Fashion Forward: Style With A Scarf

2014 is an interesting time for men's fashion. The trends that have graced the runways are definitely bold and daring. There are a few that I would actually rock myself.

Cozy In Your Blanket:

Burberry Prorsum Blanket Scarves
Burberry Prorsum Blanket Scarves

I like this trend a lot actually since I’m not a fan of the cold. Knit me a scarf if you want but I’ll take a warm blanket. Totally awesome! Blanket scarves are a new alternative, versatile and go with every style imaginable. Try it with suit.


I love scarves like that
I love scarves like that

Extra long, patterned and oozing colors. A must try accessory if you feel the blanket scarves are too much for you to handle. A little easier to adapt to daily lifestyle, worn with a sweater or become more casual when worn over a coat. To infinity and beyond with your scarf.

Fashion Forward: Spring Summer 2014

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn!”-Orson Welles

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer '14
Louis Vuitton Spring Summer ’14

Bomber Jackets. Floral Patterns. Color Block Stripes. Androgyny. Over-sized. Cropped Shorts. Summer Coats. Rose Gold. Deconstructed. Retro. 90’s. Tunics. There’s a lot to look forward when we move into the Spring Summer season.

Raf Simons SS14
Raf Simons Spring Summer ’14

Blending classic menswear(button ups, blazers, etc.) with overt feminine influences such as over-sized tee-shirt dresses and skirts is a really interesting perspective as seen at Raf Simons. The simple and chromatic yet with the aesthetics of 90’s club attire brings new meaning to the standard uniform. Not your average androgynous boy can pull this off either, I feel as though you should at least be 5’11.

Tom Ford Spring Summer 2014
Tom Ford Spring Summer ’14

Floral printed blazers, cropped shorts and 50 shades of pink were in abundance at Tom Ford. Actually, with the comeback of loafers, finding items that are of similar style(try ASOS) is actually a way to stay on trend without breaking the bank.

JUUN J: Have You Heard Of Him? 

Rihanna's Custom JUUN J for her Diamond's Tour
Rihanna’s Custom JUUN J for her Diamond’s Tour

Deconstructed. Menswear. Cut, structure and volume were the three main elements of this collection.  Cropped shorts that stayed at thigh level paired with over-sized jumpers made from Raglan.  An homage to American sportswear, the show starts with various shades of blues and whites. Trousers that lengthened with the aid of drawstring waists and kimono influenced sleeves dominated the second half of this show. Colors shifted more into midnight blue and black as fabrics changed to satin and leather. JUUN J is available at  SSENSE  & FarFetch.

JUUN J Spring Summer '14
JUUN J Spring Summer ’14


Who Wants To Take Marc Jacobs Spot?

Buh Bye
Buh Bye

I’m sure you heard of Marc Jacobs departure as the Creative Director for Louis Vuitton and I’m sure you’ve all have asked “Who’s going to take on that role?” Do you remember Nicolas Ghesquière? The designer who left Balenciaga last November?

After months of speculation, it has been announced that he would be taking on the role that Marc Jacobs has departed from. Personally, I really love what Ghesquière did for Balenciaga. He’s truly a talented designer and it was shocking when he left Balenciaga.

He isn’t giving any interviews until his collection debuts in March, so we’re really going to just have to speculate about what he’ll bring to the table. However, I think that his collection will bring an luxuriously sexy appeal with provocative cuts showcasing the femininity of a woman.

Don't Bring Kristin To Any Events Please?
Don’t Bring Kristin To Any Events Please?

One of the biggest challenges, I think that’ll find is working with a brand that has built their reputation on a logo but at the same time that just might be something new and fresh for the Louis Vuitton label. I definitely think about accessories that he’ll have us in awe for. As he did for Balenciaga with the Lariat bag, he’s going to give us a new “It Bag” to lust over. I’m ready to lust! Are you?


Migrant Worker 2013 Resort Collection

I wanted to look for some cute swim trunks….not that I don’t have a lot to begin with but you can always use more. I decided to look at Marc Jacobs for inspiration. However, when I glimpsed at the collection the first and only thing came to mind this quote from Drop Dead Gorgeous.

“There are eight thousand sequins and
fifteen hundred beads on the skirt,
alone. My mom and Mrs. Lopez make it.
She’s one of my father’s many Mexican
(Me’hee’kan) workers he lifts from the
poverty they know in Mexico
(Me’heek’koe).” -Rebecca Leeman a.k.a Denise Richards

Who Doesn't Want To Look Like A Migrant Worker?
Who Doesn’t Want To Look Like A Migrant Worker?

I love Marc Jacobs as a designer typically but this is awful. Who wants to look like a 1950s peasant worker this summer? Surely, every fashion forward girl is dying to put on these looks and go straight to the factory and start working on assembling toys for children.He’s such an extremely talented designer that this collection bothers me and I know it’s a personal view but what was he thinking. Although, I have friends that CAN pull off something this different, I applaud them for that. I know my style is a little autre at times and I shouldn’t talk but people talk about my style, so that’s ok. I can VOICE my opinion. However, I will say that Anna Wintour looked amazing at the CFDA Awards in one of the dresses…..

Anna Wintour & Tommy Hilfiger at the CFDA Awards
Anna Wintour in one of the pieces

Like I stated, I love Marc Jacobs but this particular collection has left me wondering what he was thinking……

See The Collection

Marc Jacobs Resort 2013 Collection