Kanye West? Damon Dash? Karmaloop?!

Damon thirsty for that spotlight.....Kanye is gonna play you!
Damon thirsty for that spotlight…..Kanye is gonna play you!

I’ve always been a fan of Karmaloop. However, I must have lived under a rock of concrete slab for information like this.

Supposedly, Karmaloop  filed for bankruptcy and Kanye “THE HNIC” saved the day with Damon Dash. Damon Dash ain’t broke but when everyone else is throwing down plastic to pay, he’s still working.

I think the real problem if you look at Karmaloop and all that they had for merchandise, maybe readers would wish list and forget about it. If Kanye and Damon are able to revamp it, rather than the plethora of shit that it became that would be amazing.

It’s not really my business though. I can’t see this being a good venture but maybe they’ll prove me wrong. Given the track record on Damon and if you want to be bitchy, throw Stacey in, yeah this is gonna be an epic fail. Or nah.

Sunday Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Cura

“Darling, all I require is fabulous shoes.”–Pinterest

The Truest Statement Ever
The Truest Statement Ever
Normal Trainer Sneakers
“Normal” Trainers

Normal by day.  Glow at night in Jeffrey Campbell Cura. This is the best shoe on earth if I dare say so. It’s one of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned. It’s an actual sneaker that I could go jogging in. They’re super cute. They’re subtle which for me is a bit of a change.

Just a simple shoe. White leather. Black laces. A bit of metal detail near the rubber sole. A normal sneaker that says “Hey, I’ve got style.” So you might actually be catching me in a lie now when I say they are “normal” because at night when the lights go off these babies glow.

I never though I end up in the closet again
I never though I end up in the closet again

I mean they glow in the dark and not a cheesy way but in a way that’s definitely going to make heads turn. Every store I went into Friday night someone complimented them. One person even said “It looks like a futuristic fashion jogging shoe.” I’ll take it!

Night jogging is not a problem anymore(probably more for the fact that I don’t jog anyways) and they’re so comfortable! I almost really want to get a pair of the Tronic’s because they’re high tops with silver contrasting. However, where am I really going to where these. 

Note: The issue that I had with the leather tearing at the seam began to happen after wearing them. Overall, the joggers are worth the money. I hope next season they come back with a different glow color.

Sunday Shoes: YRU Lowf FUQ

Solestruck box.....Clever advertising
Solestruck box…..Clever advertising
I’m pretty sure by now you understand how much of a shoe addict I am. I discovered this brand YRU, late last summer at Thom Browne in Boston. Well, their loafers or “Lowfs” are pretty amazing, I must say.
Solestruck Poster
Solestruck Poster

They’re pretty obscene. Pretty obnoxious. They’re downright blunt and to the point with words spelling out “CU NT” or “FU CK”. I bought a pair of the Lavi$h on Karmaloop and I bought the Fuq on Solestruck.

Solestruck was the experience. Considering that they were out of stock and waiting on an order to be filled I was expecting to wait awhile. The fit is amazing. It’s going to even be more amazing once, the weather calms down and I can wear them in more. They’re comfortable. Soft. Solestruck also includes band aids that say “Shoe Addict” as well as a musical cd and a poster. Highly recommended.

Live Fancy: Christmas List

I hardly ever want anything for Christmas. SERIOUSLY! I buy for myself whatever I want and like throughout the year and I hate the idea of someone spending money on me as an obligation. I’d rather be able to spend the time with that person and do something that creates a memory. D

Despite being sick and coughing in the worst imaginable way, I found time to compile what would be the perfect gifts for me to find under my tree this year. All I want. All I need to make me happy.

  • Jeffrey Campbell Siren – 4 inch platform sole with ombre color. SICK! Heavy to walk in I’m sure but you gotta do what you gotta do. $191
Jeffrey Campbell Siren
Jeffrey Campbell Siren
  • Dentz Denim Brat Oversized Sweater – Since their oversized “Twerkin For a Birkin” sweater is not available at the moment. I forget the price on this one.
Dentz Denim Brat Oversized Slouchy Sweater
Dentz Denim Brat Oversized Slouchy Sweater
  •  Brian Lichtenberg – “Twerkin For A Birkin” Muscle Tee – Since the Dentz Denim version isn’t available. This is very suitable. Despite being a ladies version, I actually think it’ll be better for my frame. $59
Brian Lichtenberg "Twerkin For A Birkin"
Brian Lichtenberg “Twerkin For A Birkin”
  • Brian Lichtenberg – “HOMIES” Graffiti Sweater – Part of the designers series that he has done with such names as Celine and Balmain. This spin on Hermes is cute and I love the 80s throwback feel. $129
Brian Lichtenberg "Homies" Graffiti Sweater
Brian Lichtenberg “Homies” Graffiti Sweater

Where To Find:

Karmaloop for Jeffrey Campbell

Etsy for Dentz Denim

Revolve Clothing for Brian Lichtenberg

Good luck with your holiday shopping this year!


Jeffrey Campbell, Will You Marry Me?

He has won my heart. He has made me complete. Jeffrey Campbell, let’s elope! Aside from my other shoe designer obsession with Cinzia Araia which unfortunately I am not able to fit her designs(at least The Rabbit), Jeffrey Campbell is the only brand I want to wear forever.

Such Beauty
Such Beauty

Vintage. Fashion forward. Runway. Boho. Glam. Futuristic. Impractical. Functional. Are words that describe the brand and it’s truly becoming one of the brands to know around the world. There’s truly a shoe for everyone, woman or man. You can find a shoe that’s out of this world and rock star or you can find a shoe that you can wear to the office that sets you apart from the woman with the kitten heel. The shoes look great whether it’s dressed down or dressed up. Each shoe gives the wearer the ability to find a way to showcase their personality. The Jeffrey Campbell Girl(Boy) is a confident person who marches to the beat of their own drum.


As if I should be shopping at this moment in life but whatever. So Jeffrey has decided to torture me this Fall/Winter season and make available for sale either on Karmaloop or UrbanOutfitters…..GLOW IN THE DARK SNEAKERS!!! Honestly, that’s so cool! There are multiple types of sneakers, heels, platforms and more available from this collection. I really need (want) a pair.

Popp(Love Hate Edition) Glow in The Dark Urban Outfitters
Popp(Love Hate Edition) Glow in The Dark Urban Outfitters

Jeffrey Campbell, I ask you to marry me. It’ll be a great union. I’ll wear amazing shoes. You’ll have inspiration. It’ll beautiful. Think about it. In all honesty, you are so talented and your shoes bring joy to many people. Thank you!!!





Obsession Confession: Karmaloop

........and now it's Ben Sherman.......
……..and now it’s Ben Sherman…….

It’s always been an obsession of mine but I thought that as I grew older maybe I outgrew, Karmaloop. Little did I know, that I hadn’t. Karmaloop is a great site for underground, provocative, unique and fresh clothing. They had a store on Newbury St. in the Back Bay before completely going to an online platform. I really find some pretty unique things there.

I even joined the Karmaloop Rep Team. That’s how obsessed I am with the company. So this time around when I went shopping, I wanted to really get something that stood out. So this time around, I became obsessed with 3 things!!

Honestly, it’s 4 things that I became obsessed with, but I bought one-off eBay. So I’m not sure if I can count it…..and there isn’t a picture of me with it yet.

Nastier In My SnapBack
Obsession 1: NASTIER SnapBack by Beauty Forever


Ratchet or See Me Next Tuesday Obsession 2 & 3: Bracelets by Oh Mighty
Ratchet or See Me Next Tuesday
Obsession 2 & 3: Bracelets by Oh Mighty




The whole outfit was something a little out of the ordinary for me. I love standing out but this was pushing the limits for Boston considering, I had on platform sneakers.

Why? What’s So Great?:

The blazer had fringe….almost similar to Graduation Cap tassels. The Harem style pants with the print that is right in your face. The oversize women T-Shirt. The platform sneakers with their studded spikes. The eyebrows were on point, sometimes you need a bit of a brow! IN YOUR FACE! Learn it! Live it! Love it! Have fun with what you’re wearing. You are your own person!

One Minor Flaw: 

The blazer needed could be tailored to create a snug fit but since I got it at such a great price, if I wore it just that once, I’d say I got my money’s worth!

Blazer and Shirt from H&M

Pants from American Apparel

Tinted Moisturizer from Bobbi Brown

Eyebrows from Nars



P.S. Even the next day when I had to walk of shame(despite not having had any reason, the outfit still worked). I brought it into day time. Check out my Instagram: Dre117 to see the next day outfit! Did I mention I wore this to a fashion show? Can’t wait to share with you that experience!

If you do decide to check out Karmaloop.com, use REP code 857 when checking out to save 20% off your first purchase and 10% off each future purchase! Happy Shopping!



Obsession Confession

Obsession Confession….What’s That? Started literally to kind of showcase what I’m obsessed with at the moment. Feel free to comment and share what your obsessed with at the moment. Music, Fashion, Food are some of my favorite confessions.

Current Obsession:

Jeffrey Campbell Wordz 

Jeffrey Campbell WORDZ
Jeffrey Campbell WORDZ

Why? What’s So Great?:

Interchangeable word plates(mine say SHAA ZAAM)

Eye-catching so that when you WALK in the room, only you OWN it

Super Comfortable

The box is totes 80s/90s inspired


Even the box is pretty
Even the box is pretty

One Minor Flaw:

Only one set of WORDZ plates. Bummer!!!

Order using Karmaloop and receive 20% your first purchase. Special Code(857) has more than one time use. Save an additional 10% using that same code on all orders in the future!!