d(._.)b What Are You Listening To? d(._.)b

Pop That Ass 'Til It Hurts
Pop That Ass ‘Til It Hurts

Music is such a beautiful form of expressing oneself. Whether you appreciate it by listening to it or your able to create the sound of music. There’s something amazing about the art of it. I have such a deep appreciation for music. I can’t get enough of it. No matter how much I try. If I could listen to music 24/7, 365 days of the year for the rest of my life I would. Sorry, I would. I love what each person in the world has to say but imagine if we listened to our own soundtracks through our daily lives how peaceful it would be. Again, I think that everyone should have a collection of music that runs the gamut.

There’s no need to limit what your listen to because it doesn’t fit into the genre you like the most.  I listen to almost everything except for Bluegrass. Not my thing, I’ve tried but something about it reminds me of Madisonville, Texas or West Virginia. Not knocking cause I got some roots in Madisonville but if I don’t have to listen to sounds from that area I’m good. I want something that is representative of my personality too. Fun, dramatic, humour, and to show of my sensual side….ya know?!

Do I need to really ask?
Do I need to really ask?

I truly would like to know what some of your favorite songs are at the moment. I am always mentally updating my favorite songs and compiling a list of what I think I should be listening to based on the season and my mood. Thank God for Spotify, Last.fm, Pandora and Songza. NOTE:When I say Pandora I mean when Pandora originally started and it was truly innovative. Now they just play the songs and that’s annoying.

Help me expand my music this summer
Help me expand my music this summer

Before I go and tell you what is making me happy. I want to state that Tyga‘s Hotel California and Kendrick Lamar‘s album are amazing. Both are talented and I truly love their albums. I never like the full album from an artist and they come close. Ready.Set. Go. 

Currently Listening To(Artist & Song):

Duke Dumont feat A.M.E.—- Need U 100%

Pryda(Eric Prydz)—–Shadows

Najee—Cruise Control

Arto Lindsay—Kamo(Dark Stripe)

Iggy Azaela—-My World

Kelly Rowland—Kisses Down Low


GTA—-Booty Bounce(Original Mix)

Hulk—-That’s Doable

Aleem—-Get Loose

Tyga—–It Neva Rains In Southern California

Bassnectar feat Angel Haze—-Freestyle

Lunice—-And She Said(a really nice rendition of DeBarge‘s “Love Me In a Special Way”)

Hudson Mohawke—–All Your Love

Reginia Belle——Baby Come To Me

Stevie Wonder—-Golden Lady

Mark Ronson and the Business feat Pharell, Wiley & Simon LeBon—–Record Collection(Perseus Remix) this is the greatest summer song.


Where’s My Soul? d(._.)b

Is a thought not born?

Dance Dance Dance
Dance Dance Dance

I love music. I love it so much. It creates the feeling of happiness. Songs can evoke feelings sadness, anger, etc. Fortunately, I’m able to express myself through songs in the sense that I can find songs that go with my feelings.Without music, we wouldn’t have the joy of dancing.Dancing until your feet hurt is the greatest feeling known to man! Life wouldn’t be the same without.

Like most people, I listened to many genres of music.

Genres & Sub-genres
Genres & Sub-genres

I find that a selection like this allows me to find the music best fitting for whatever my mood might be for the moment. I appreciate almost everything except for Bluegrass & Country. Two genres that just ABSOLUTELY ANNOY ME TO PIECES! The same could be said for what I listen to because not everybody listens to what I like.

So again…I wanted to share with you so much that I find really great at the moment.

Alexander O’Neal-If You Were Here With Me Tonight

Nicky B feat Diplo-Express Ya Self

Rick James-Glow

Hudson MohawkeChime’s

Hudson Mohawke-Go Get Busy


Machinedrum-Late Night Operation

Beyonce-End Of Time

Major Lazer feat Popcaan & Baauer-Talk ‘Bout Me(Harlem Shake Remix)

Chuckii Booker-Games

Dillon Francis-Masta Blasta(The Rebirth)

Travis Porter-Wobble

Steve Aoki feat Rihanna-1,2, Cake(remix)

Todd Terje-Snooze 4 Love

Young Jeezy-Lose My Mind

Lunice-Fancy Fortie-Rustie Remix

Stabber-Torsion Force

Flosstradamus-From The Back(Lunice Remix)

Crystal Castles-Kerosene

Valentino Khan-Twerk 4 Gold


Kendrick Lamar-m.A.A.d city(although anything of his debut album is amazing..flow like sex)

Robyn-Criminal Intent(Great dance track. Makes you wanna dance on a table)

2Chainz-I’m Different

Mark Ronson & The Business-Record Collection(Persus Remix) feat Simon LeBon, Wiley, Pharrell(amazing track for the summer. beautiful)

 Phyllis Hyman-When You Get Right Down To It

Some of the many things that currently I enjoy listening to.

Happy Listening