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Diddy Knows Best!
Diddy Knows Best!

Remember the show that Sean “Puff Daddy aka P.Diddy” Combs had called Making the Band? Remember the season where he called out the potentials on having too much “B*tchassness“?

Well, I never watched the show or saw this episode but I remember loving the word. Somebody’s doing something to piss you off “Stop the b*tchassness” or they do something in a backstabbing way “Why did you do that? That’s a whole a lot of b*tchassness right there!”. The word should be developed into a GIF emoticon, where the icon is looking at you cross for just a minute and then backhand slaps you twice. There is a point to this story but I’m setting the emotion for you.

No Fugaze
No Fugaze

Everyone has an ego. That’s just a known fact in life. When the ego is hurt that person is hurt. I walk around with an extremely big ego but it’s always in good fun. I don’t try to intentionally hurt other people’s feelings or do something backhanded by behind their back. That’s a slap in the face! Don’t you think? I mean we’ve all been there and I’ve done it and I’m sure you have and so as Suzy Q.

I don’t think I necessarily care anymore exactly now that I’ve had time to think about it a little more. Ever look at someone and realize they are “Fake as f*cking April’s Fools Day” and then everything that they have done and will continue to do makes a lot of sense actually.

I despise fake people and I think the older I get it seems as though they keep following me and surrounding themselves around me. I don’t project myself as a fake person at all. I have no problem admitting my faults. They are not the best traits but at least I can’t admit them. That’s not fake. I guess however in life, I probably should learn to act like a backstabbing brown-nosing person and then I won’t even have to be bothered. I should do all the things that I don’t believe to get the perks. The key to life and happiness finally makes sense. So glad I realized this now at 27.

So how do you deal with “BitchAssNess” in your life?  What is your definition of the word?


Unexpected & Dramatic…..

“Drama is life with the dull parts left out” Alfred Hitchcock

I'm Not Mad
I’m Not Mad

Through the many years of my life I’ve become friends with many people. I truly value all my friendships as I’ve stated before. Friendship means a lot to me because there aren’t many people in the world that you are able to feel a level of comfort. Whether you’ve become friends with people on social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter, they are people who you share a common interest with. That being said, we’ll move on to the real topic at hand.

I will leave the person unmentioned…..we will call her Person X.

Person X and i have been friends for about 8 years. We met years ago on in this group called “Spoiled Bitches”….thanks to another friend, who I’m actually still friends with. SC is awesome by the way. SC and Person X actually didn’t get along and that should have been a red flag to steer clears years ago but who would have thought. Person X and I remained friends talked almost daily, we used Skype, text,etc. We were friends.

When person X invited me to stay in their home multiple times, I never saw that as a problem. We knew each other. I knew about the guys she would sleep with that she met on YouTube, the relationships she had been in and whatever else in life was going on. So finally I decided, Why the fuck not!. I wanted to get away and go on vacation, so I figured why not check out the area she lived in. I bought my plane ticket and was ready to go.

“Will you do my hair? i want red ombre!” “i cant wait for you to come down.omgz! Lolz! We’re gonna get drunk everyday and go on the beach! I cant wait” These were the text that I was receiving from this person. 10:04pm, I received a text “Actually, I don’t know if you should come down. I don’t know you. I’m sorry it’s just not a good idea. Sorry” My heart kind of sank but more for the fact that like really if you felt this way now, you felt that way to begin with and why my taste time.

This Is My Advice To Person X
This Is My Advice To Person X

I tried to contact the Sour Apple Bitter Bitch the other day to see if maybe she wanted to talk and to my surprised she didn’t respond. That’s honestly okay because it shows me what kind of person she really is. To suddenly end even a friendship that is online for the most part and end it out of the blue, that’s alright.Thinking back on it if anyone were to pull a stunt like that it should have been me because she was downright crazy sometimes. No use to cry over spilled milk though unless you aren’t the one to clean it up.

So now my birthday vacation in May has turned into me desperately seeking a new destination which was found. A vacation buddy which, I am accepting applications for a vacation buddy. Just a short paragraph on “Why You Would Make The Best Vacation Buddy For Dre” Regardless it will be an adventure and without unexpected drama, it would not be “Just another day in the life of Dre”

Check It Out:

Fashionhaus Hotel This is actually where I’m going to stay in Miami. Unless I find a really cute place on

Lords This was actually the first choice. When traveling, especially alone I prefer the comforts of staying somewhere that is LGBT friendly. I