Holiday Vibes

Can you believe it’s almost the end of 2013? Typically, I’m a Scrooge around the holidays. It’s not that I don’t like the togetherness that it brings, it’s just one of those times that I wish would kind of come and go. Although, I do enjoy a good holiday party.

So naturally, when my friend asked me to attend with  her as her date for the salon holiday party, I said yes. Kind of nervous and unsure if I should go because since I didn’t work there, I didn’t want to deal with the “What are you doing?” “How are you?” “When are you coming back?” but I was glad I went. It was a really nice party at the Taj Hotel in Boston. It was nice to see everyone that I was missing. Truly a chapter in life that I’m thankful for. Learned so much about myself, learned a lot from everyone I worked with. Talented group of people. Wishing you nothing but the best! Love you guys!

My Girls
My Girls. Chucks and a Tux

Originally, I was hoping that my Jeffrey Campbell’s would be good the second time around, however, they weren’t. I wore a pair of white patent leather converse with my tuxedo and a snap back hat. Had to stay true to my personality, right? Everyone looked smashing. Stunning. Gorgeous. One of the great things that I noticed about the evening, was everyone stayed really true to their personality, wearing things that were part of their personal style. It was really nice seeing everyone and I think it was a great way to close chapter in life.

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2014 will be a new chapter! Can’t wait!



Treats & Eats: Au Bon Pain Holiday Menu

I was able to snag a whole Gingerbread Man for later!!!!
I was able to snag a whole Gingerbread Man for later!!!!

Gingerbread men. Thai Coconut soup. Pumpernickel bagels and much more. These were some of the treats on hand at the Au Bon Pain Holiday Tasting Menu that was held on December 17th at their 800 Boylston St location. Roger Bowles, Culinary Director and Maria Feicht, the Chief Brand Officer were there to answer questions as well as give fun facts about the menu available until mid-January.

Bursting with flavor. You can also have this sandwich for breakfast with an egg white mushroom frittata!
Bursting with flavor. You can also have this sandwich for breakfast with an egg white mushroom frittata!

As much as I have eaten there in the past, I had no idea that the company was founded over 35 years ago in Boston. If you’ve eaten at Au Bon Pain, you already know that they strive to create a healthier yet flavorful convenient option. I’m typically a creature of habit, even if something looks good, I’m known to stick with what I know.

6 times a year, the company introduces new items to the menu, sometimes for the season and other times they become permanent fixtures. I’m really hoping that the Thai Coconut soup becomes a mainstay. I really am not a fan of coconut but the subtle hints of lime really added a touch of balance. I’m always at Au Bon Pain for their treats, I was always a fan of their chocolate chip cookies and now with their holiday additions, I’ve found healthy eats that I can bring to holiday parties! I hope that there is an Au Bon Pain around you because this is a delicious menu!

Actually, the greek yogurt parfait with cranberry, raspberry and blueberry is also a delectable item! Like I said, I’m a creature of habit, and I probably wouldn’t have tried on my own.

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Thanks so much for having us taste this holiday menu.

If you stop in Au Bon Pain and you use Twitter, use hashtag #ABPHoliday or #BreakingBread to let them know what you think!

Live Fancy: Christmas List

I hardly ever want anything for Christmas. SERIOUSLY! I buy for myself whatever I want and like throughout the year and I hate the idea of someone spending money on me as an obligation. I’d rather be able to spend the time with that person and do something that creates a memory. D

Despite being sick and coughing in the worst imaginable way, I found time to compile what would be the perfect gifts for me to find under my tree this year. All I want. All I need to make me happy.

  • Jeffrey Campbell Siren – 4 inch platform sole with ombre color. SICK! Heavy to walk in I’m sure but you gotta do what you gotta do. $191
Jeffrey Campbell Siren
Jeffrey Campbell Siren
  • Dentz Denim Brat Oversized Sweater – Since their oversized “Twerkin For a Birkin” sweater is not available at the moment. I forget the price on this one.
Dentz Denim Brat Oversized Slouchy Sweater
Dentz Denim Brat Oversized Slouchy Sweater
  •  Brian Lichtenberg – “Twerkin For A Birkin” Muscle Tee – Since the Dentz Denim version isn’t available. This is very suitable. Despite being a ladies version, I actually think it’ll be better for my frame. $59
Brian Lichtenberg "Twerkin For A Birkin"
Brian Lichtenberg “Twerkin For A Birkin”
  • Brian Lichtenberg – “HOMIES” Graffiti Sweater – Part of the designers series that he has done with such names as Celine and Balmain. This spin on Hermes is cute and I love the 80s throwback feel. $129
Brian Lichtenberg "Homies" Graffiti Sweater
Brian Lichtenberg “Homies” Graffiti Sweater

Where To Find:

Karmaloop for Jeffrey Campbell

Etsy for Dentz Denim

Revolve Clothing for Brian Lichtenberg

Good luck with your holiday shopping this year!


55 Miles From Home!!!!

Well the song is actually “25 Miles From Home” by Edwin Starr, a great song. I love it. Download it you’ll love it to! Moving on……


4th of July happens once a year. Every 365 days there’s a 4th of July. We celebrate the birth of our nation. America became Independent! Celebrate. Rejoice. Have yourself a cocktail during the day at 10:15am….It’s alright!

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So that’s what I did! 55 miles from Boston lies this quaint little town called Manchester. My coworker decided to have a shindig. Went to Michael’s pool party girl. I was there at 10:15!!!

It was a fun day.I tried SkinnyGirl Margarita for the first time. It was good. Very refreshing. I highly recommend if you haven’t tried it.

It was a great time with great people celebrating Twerkapendence Day! Jenna, Bianca and I tried to Twerk it in the water but apparently we aren’t Kim Kardashian donkalicious(there’s always next year though) but overall it was a great time with great friends.

How did you celebrate?

Incase you were wondering the shirt is vintage from this store in Provincetown called “Cherry”

Goodbye to 2012, Hello to 2013!

Friends, why can’t we be friends?

Feels like we should make amends

See the daylight brings you back again

I wanna know where the story starts and where it ends……

Welcome to a new year, it’s 2013. We’ve survived everything from a Mayan Apocalypse disaster to the end and beginning of a new year. New Year‘s Eve is always one of the most overrated nights. Like I stated in a earlier blog, some of my best nights for NYE were with friends in middle school just walking around and be goofy enjoying each others company. That’s what it is all  about. The focus always seems that going out is the right thing to do   being decadent, waiting for the year to end and the year to begin.

Yesterday, I had to work which I was actually fine with. The day went really smooth and ended up hanging out with a coworker after work for a few hours afterwards. I actually enjoyed just unwinding and chit chatting. Then it was off to my friend Catherine’s to help her and Christina get ready for the NYE festivities. I honestly had intentions of staying at home for the night, especially since I didn’t last year. I even purposely didn’t bring a change of clothes either, so I wouldn’t be tempted. Go ahead and say “What a loser?”

Well, when I got there I was somehow persuaded by seeing how fabulous they looked from the lashes and the hair that I decided to suck it up and go out. Turns out I was glad I did. We went to a house party in Brighton, the crowd was varied. The one thing that I noticed about nights like this is that most girls try way to hard to out do each other. Thankfully, Catherine and Christina didn’t try at all. They looked great! So off we went into the night.

The first party, we stayed at until about 12:30, we played some Beirut, we played some tunes and danced like our lives we’re dependent on it. I always enjoy being the token homosexual in certain cases. Straight guys cannot handle it! It’s amazing. So we left the party and went outside. We were going to go get something to eat but we saw these awesome hair hipster boys. We were the life of that party as well! Amazing…

However the best part of the night was the end, when we got in a cab back to Catherine’s place from an awesome driver named Singh. He was from the Goa region of India, or maybe that was my client from earlier in the day. Actually, no he was from Kashmir!!!  Then it was time to veg out, which is what we did on Comella’s Italian food. So delish!

So all in all I will say that this NYE was a lot of fun. Unexpected and fun which is what I like for such an overrated holiday. Love, health and prosperity are my hopes for everyone in 2013, the world is a troubling place.



Silver White Winters That Melt Into Spring……

Holiday Parties
All Eyez On Us We Took The Night

Tis the season to get out and enjoy that holiday party honey! I truly must say the holidays are a great time of year when you can get together and enjoy it with friends as well as family. Here’s a quote for you: “Ain’t No Party Like  A Holiday Party Cause A Holiday Party Don’t Stop!”  

Every year I dread the holiday parties, I dread the constant back and forth and let’s be cheerful and merry. I just don’t want to go, BLECH. I had fun at last years holiday party and maybe because I noticed a lot of growth in myself this year but this year was even more fun! The night before I went to a holiday party which was just as crazy, arguing with a drag queen, an Irish girl, and some other chick, turns out that was rather interesting. Naturally, I won the music choice.

So the holiday party was on the Odyssey Boat Cruises, which I’ve taken before in the past and it was fun. The music eh but it’s really hard to keep me actually happy to music because I find that a lot of DJs’s are inconsistent. Like my IPOD makes me happy because I choose the music but regardless this isn’t about the music.

Naturally, of course, we all wanted to go out dancing afterwards. Well, if you know me, you know that any chance I get I can I would love to make an outfit change of some sorts. Well not tonight, the only thing I wanted to change my shoes because everything else was perfect from the salon holiday party but for the nightclub, had to change shoes. Say Hello To My Friend:

Studdin' On 'Em
Studdin’ On ‘Em

I saw these shoes and said “Oh My God!” tried them on and they were a little tight but that’s ok….you can stretch a shoe, right? They are pretty fierce though I must say. It’s a high maintenance shoe but at the same time it’s simple.

If there is one trend that everyone should fall into in my honest opinion is the studded trend. So amazing all the things that you can do with them. There’s a brand that I follow based out of NYC called “Stud Muffin” it’s really amazing, how they take studs and make even sweatpants look good!!

Then again time to get back to the story at hand which is…that I love this time of year. It’s a time to be with those that you love, those that you hate and share and make memories. There is always too little time and too many parties to go to but that’s the fabulousness of it all. It’s like summer in New England, ya know.

Christmas is here sooner than we are going to realize. Hope you all have a safe and happy rest of your holiday season.

WHAT AM I WEARING? Sacrifice Studded Ankle Boots Flying Monkey Silver Print Pants (AMAZING by the way) and the clutch Vintage Red Christian Dior Blazer (very helpful staff as well)