Music Monday: Throwback Jams

Planet Retro Records on Central Ave in St. Petersburg
Planet Retro Records on Central Ave in St. Petersburg

Throwback Jams is exactly what it means. A particular song that is a sudden reminder of the past, whether good or bad. Growing up in a household in which music was a main focal point, I have plenty of throwback jams. Sometimes, I even find myself wondering how I was able to listen to such songs because now that I’m older and understanding the mean of certain songs like “Freak Like Me”…….

Anytime I walk past a record store that sells vinyls, I have to stop in, even though I don’t play them, I find them really cool to have on hand. A habit that my mother started, she has some pretty rare records like “The Purple Album” from Prince and many more.

Recently, I stopped into Planet Retro Records in St. Petersburg, and found a bunch of neat finds. I even picked up some Barbra and Judy for a friend of mine in NYC who is über obsessed. Brand new condition, kind of scary how well-preserved these albums are.

What are some of your favorite throwback songs? Below is a list of my favorites:

  • Pleasure Principle – Janet Jackson
  • Love Don’t Live Here Anymore – Rose Royce
  • Juicy Gotcha Krazy – Oaktown’s 357
  • Love You Down – INOJ
  • Bilingual – Jose Nunez feat. Tania
  • Best Of Me(Remix) – Mya feat Jay-Z
  • Honestly anything by Jon B.
  • Midas Touch – Midnight Star
Dionne Warick, One Way, The Deele, England Dan & John Ford Coley, Lionel Richie, Flashdance
Dionne Warwick, One Way, The Deele, England Dan & John Ford Coley, Lionel Richie, Flashdance

Scandal In The House Of Bey

It's been a good run of a business relationship
It’s been a good run of a business relationship

I wonder how the Church of Beyonce is going to explain this to their Beyciples… I even want to know of the blasphemy that they’ll come up with? However, what we do know is that they are grown, they are human, they are prone to mistakes and who are we really to judge. Yeah, it’s fun to speculate but how many times do we want people really speculating and giving their little opinion in our affairs.

Despite what went on in the elevator, she's working her outfit
Despite what went on in the elevator, she’s working her outfit

Solange from the beginning has always marched to a different drum and I like her for that. I appreciate her music, her style, her personality and a lot more. What I will say is that she kind of gets a bad rep. for falling into an “angry black woman” stereotype or the black sheep because she isn’t as successful as Beyonce.

Girl would have pulled a Marlo Hampton if she had a razor blade with her. I'm convinced!
Girl would have pulled a Marlo Hampton if she had a razor blade with her. I’m convinced!

Unfortunately, Solange wasn’t aware that there were probably cameras in the elevator or if she did realize she didn’t care. In which that case, I would automatically assume she was doing this for some publicity stunt. Although, I would hope she’d have more tact then involving her own sister in a stunt that could be kind of damaging for all parties involved. I think if the bodyguard hadn’t been there to help Jay-Z, Solange would have just made a complete fool of herself.

Whatever it is, I hope that they do get it squared away.

Behind The Lace Front: Everyone Secretly Hates Beyonce


Disclaimer: I do not hate Beyonce. However, I go through phases where I find her absolutely intriguing and I can’t get enough. Then there are phases where I’m in utter disgust by the sound of her. It’s neutral at the moment. 

Beyonce this. Beyonce that. Love Beyonce. Hate Beyonce. Fake Bitch. Beautiful Soul. There’s something about her that draws us to her. There’s something about her that makes us hate her with an extreme passion.

"Why Don't They Love Me Momma?"
“Why Don’t They Love Me Momma?”

December 13, Beyonce decided to give us a musical masterpiece. Simply titled “Beyonce” which I haven’t listened to entirely yet. I have my reasons. One of the reasons, there’s nothing that will act as my dance anthem of the winter. Usually she has a song such as “Diva”, “Run The World”, “Crazy In Love”, you get the idea. Her record label decided not to allow her any spending money for promoting this album, so I’ll give her props that it’s getting some recognition for this album. Special guest appearances from Frank Ocean, Drake and Blue Ivy.

She can do no wrong. She’ll snatch your wig and have you saying “Thank You” but what if people really hated Beyonce.

Don't Do This Again
Don’t Do This Again

Reasons To Hate Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter: 

  • Even when she happens to be dressed down, she’s still rocking a light full face and some weave. Would she still be considered flawless without the makeup?
  • Although her version of the Miley haircut was absolutely ridiculous. GIRL, don’t ever take the lace off!
  • Destiny’s Child disbanded because of her. We should have known from jump that it was Beyonce and The Homies. Beyonce had a group and a solo career at the same time. Coincidence much?
  • Sellout? I could understand this one. With earlier albums actually having great(subjective) content that one could associate with, she’s kind of gone down in terms of quality. “You a bad girl and your friends bad too. You got the swag sauce you drippin swagu” Thanks J.Cole
  • Similar to Diana Ross, Beyonce had the look. She had the sound. She had the appeal. While there are other artist with stronger voices, quality material, how do they fit into the equation of making record companies money compared to Bey. However, I think she’s a great entertainter.
  • I’m not gonna rag on her love. When it gets down to it, it’s probably tough. She’s high-profile. She needs someone on her level. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Secretly we hate her. Secretly we love her. Secretly we wish we could be her. I’m sure there are many other reasons that people “hate” on her. These are the ones that I’ve heard time and time again. Like I said though, she’s an amazing entertainer. She keeps you intrigued. She got another 10 years before she’s irrelevant. Or…..

It's Beyonce's World
It’s Beyonce’s World

There is one song I can’t get enough of “Drunk In Love” featuring Jay-Z. Obsessed!