Men On Film? Fashion Queens?

David Alan Grier & Damon Wayan
David Alan Grier & Damon Wayan

Do you remember the show In Living Color? So you have to remember Antoine Merriweather and Blaine Edwards? Remember the segment Men On Film?  Where they would review movies, cooking, exercising and even art?

I Can't
I Can’t

Let’s flash forward: RHOA is taking off and we’re introduced to Lawrence Washington and Derek J(who just finally dropped the “ae”) but stylist in Atlanta. We rarely seem them style hair but they style with their choice of fashions.

I rarely watch tv and since my almost year of not watching anything, I turn it on for noise. I look over and see a commercial for “Fashion Queens” similar to the “Fashion Police” on E! with an African-American panel. The only reason BET didn’t try to jump to a show like this because of their B.Scott incident over the summer.

Derek just tries too hard
Derek just tries too hard

However, the first thing that came to my mind was “Congratulations!” and “Men On Film” I had no idea that it was already on a second season. A mid-season but still. Good for them but before Derek J is out there talking about people’s fashion flaws, he probably should remember while that celebrity is wearing a pair of Louboutin’s, wasn’t he rocking some Bakers shoes with a replica fake? Just saying………..

This would be exactly what I'd say after watching it
This would be exactly what I’d say after watching it

Obviously, the show isn’t a copy of that segment. They would probably would watch that segment and fight over which one is Blaine and who is Antoine. Has anybody else noticed this? Has anybody watched the show? I assume that it’s 10x cattier than Joan Rivers and Kelly Osbourne could be. The one thing I’ll say GET DEREK J some clothes that fit. I mean c’mon. I won’t watch the show, I’m just having flashbacks from when he was Kim’s stylist and his own Hair Battle Spectacular.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on it……..Oh and whatever happened to Sheree Whitfield?