The definition of Technobohemian courtesy  of John Malkovich
 Technobohemian courtesy of John Malkovich

I’m not sure how I missed this one since I visit almost every other day. One of my favorite sites for clothing, especially since they have some of the most amazing sales known ¬†is to man. I went click on the “Socialize” section of and came across John Malkovich’s clothing line “Technobohemian” as the first section.

I like to think of myself as somewhat relevant, how did I miss this? I never knew Malkovich even had a clothing line the first time back in the early 2000s. Let alone this. It’s actually really an interesting concept. Inspired by what he calls a “New-Millenium Bohemian” playing on the cosmopolitan yet very technological culture that we live in today.

Taking a keen interest on the entire process, Malkovich is involved from the sketching to fabric selections, where paying attention to quality and the “expression” conveyed.

I actually never knew Malkovich to be such a fashionisto. However, designing clothing is just another form of expression. It’s a really cool collection, that I’m enamored with.