Behind The Lace Front: Everyone Secretly Hates Beyonce


Disclaimer: I do not hate Beyonce. However, I go through phases where I find her absolutely intriguing and I can’t get enough. Then there are phases where I’m in utter disgust by the sound of her. It’s neutral at the moment. 

Beyonce this. Beyonce that. Love Beyonce. Hate Beyonce. Fake Bitch. Beautiful Soul. There’s something about her that draws us to her. There’s something about her that makes us hate her with an extreme passion.

"Why Don't They Love Me Momma?"
“Why Don’t They Love Me Momma?”

December 13, Beyonce decided to give us a musical masterpiece. Simply titled “Beyonce” which I haven’t listened to entirely yet. I have my reasons. One of the reasons, there’s nothing that will act as my dance anthem of the winter. Usually she has a song such as “Diva”, “Run The World”, “Crazy In Love”, you get the idea. Her record label decided not to allow her any spending money for promoting this album, so I’ll give her props that it’s getting some recognition for this album. Special guest appearances from Frank Ocean, Drake and Blue Ivy.

She can do no wrong. She’ll snatch your wig and have you saying “Thank You” but what if people really hated Beyonce.

Don't Do This Again
Don’t Do This Again

Reasons To Hate Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter: 

  • Even when she happens to be dressed down, she’s still rocking a light full face and some weave. Would she still be considered flawless without the makeup?
  • Although her version of the Miley haircut was absolutely ridiculous. GIRL, don’t ever take the lace off!
  • Destiny’s Child disbanded because of her. We should have known from jump that it was Beyonce and The Homies. Beyonce had a group and a solo career at the same time. Coincidence much?
  • Sellout? I could understand this one. With earlier albums actually having great(subjective) content that one could associate with, she’s kind of gone down in terms of quality. “You a bad girl and your friends bad too. You got the swag sauce you drippin swagu” Thanks J.Cole
  • Similar to Diana Ross, Beyonce had the look. She had the sound. She had the appeal. While there are other artist with stronger voices, quality material, how do they fit into the equation of making record companies money compared to Bey. However, I think she’s a great entertainter.
  • I’m not gonna rag on her love. When it gets down to it, it’s probably tough. She’s high-profile. She needs someone on her level. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Secretly we hate her. Secretly we love her. Secretly we wish we could be her. I’m sure there are many other reasons that people “hate” on her. These are the ones that I’ve heard time and time again. Like I said though, she’s an amazing entertainer. She keeps you intrigued. She got another 10 years before she’s irrelevant. Or…..

It's Beyonce's World
It’s Beyonce’s World

There is one song I can’t get enough of “Drunk In Love” featuring Jay-Z. Obsessed!




OONST d(._.)b OONST d(._.)b OONST d(._.)b OONST

Standing up against the wall. All you feel is the vibration of the speakers going “OONST OONST OONST OONST”  The rhythm is intoxicating.  I cannot go a day without listening to music. On the way to work. On the way home. While doing homework. At least one headphone is on. I swear in my former life, I was a musician or something. I guess it really does run in the family(my mother’s played bass guitar but that’s another story) and we’re moving along…..

My Fall Favorites:


From Time- Drake feat. Jhene Aiko

Natural’s Not In It-Gang of Four

Swerve-Sage The Gemini

Hell Yeah Fucking Right(HYFR)-Drake feat. Lil Wayne

Marble Floors(Thugli Bootleg)-French Montana

Show Me-Kid Ink feat. Chris Brown

Boneless-Steve Aoki feat. Chris Lake & Tujamo

Let Me Bang-Salva & Brenmar

Love Don’t Live Here-Meek Mill

Inside Me(Roska Remix)-MA1

Trampoline-Tinie Tempah feat. 2Chainz

Black Horse-Leo Simone

Saturday Night-Richard Leone

Here are some DJs to check out:

DJ. Nate Bluhm

DJ. R-Tistic





OONST! or UNZT! Get your groove on……….


Obsession Confession: Guilty Pleasure Music

Click the picture and watch the Queen

Another Obsession Confession: Guilty Pleasure Music,everybody has some. My love for music is kind of ridiculous in a lot of ways. I don’t even listen to the lyrics half the time, if the lyrics are catchy then even better. I listen to music for the pure enjoyment of tuning out the world and just drifting into relaxation.

Twerkin On The Wall
Twerkin On The Wall

I’ve mentioned several times earlier that I love almost every genre of music. I love everything from Deep House, Garage, Dubstep, Trap, Soul, Jazz, Funk(long story behind that one)some country, and more. You name the genre, I’m sure there’s a song that I’ve liked it from that genre.

Here We Go…….

Current Obsession:

Guilty Pleasure Music

Why? What’s So Great?:

The creative juices start to flow and I feel a rebirth. I feel alive. I feel inspired. This guilty pleasure is my SoundCloud. The music that I love to get the party started.

One Minor Flaw:

As Nene Leakes would say, this mix of music on this particular site could be deemed as “Ghetto” or “Hood”, there’s everything from Nicki MInaj, Kystylis, Todd Terje, and much more. So it’s a hodge podge, none of it makes sense but then again neither does my iTunes library……..

So what’s your Guilty Pleasure Music? 


Bend Ova and Twerk: Twerkin’ & Yiken…….

Disclaimer: I love to dance. I was twerkin’ before it became a phenomenon! I love it so much that Thursday after work, I twerked in front of The Taj while waiting for the light to change to Khia “My Neck My Back” 

Don't Drop That Thun Thun
Don’t Drop That Thun Thun

So I was at the bank today making a deposit and I walked into the Gap in Wellesley Square. However, I caught this girl on the bench out in front and her conversation seemed really intense. Maybe it was cause I had just woke up but I caught this part made me giggle….she said “She was doing it all wrong. She wasn’t even moving her body. She acts likes she can twerk but can’t. People are like Miley Cyrus can twerk but she can’t”  I wish I were joking but this really is what she said so I turned my head and smiled. She got blushed.

Twerkin– A dance in which movements consist of shaking hips, bounce booty up and down in a gyration causing it to bounce or wobble. Basically make your booty as sexualized as possible! To the right beat, I admit this is actually quite fun. Upside down against the wall. You can be as innovative as you want…..

Instead of study YIKE
Instead of study hall…you YIKE

Yiken- Is the creative Oakland area version of Twerkin! They make it more advanced because the partner your dancing with is behind you and what happens is they throw the rhythm off while you twerk. Making it impossible for you to catch the beat!

Honestly though, YIKEN is like beyond sexualized though.It really pushes the envelope. If you look at some of the YouTube videos, it’s like “Oh My God, I hope they’re being safe!” Makes you wonder where the parents are when they are recording this stuff because lord knows my mother would have known what I was trying to do before I pressed record!

Boys Twerkin' It
Boys Twerkin’ It




Like I stated earlier, I love to dance but have missed every opportunity to dance my ass off(no pun intended) like I like to. Nobody seems to want to go dancing. The last time I remember going, we went “Controversy” at Machine in Boston. It was amazing. I entered the Twerk Contest in my studded wedge sneakers in skin-tight silver jeans! WERQ BETCH! There was a video of me somewhere in the contest.I couldn’t find the one on my Facebook from the contest but I found this one instead…..

This summer though I need to bring the YIKEN Movement to Boston. We would totally benefit from it…..



Yiken?Twerkin? What Do You Do It To: ‘memba you suppose to get RATCHET

Panoramic-Sage the Gemini (Pop and swerve your booty like your life depends on it)

Express Yourself-Diplo feat Nicky B (Twerk upside down if you dare)

Vibrate-Petey Pablo (Fast and with an attitude)

Higher Ground-TNGHT (Like you know have this in the bag)

Big Booty Judy-Shawnna (Make it roll and watch the hips go)

Shake That Ass-Mystikal (Like the song says and watch yourself)

Just Another Night Out With Dre
Sometimes You Twerk So Hard It Hurts The Next Day To Perform A  Walk of Shame


d(._.)b What Are You Listening To? d(._.)b

Pop That Ass 'Til It Hurts
Pop That Ass ‘Til It Hurts

Music is such a beautiful form of expressing oneself. Whether you appreciate it by listening to it or your able to create the sound of music. There’s something amazing about the art of it. I have such a deep appreciation for music. I can’t get enough of it. No matter how much I try. If I could listen to music 24/7, 365 days of the year for the rest of my life I would. Sorry, I would. I love what each person in the world has to say but imagine if we listened to our own soundtracks through our daily lives how peaceful it would be. Again, I think that everyone should have a collection of music that runs the gamut.

There’s no need to limit what your listen to because it doesn’t fit into the genre you like the most.  I listen to almost everything except for Bluegrass. Not my thing, I’ve tried but something about it reminds me of Madisonville, Texas or West Virginia. Not knocking cause I got some roots in Madisonville but if I don’t have to listen to sounds from that area I’m good. I want something that is representative of my personality too. Fun, dramatic, humour, and to show of my sensual side….ya know?!

Do I need to really ask?
Do I need to really ask?

I truly would like to know what some of your favorite songs are at the moment. I am always mentally updating my favorite songs and compiling a list of what I think I should be listening to based on the season and my mood. Thank God for Spotify,, Pandora and Songza. NOTE:When I say Pandora I mean when Pandora originally started and it was truly innovative. Now they just play the songs and that’s annoying.

Help me expand my music this summer
Help me expand my music this summer

Before I go and tell you what is making me happy. I want to state that Tyga‘s Hotel California and Kendrick Lamar‘s album are amazing. Both are talented and I truly love their albums. I never like the full album from an artist and they come close. Ready.Set. Go. 

Currently Listening To(Artist & Song):

Duke Dumont feat A.M.E.—- Need U 100%

Pryda(Eric Prydz)—–Shadows

Najee—Cruise Control

Arto Lindsay—Kamo(Dark Stripe)

Iggy Azaela—-My World

Kelly Rowland—Kisses Down Low


GTA—-Booty Bounce(Original Mix)

Hulk—-That’s Doable

Aleem—-Get Loose

Tyga—–It Neva Rains In Southern California

Bassnectar feat Angel Haze—-Freestyle

Lunice—-And She Said(a really nice rendition of DeBarge‘s “Love Me In a Special Way”)

Hudson Mohawke—–All Your Love

Reginia Belle——Baby Come To Me

Stevie Wonder—-Golden Lady

Mark Ronson and the Business feat Pharell, Wiley & Simon LeBon—–Record Collection(Perseus Remix) this is the greatest summer song.


It’s Beyoncè’s World And We’re Just Living In It

Who Run The World?
Who Run The World?

Despite being a buzz-track, “Bow Down” and “I Been On” has completely captured my heart. If changing her last name to Carter was Beyoncè’s way of saying I have a new sound, I think there are going to some happy fans out there. Hit-Boy and Timbaland produced the two tracks as a fusion hybrid style. Definitely flowing on the H-Town Swagger! Beyoncè is back and she’s keeping her reign as the Queen!

Listen Here:

SophistiRatchet? Ratchet?
SophistiRatchet? Ratchet?

If the rumors are true and from what I’ve heard….I’m also excited for the possible collaboration of  Lady Gaga & Bey on the track “Ratchet”. Speculated to appear  on the track as well is Rihanna and newcomer to the scene Azealia Banks. They’re version of Ratchet is the around the way girl who owns bamboo earrings at least two pairs!

I’m glad that Queen Bey is back and she’s snatching wigs…………I’ll always be a stan for Bey………

Say what about a maternity leave?
Say what about a maternity leave?

Azealia Banks aka Yung Rapunxel

Yung Rapunxel
                                                              Yung Rapunxel  

Femcee Azealia Banks known for her feuds with people such like Nicki Minaj and Jim Jones decided to give her fans a nice surprise. Two weeks early of the March 26th iTunes release, she dropped the newest single “Yung Rapunxel” off her debut album Broke With Expensive Taste due to drop this summer.

The Lil Internet produced track is really hard to describe. It’s inaudible for the most part but the futuristic beat with Banks low register rap skills is nothing short of amazing. I envision the video is going to be completely flawless since this is the lead single. Personally, I would love to see Jontè as the choreographer for the music video.

Check It Out Below:

Don’t worry, she’s still fighting with people Almost getting into a fist fight with the lead singer from Stone Roses while on tour in Australia and basically calling new Def Jam recording aritst Rita Ora “Rihanna’s Understudy”………..


Ain’t Nothing But A SophistiRatchet……..Ya Dig?!…….

Ratchet: A socket wrench used to socket wrench things together

Ratchet: A diva, who is usually from the hood or the ghetto of an urban city. Despite not being the candy of every man’s eye, she thinks she is. She is loud, wears offensive clothing and hair as well jewelry. She might even have a GRILL. 

SophistiRatchet: A woman that is intelligent. She is gifted in academics, she is social and knows about the world things in life. Great etiquette but at a moments notice pop her gluteus maximus to the latest 2Chainz song.

These are the definitions to “Ratchet Phenomena” that is the word of daily life at the moment. Is it a compliment or is an insult? Who actually aspires to this level of ghettoness? Is it actually a curse? Like I want to know…

“That is so RATCHET! Tell me more?!”

Well, clearly if Beyoncè is on board with “Sophistiratchet” it’s a bad thing in the making to be honest. I love me some Beyoncè, but that girl fell off the ghetto tree. Not only did she hit every branch on the way down, the trunk of the tree got out of the ground and smacked her hard in the head. So I know better than to accept a trend that she is pushing….”A sophistiratchet woman knows when she must be sophisticated and when it’s totally appropriate to be ratchet”  That just screams undercover ghetto. Why can’t you just be sophisticated and have fun? Why do you need to be this loud, ghetto, hot mess with bad vernacular that everybody wants to not be around? Nobody wants to be around a hot mess from the hood. At least in the Northeast, we don’t.  Why would a person especially a woman want to portray herself in this manner?

It seems like an oxymoron that one would have the ability to possess both of these qualities. I personally don’t think this applies to many groups of people except for those that come from the worst of families and backgrounds but then come up out of a situation. You know the Boughetto type of people(personal opinion) cause I for one do not know anyone is who is ratchet or sophstiratchet and if I did, I’d probably pass judgment. That is just because it’s easier to judge what you don’t know.


I find myself asking questions like “Is this the result of taking the person out of the hood but not being able to take the hood out of the person?” I say person because both men and women can be ratchet. Some might say ratchet is just the 2012 definition of ghetto but I believe” Ghetto” and “Ratchet” are two different terms.

I blame Reality TV for this problem(I love Reality TV) but when you have women trying to say they are members of elite society and then turn around just to throw a chair at someone because of a funny look, it creates the mindset in the viewer that this ok to act like that.

Epitome of SophistiRatchet

Personally, if I were a heterosexual male I would prefer that the lady in my life not act like this. Throwing bottles of wine at her friends one minute cause she is mad at them and in blink of an eye going to the boardroom meeting to be that “Boss Bitch”. That’s kind of scary and seems like a multiple personality disorder if you were to ask me. KEEP IT GUTTA GUTTA! KEEP IT TRILL BABY! 

I dunno….there are a lot of questions and answers I’m sure as to why someone would want to consider themselves “Sophistiratchet”  I mean I guess it’s about as cool as when black girls were going to school with rattail combs in their. Remember that trend? It was awful, it was stupid. Oh to go back to high school and relive all those stupid trends.

Oh well, one will never know…but all I know is if anybody ever called me SOPHISTIRATCHET….I have a question for you….

Can I slap you across the face right now?

Anyways, I’m done. Have a good day and remember just be yourself. Love yourself and be you!