Press Pause

New and Improved Dre
New and Improving Dre

One of my really good friends told me that I should take the month of November and press pause on life. It sounded like such a great idea. I tried to press pause. However, my version of pause is probably not the pause that he was talking about. I think he meant to sit and reflect, turn off all electronics and focus on certain aspects of my life. What I did instead was create my version of pause and that was probably fast forward to the max!


I literally went from New York to Boston to Los Angeles to Boston and back to New York. I went on multiple interviews, met with multiple people in various industries to figure out what it is that I like. I thank the people who I met with so far and appreciate them helping me with this journey of self-discovery. Nothing short of epic. I am so thankful to have been able to catch up with old friends and this past weekend I was able to meet up with a friend of mine that I’ve literally known since we were 16 during the days of aim.

He remembers that we talked on dial-up, I don’t remember it being dial but you never know. It was awesome. It was great. I’ve found a new home and I want it to be Los Angeles. It’s a city that is so different from what I know on the East Coast. I think that it could be great and if not, I can always come home but I’m at an age where I need to take chances. Baby steps are great but sometimes taking a chance is what is going to propel you to the next level in life…….I hate taking pictures but I took some pictures…..

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Just a little bit of what I’ve been up to since November. I can’t wait to actually take some time and press pause……

How do you press pause?


Other People’s Children……

I'm Not Into Playing Games With My Friends
I’m Not Into Playing Games With My Friends

I never thought I’d actually continue writing the second half of Unexpected & Dramatic. I thought that was the end of my friendship with girl. After the fiasco with the plane ticket and that there wasn’t an explanation was clear sign to stay away from that train wreck.

The other week, I went on a date with a young fellow. We had talked for a while and decided let’s go out and grab a drink. Which actually turned into a meal because you really can’t just have a drink at 8pm at night when both of you didn’t have dinner. Back Bay Social Club which was formerly known as Vinny T’s on Boylston Boston was the destination.

Back Bay Social Club
Back Bay Social Club

So I’m not sure the exact purpose of the place except more of a twist on comfort foods. To drink, I decided I would order a Bee’s Knee. It’s rather refreshing. I think he had a Manhattan. The bread was good. Looking at the menu, a lot of variety which is never a bad thing to have. On Sunday’s they do a brunch with Chicken & Waffles….you know……

“You have to get the burger! It’s amazing” said my date. “Oh, well I was thinking that anyways.”  which was my reply but the truth is when I can’t figure out what I’m going to eat I always just go with a big slab of ground beef in a bun and call it a day.

The burgers came. I must say, the size of it is enormous. I couldn’t cut it in half, I couldn’t pick it up. Eating a burger on a first date is a MUST-NOT!! I bite into my burger and who would have known it was colder than this past winter in Boston. I was immediately turned off and ate my fries in a bag. We continued to have great conversation as we got full. No dessert necessary, so we walked to Back Bay Station. 10:00pm at Back Bay Station he realized he forgot his credit card at the restaurant. “Do you want to walk with me?”  with puppy dog eyes I was asked this question. I really had no choice since, I didn’t have to pay for dinner. FYI….Don’t take the chance walking from Neiman’s to Boylston through the mall and back…It’s a wrap at that point. We said our so long, fare well, see you next time.

So I’m sitting on the train and all the sudden I look down at my phone, I’m getting a text from Little Miss Florida! In my mind, this scene from American Beauty kept playing. You know the scene where they told Mena Suvari she couldn’t be a model.

Now We're Talking
Now We’re Talking

Why you were so adamant about not talking to me? Not returning my text and now after I’ve stressed myself into a silly about my birthday which I shouldn’t have to stress about you. You want to text me and not even bring up the fact that you almost ruined my birthday. MY BIRTHDAY!!!! The text was something like “Omg! These girls are Swayze need to move before kick them in the vag”

There’s no need for people to live that delusional of an existence. To think that kind of behavior is acceptable. Whatever though, as my friend would say “Other People’s Children”


The date happened March 27th….fast forward to April 3rd. Just out curiosity, I asked “Where in Tampa can I stay without a car but be close to things?”…..”Stay at the Marriot at the airport in Clearwater. There’s a shuttle”………Like had I been in her face, I probably would throw her phone to the ground. Again, I’m over it.

You know I’ll keep you posted…………

Unexpected & Dramatic…..

“Drama is life with the dull parts left out” Alfred Hitchcock

I'm Not Mad
I’m Not Mad

Through the many years of my life I’ve become friends with many people. I truly value all my friendships as I’ve stated before. Friendship means a lot to me because there aren’t many people in the world that you are able to feel a level of comfort. Whether you’ve become friends with people on social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter, they are people who you share a common interest with. That being said, we’ll move on to the real topic at hand.

I will leave the person unmentioned…..we will call her Person X.

Person X and i have been friends for about 8 years. We met years ago on in this group called “Spoiled Bitches”….thanks to another friend, who I’m actually still friends with. SC is awesome by the way. SC and Person X actually didn’t get along and that should have been a red flag to steer clears years ago but who would have thought. Person X and I remained friends talked almost daily, we used Skype, text,etc. We were friends.

When person X invited me to stay in their home multiple times, I never saw that as a problem. We knew each other. I knew about the guys she would sleep with that she met on YouTube, the relationships she had been in and whatever else in life was going on. So finally I decided, Why the fuck not!. I wanted to get away and go on vacation, so I figured why not check out the area she lived in. I bought my plane ticket and was ready to go.

“Will you do my hair? i want red ombre!” “i cant wait for you to come down.omgz! Lolz! We’re gonna get drunk everyday and go on the beach! I cant wait” These were the text that I was receiving from this person. 10:04pm, I received a text “Actually, I don’t know if you should come down. I don’t know you. I’m sorry it’s just not a good idea. Sorry” My heart kind of sank but more for the fact that like really if you felt this way now, you felt that way to begin with and why my taste time.

This Is My Advice To Person X
This Is My Advice To Person X

I tried to contact the Sour Apple Bitter Bitch the other day to see if maybe she wanted to talk and to my surprised she didn’t respond. That’s honestly okay because it shows me what kind of person she really is. To suddenly end even a friendship that is online for the most part and end it out of the blue, that’s alright.Thinking back on it if anyone were to pull a stunt like that it should have been me because she was downright crazy sometimes. No use to cry over spilled milk though unless you aren’t the one to clean it up.

So now my birthday vacation in May has turned into me desperately seeking a new destination which was found. A vacation buddy which, I am accepting applications for a vacation buddy. Just a short paragraph on “Why You Would Make The Best Vacation Buddy For Dre” Regardless it will be an adventure and without unexpected drama, it would not be “Just another day in the life of Dre”

Check It Out:

Fashionhaus Hotel This is actually where I’m going to stay in Miami. Unless I find a really cute place on

Lords This was actually the first choice. When traveling, especially alone I prefer the comforts of staying somewhere that is LGBT friendly. I

A Memory Isn’t A Thousand Words…….

It’s truly a memory and we’re suppose to cherish that moment!

For some reason this year, maybe it’s because the end of the year is coming to a close but I am finding myself reminiscing of the New Year Eve’s parties that I used to attend in middle school at a fellow classmates house. Matt used to throw awesome parties, our middle school was small so it was easy enough to pretty much invite everyone. Everyone got a long that went, it was nice. We thought we were pretty bad-ass, we would walk to the high school near his house, walk to the grocery store, go back to his house, stay up late and it was just innocent fun.

Unfortunately, as we have gotten older, we’ve all have lost touch with each other. The middle school was small and I bet you I could name all the children in the middle school from the 6th grade to 8th grade, BOTH YEARS!!!!! That I attended anyways. My best friend Kelly at the time of middle school and I was practically inseparable, we hung out, she introduced me to her friends outside of the school and we were “The Cool Kids” in our school…..despite the fact that the 8th grade graduating class was only like 8 of us total, WE OWNED IT. Out of the blue today, I saw a Facebook message from her and I wasn’t sure if it was typical Facebook spam but I opened it. This is what I saw:

Kelly and Andrae
Kelly and Andrae

When I saw this picture, I burst out into laughter. I looked so young, she looked so young. I remember all the fun times that we all had in middle school. I remember the mean things we did to classmates, the jokes, the times we all sort of fought, it brought back a youthful innocent. Definitely more than a 1000 words, the feeling that I feel as I write this is just one of happiness. You don’t realize until you look back at a picture how much people mean to you or even how much certain people made such a lasting impression on your life. The really crazy thing, I haven’t seen any of the kids from middle school since I graduated and went to my first year of high school. OH MY GOD!!!, I just realized that I started high school in 2000!!! That makes it that much of a real thing to me, 12 years have gone by. That’s crazy, however everyone seems  fine which is the important thing. Maybe one day we’ll have that New Covenant Christian School reunion. I believe the school is now defunct, but the memories will stay for sure.

I don’t know why I started thinking about those parties at Matt’s house lately, I think in part that those were the best NYE’s that I’ve ever had. Togetherness in a setting that wasn’t overwhelming. As we grow older, we realize what’s important to us. I realized that I truly love every friend that I have ever had, they mean so much to me, whether you seem them all the time or too much, they’re your friends. When seeing this picture I laughed out loud cause I remember I was at Kelly’s house and we looked at Abercrombie catalogs together when we were actually supposed to be making a gingerbread house….Oops! Show me a picture of me in 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade, etc…..I can recite those memories like the credit card and in vivid detail. Life’s amazing like that and you have to cherish it. One day you realize……