Peter Gallagher’s Eyebrows Are Ferocious

I forgot how much really happened in THE OC. There were so many characters in the first season that I forgot about. So many extra things happened and it’s like WTF.

Some things that I didn’t touch up on that I didn’t really notice until further evaluation.

Marissa Cooper: She is one lucky teenager! Her wardrobe consisted of everything from Chanel handbags(I counted 6 the first season), Chanel dresses galore(However, I think they were really just Kensie dresses), a Jeep Cherokee(that was legit), an ex-boyfriend who was like her friend and men that loved her like crazy….aside from Ryan there was Oliver(remember that crazy son of a bitch) president of some school committee(despite her father stealing everyone’s money) but she wasn’t without flaw. I forgot this crazy girl was out stealing at South Coast Plaza, had a severe drinking problem and so much more…..

Somehow they are all friends
Somehow they are all friends

Luke Ward: He had the hottest(subjective) girlfriend in the school. He was Captain of the Water Polo team. His dad had several car dealerships. One happened to b a Lexus dealership that sold Ford Mustangs. He had a great mom(looked nothing like him) and a dad that was like the coolest thing since Apple Pie until he was gay. Then Luke himself became a loser for some reason. He just totally became this weird in tune with his feelings singing out loud at the Rooney concert at the top of his lungs and it was kind of annoying. Whatever!

Summer Winter: Actually I don’t remember her last name but in light of North West Kardashian, I think Summer Winter is perfect. Summer still doesn’t really have any character development except she’s totally in love with Seth Cohen. She’s lost any ounce of cool that she once had and has totally fallen hard for this loser. She unlike Marissa has a richer dad but her wardrobe is lacking the Chanel dresses and Chanel bags. Then she dated this loser Danny. I’ll cut her a break. She’s a sideline character. Oh did I catch Summer with a Birkin Bag on her shoulder? Pretty sure it’s not a shoulder bag and that was a bootleg kind of bag…but whatever……

Summer Winter. Summe Roberts....Who gave a f*ck?
Summer Winter. Summer Roberts….Who gave a f*ck?

Seth Cohen: Loser. I don’t really need to talk about him unless you care but I don’t so we won’t.

Hailey Nichols: The younger, wild, sexy(again subjective) party crazed Aunt who only comes around to MOOCH. She mooches on the family when she wants something from Daddy(Caleb Nichols). Not much is known about her and really she wasn’t that interesting even when she tried to hit on Jimmy Cooper.

Julie Cooper: The character that had the major 180 turn around. So lets see all the things with this piece of work. So she’s a mother of 2. Marissa and Katelynn(who we never see after the first few episodes until she’s much older) She is divorcing Jimmy Cooper because basically he made her look like the piece of trash shes’ trying to not to portray but hello!!! Sooooooo…..I accidentally figured out her age because Kirsten said “You had Marissa at 18” well Marissa is 16 which means that Julie is 34. I’m not buying it but whatever. She’s the Queen of Mean. The Ice Devil.

Julie "She's Not From Riverside" Cooper
Julie “She’s Not From Riverside” Cooper

Her breath is so cold turns a man into stone. She’s a manipulator. User. Social Climber. Everything bad but yet she makes this turn around to try to get Kirsten’s father and use him. I don’t know. I don’t want to know. I think she’s weird. She makes these weird comments like “Marissa so glad you wore the Chanel!”…….Let’s get one thing straight. Marissa has Chanel bags, Marc Jacobs jeans, but I’m pretty sure her dresses were Kensie, maybe Alice & Olivia but not Chanel. It’s ok. “You ain’t gotta lie Craig. You ain’t gotta lie”

Oliver Trask: This was the weirdest developing character of them all. He was only in a few episodes but this kid was a liar and a half. First, he said that his family owned the Four Seasons Hotel brand(LIAR). There is no Four Seasons in Newport Beach, however there is an Island Hotel(which is 5 stars) should have went that route. His family has homes in Colorado, Paris, Mammoth, etc. He has this ex-girlfriend who is doesn’t exist. Completely fabricated!!! He has connections to concerts and whatever else he can use to impress these kids. I mean I don’t really buy it. His haircut and the products he used was all wrong. It was so douchebag galore. Then he blows up and erupts and tries to kill Marissa in his hotel penthouse….this show goes there.

She wasn't basic. She was kind of......extra
She wasn’t basic. She was kind of……extra

Anna Roberts: The weird girl from Pittsburgh who debuted in a ball that she had no business debuting in. She’s still weird and she’s wicked clingy in relationships. The loser. I can’t even touch base on her. I’d rather not!

This show as I said before. It goes there. It was before it’s time. Watching it over again so many years later, it’s interesting. I like it and it’s funny to analyze all the things wrong with it and all the bloopers. All the real things that happened in this show totally made Laguna Beach look like scripted television………….