How to Have an Open Relationship Minus the Drama

We all go through periods in our lives when being in a committed relationship is much too complicated for our lifestyle. Yes, being involved in a passionate relationship can be enjoyable and life altering, but it can also be complex and disastrous, causing unnecessary stress and drama. Throw in your career, school, family, and friends and you’re stretching yourself very thin.

6713Therefore, being in a deep relationship may not be the best move. Many of us seek serious relationships or remain in unhealthy ones due to our need for intimacy and sex. You don’t need to be committed to someone to have fulfilling sexual gratification and an intimate bond with another person. By engaging in a casual relationship, you get the best of both worlds. And, if you play it right, you can avoid the drama that comes with traditional relationships.

So how do you pull off a friends with benefits situation without anyone getting hurt? Here are some tips to have a healthy and safe no strings attached affair.

Be Open and Honest

Honesty is key to any healthy relationship
Honesty is key to any healthy relationship

Lies and deception can ruin any relationship, particularly those involving sex, so be upfront with your partner about your intentions from the start. If you aren’t looking for anything serious or long term, but your potential sex buddy is, make sure you discuss this with him or her before you even think of getting it on.

If you two can’t reach an understanding then it’s best to move to the next one, because catching feelings can lead to complications. If you’re sleeping with other people, it’s best to disclose this information as well. This way your bed mates know what’s going on and can decide if this situation works for them. It also can help ensure the health of everyone involved.

Be Safe

Whether you have a steady fuck buddy (or five), you must wrap it up each and every time you have sex of any kind, including oral. Using a condom or dental dam when you’re exchanging head can be a drag, but it’s a must if you’re involved in an open relationship. Besides condoms, don’t forget to use lubrication if you’re engaging in anal sex because it can cause anal tearing leaving you even more susceptible to STDs. And there are a ton of options out there, including those that are flavored, water-based, strictly for anal use, and so on. And once you know which type, Adam & Eve makes it easier to narrow down which one to buy because they list all the information you’d need to know about the lubes. Not only that, but they come with customer reviews, too, so you can see which one will work best for you and your partner.

Most importantly, remember to get yourself tested regularly. Also, encourage anyone you’re bedding—or looking to bed—to do the same. Discussing your status and STDs when you’re in a serious relationship is tough enough, but talking about this with someone you just met on Swurve can be even more difficult and awkward. Luckily, there are many tips out there for how to have the status convo with your partner.

Know When to Call it Quits

As the saying goes, “all good things must come to an end,” and this is typically the case for friends with benefits relationships. Of course there are some that evolve into long-lasting, serious relationships, but most wither and die. While you shouldn’t try to predict the expiration date of your casual situation, keep in mind that it’s fleeting and focus on having fun.


Obsession Confession: Glowing Skin

There is no greater feeling than that of a glowing complexion. However, some people are not naturally blessed with perfect skin. A lot of the time, I struggle with finding the right combination of products to produce that “natural glow” that others have.

One of the things that I learned to do at an early age was the art of giving myself an at home facial treatment. I have problematic skin due to the fact that my facial hair grows in curly and if I’m in the middle of life’s natural stress, well then I break out. Not the best combination as the facial hair grows in. However, you learn to deal right.

I actually bought this one on Amazon from Slice of Nature
I actually bought this one on Amazon from Slice of Nature

One of my friends mentioned that her mother uses Rhassoul Clay and she loves it. I went on a search and it wasn’t until late last week that I actually ordered this famed clay found in Morocco. Rich in minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron it really goes in deep to remove impurities within the skin. I’ve used it twice as a mask this week and I noticed results immediately. Skin felt firmer and looked clearer! Who wouldn’t want that?

Along with my Rhassoul, I ordered GlamGlow. GlamGlow is the new ‘facial in a jar’ used by everyone in Hollywood lately. The YouthMud TinglExfoliate Treatment is absolutely amazing. After using my clay as a cleanser and shaving, I next decided to go deep and get glammed. I applied a very thin layer of GlamGlow, immediately I felt the tingle. Thankfully, there is cucumber and lavender extracts which was great considering they are both healing and calming agents.

Get Your Glam On Today!
Get Your Glam On Today!

Designed to work in 10 minutes, I believe it did just that. I never pay attention to the directs perse and I left it on 12. I noticed a glow. I love it. I recommend it. I thought for sure that my skin would be worse just because of a bad experience with an alpha-hydroxy treatment I bought a few years ago which caused me to go haywire. Red thread back to the story at hand.

Rhassoul Clay Cleanser: 1/3 tablespoon. Mix in a bowl with a bit of water. Apply as a cleanser and rinse well.

Rhassoul Clay Mask- 1 tablespoon. Mix in a bowl to make a paste-like concoction. Apply. Let dry. Rinse well. They say to follow-up with Argan oil or moisturizer.

Let's Glam. Let's Glow.
Let’s Glam. Let’s Glow.

GlamGlow YouthMud TinglExfoliate Treatment- After cleansing skin, apply mask in a thin layer. Obviously you want to avoid your eye area. Allow to sit and dry for 10 minutes. Rinse well. GLOW!

One day if you’re lucky, I’ll teach you my trick to “Bronzed” skin. Has anyone tried the Benzonite Clay?


P.S.- I ordered both on Amazon. $9.99 for my Rhassoul Clay from Slice of Nature. GlamGlow was $37.50 on Amazon. 1.7oz too! Amazon Prime is amazing as well. Enjoy!