show if you can.

Cause We Can
Cause We Can

My poor friend Danielle misses me immensely. I feel bad, one of the longest friendships that I’ve had. We’ve really have never fought except twice. Once we didn’t talk for 2 weeks and the other time was like 3 days. It’s the one of the few friendships that we’ve seen each other grow and change almost at the same time, like we are the same age and grew up next door to each other. It’s crazy. Love you and don’t worry, when my damn schedule stays the same for longer than 2 hours we will definitely hangout!


That brings me to Wednesday night. Georgina, invited me to StyleFixx Boston, which is a premier shopping event that is held in Boston, New York, Miami, etc. The focus from what I could tell was to giving notice to local brands  that are trying to showcase their items to you in a one stop kind of arena.I made Tyler come with me cause any opportunity to get your name out there is a good opportunity. I met Elissa, a fashion blogger from Boston, absolutely adorable.

Some of the booths that we checked out was Rodan and Fields(the Proactiv founders) skincare booth. I had a posture screening and found out that I will possibly develop a hunch!!! NOOOOO! While scoping out what exactly to do next, Tyler says “Hey, isn’t that your girl?” “Who?” I replied and then I realized he was pointing out Cambridge native former Baywatch Babe TRACI BINGHAM!!!! The first time I saw her was at Style Boston’s Party last year. Sometimes I run into her at 29 Newbury, whether she truly remembers me or not, she’s super sweet and always has a conversation. Her friend Devon is nice to, great sense of style the times that I’ve seen him.

Devon, Andrae and Traci Bingham
Devon, Andrae and Traci Bingham
Couture Boxers
Couture Boxers
Devon, Traci Bingham and Tyler
Devon, Traci Bingham and Tyler

Overall, things are good can’t complain. I wish I didn’t fail the Public Speaking class but then you realize it’s just a FIRST WORLD PROBLEM and you just move on. May 6th is my birthday……can’t wait for that!




Other People’s Children……

I'm Not Into Playing Games With My Friends
I’m Not Into Playing Games With My Friends

I never thought I’d actually continue writing the second half of Unexpected & Dramatic. I thought that was the end of my friendship with girl. After the fiasco with the plane ticket and that there wasn’t an explanation was clear sign to stay away from that train wreck.

The other week, I went on a date with a young fellow. We had talked for a while and decided let’s go out and grab a drink. Which actually turned into a meal because you really can’t just have a drink at 8pm at night when both of you didn’t have dinner. Back Bay Social Club which was formerly known as Vinny T’s on Boylston Boston was the destination.

Back Bay Social Club
Back Bay Social Club

So I’m not sure the exact purpose of the place except more of a twist on comfort foods. To drink, I decided I would order a Bee’s Knee. It’s rather refreshing. I think he had a Manhattan. The bread was good. Looking at the menu, a lot of variety which is never a bad thing to have. On Sunday’s they do a brunch with Chicken & Waffles….you know……

“You have to get the burger! It’s amazing” said my date. “Oh, well I was thinking that anyways.”  which was my reply but the truth is when I can’t figure out what I’m going to eat I always just go with a big slab of ground beef in a bun and call it a day.

The burgers came. I must say, the size of it is enormous. I couldn’t cut it in half, I couldn’t pick it up. Eating a burger on a first date is a MUST-NOT!! I bite into my burger and who would have known it was colder than this past winter in Boston. I was immediately turned off and ate my fries in a bag. We continued to have great conversation as we got full. No dessert necessary, so we walked to Back Bay Station. 10:00pm at Back Bay Station he realized he forgot his credit card at the restaurant. “Do you want to walk with me?”  with puppy dog eyes I was asked this question. I really had no choice since, I didn’t have to pay for dinner. FYI….Don’t take the chance walking from Neiman’s to Boylston through the mall and back…It’s a wrap at that point. We said our so long, fare well, see you next time.

So I’m sitting on the train and all the sudden I look down at my phone, I’m getting a text from Little Miss Florida! In my mind, this scene from American Beauty kept playing. You know the scene where they told Mena Suvari she couldn’t be a model.

Now We're Talking
Now We’re Talking

Why you were so adamant about not talking to me? Not returning my text and now after I’ve stressed myself into a silly about my birthday which I shouldn’t have to stress about you. You want to text me and not even bring up the fact that you almost ruined my birthday. MY BIRTHDAY!!!! The text was something like “Omg! These girls are Swayze need to move before kick them in the vag”

There’s no need for people to live that delusional of an existence. To think that kind of behavior is acceptable. Whatever though, as my friend would say “Other People’s Children”


The date happened March 27th….fast forward to April 3rd. Just out curiosity, I asked “Where in Tampa can I stay without a car but be close to things?”…..”Stay at the Marriot at the airport in Clearwater. There’s a shuttle”………Like had I been in her face, I probably would throw her phone to the ground. Again, I’m over it.

You know I’ll keep you posted…………

Unexpected & Dramatic…..

“Drama is life with the dull parts left out” Alfred Hitchcock

I'm Not Mad
I’m Not Mad

Through the many years of my life I’ve become friends with many people. I truly value all my friendships as I’ve stated before. Friendship means a lot to me because there aren’t many people in the world that you are able to feel a level of comfort. Whether you’ve become friends with people on social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter, they are people who you share a common interest with. That being said, we’ll move on to the real topic at hand.

I will leave the person unmentioned…..we will call her Person X.

Person X and i have been friends for about 8 years. We met years ago on myspace.com in this group called “Spoiled Bitches”….thanks to another friend, who I’m actually still friends with. SC is awesome by the way. SC and Person X actually didn’t get along and that should have been a red flag to steer clears years ago but who would have thought. Person X and I remained friends talked almost daily, we used Skype, text,etc. We were friends.

When person X invited me to stay in their home multiple times, I never saw that as a problem. We knew each other. I knew about the guys she would sleep with that she met on YouTube, the relationships she had been in and whatever else in life was going on. So finally I decided, Why the fuck not!. I wanted to get away and go on vacation, so I figured why not check out the area she lived in. I bought my plane ticket and was ready to go.

“Will you do my hair? i want red ombre!” “i cant wait for you to come down.omgz! Lolz! We’re gonna get drunk everyday and go on the beach! I cant wait” These were the text that I was receiving from this person. 10:04pm, I received a text “Actually, I don’t know if you should come down. I don’t know you. I’m sorry it’s just not a good idea. Sorry” My heart kind of sank but more for the fact that like really if you felt this way now, you felt that way to begin with and why my taste time.

This Is My Advice To Person X
This Is My Advice To Person X

I tried to contact the Sour Apple Bitter Bitch the other day to see if maybe she wanted to talk and to my surprised she didn’t respond. That’s honestly okay because it shows me what kind of person she really is. To suddenly end even a friendship that is online for the most part and end it out of the blue, that’s alright.Thinking back on it if anyone were to pull a stunt like that it should have been me because she was downright crazy sometimes. No use to cry over spilled milk though unless you aren’t the one to clean it up.

So now my birthday vacation in May has turned into me desperately seeking a new destination which was found. A vacation buddy which, I am accepting applications for a vacation buddy. Just a short paragraph on “Why You Would Make The Best Vacation Buddy For Dre” Regardless it will be an adventure and without unexpected drama, it would not be “Just another day in the life of Dre”

Check It Out:

Fashionhaus Hotel This is actually where I’m going to stay in Miami. Unless I find a really cute place on airbnb.com.

Lords This was actually the first choice. When traveling, especially alone I prefer the comforts of staying somewhere that is LGBT friendly. I