Factory Restore To Default Settings

Perfect Wife? Perfect Life?
Perfect Wife? Perfect Life?

Just like restoring your computer to default settings, I think you can do the same for your spouse. Only makes sense, right?

Movies in the 70's really knew how to keep you on the edge of your seat and interested in the plot, even if it was a bit abstract. I was trying to figure out who Charmaine(the red in the photo is) and when I looked it up it said Tina Louise from Gilligan's Island. I really didn't think any of them ever really acted again. Oh, it also has a young Mary Stuart Masterson in it(which I had already known) but I think the original is better than the remake with Nicole Kidman.

Despite having the same plot, I think that the cinematography, the crafting of the story without giving too many details all at once and the fact that it was really different for the 70's makes it a little more interesting to me. I'm not a huge fan of remake movies anyways because I think it's really hard to capture the really essence of the story.

The film didn't do much in terms of success at the box office becoming more of a cult classic but I think it's because people were rather afraid of what the film was saying. The women of Stepford are transformed into these almost android-like women who were typical Freudian women. All of the women were successful in smart in their own right but the men of Stepford who would rather pool their talents to create wives that are lack luster in personality, lack career ambition and cleanse house for what seems like 24 hours a day was you see a lot of in this movie. Looking back, you notice that there are 3 Stages to the Creation: Stage 1. The Men's Association comes to your house and draws you. Stage 2. Someone comes to record your "dialect", which is basically recording your speech so that you don't even know the word "Archaic" which is crazy. Stage 3. The Men's Association comes to recreate your bedroom  when you go away for your "Honeymoon Weekend!"

The question heard around the world is in the last 14 minutes of the film, in which Joanna realizes that she's going to have to allow the change. "Why?" she says in a terrified way and now this is when the movies pick up the 70's Horror film genre clichés such as music, running around a house in which you can't escape and Diz replies "Why? Because we can." Who would want that kind of existence?

Funny thing about the movie, is at the end when the women are walking around the supermarket in their pinafore dresses, brimmed hats and breathy voices, you see the black family that caused a stir when they moved to town. At the end of the movie during the credits, you see the husband pick up Joanna from the grocery store. The symbolism in the movie is deep, I didn't feel that when I saw the Nicole Kidman version, I just thought "Wow. I can't stand Bette Midler!"