The September Issue: In Mid October

Summer is officially over. Fall has entered the room. Bringing with it everything from crisp morning air, foliage and most importantly fashion. Fall is actually a really fun season to dress up and play around with different trends.

gary erica chair watermark editedGREY: An alternative to black, this color never goes out of style. Grey really is unique in the sense that it can take you from day to evening without ever having to change. Grey is a dominant color this fall/winter season but KNOWING how to wear it will set you apart from everyone else.

A white shirt and black tie create a super clean and classic look. You can also opt for fun colors like lilac or powder blue to deflect hues.

It’s in the accessories. Whether it be a fun patterned tie or a pocket square you’ve found a way to bring your grey to life. Stay in the same shade family within a few shades but leave the shirt the lightest.

0C9A7683COATS: It’s a personal thing, knowing which coat works best for you. Stay classic and wear a Pea Coat or a Topcoat. Simple with style. Add a little spice to your sweatpants when running to the store or keep it formal with a suit.

Marc Woods 2CAMOUFLAGE: One would think that this pattern is especially hard to pair with clothing but in fact camouflage is a nice subtle addition to any closet. Stick to one type of camouflage. Whether its traditional army or a floral, keep it to one pattern. Accessories, wallets, etc., are great ways to add small doses of this print into to your wardrobe.

These are just a few ways to get yourself ready for fall. It’s not set in stone because good style is about what works for you!


Wardrobe: Frank & Oak, Lord & Taylor, Ministry of Supply & 9Tailors

Models: Erica Snow, Gary Croteau, Marc,

Hair: Kerri Marland

Styling: Catherine Lynch & Andrae Brashear

Photography: Catherine Lynch

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10 Street Style Tips For Spring Style

“See I’d rather be a freq than not be unique. Individuality makes life better.”–Pharrell Williams “FREQ”

Follow these tips and you'll be all set!
Follow these tips and you’ll be all set!

Having style isn’t has hard as it looks. Yes, of course, most of the street style kids are getting their clothes for free so that they can look effortless and cool in their pictures, while everyone else has to buy cautiously to build that perfect closet. However, there are some helpful tips for what to borrow this spring.

The key thing to remember: Don’t copy. Being inspired helps(music typically inspires my daily life, clothes too!)The style that we have as people is unique to us, so let that shine through. From investing in designer running sneakers or how to wear the ever so hard denim on denim look, see which of these 10 Street Style Tips For Spring Style you can use.

Christopher Kane SS14
Christopher Kane SS14

Print. Logo. Bold :  From internet symbols, racing stripes and literally off your public transportation. The typical floral pattern is always a safe bet but why not live a little and get graphic!

This is as tasteful as camouflage gets
This is as tasteful as camouflage gets

Let’s Be Tasteful With Our Camo: Personally, not one of my favorites. Ever. For some reason, this trend just doesn’t stay where it belongs. Do you plan on wearing camo to the office anytime soon? Consider camo  a bright color. Now contrast with solid pieces. An accessory such as a bag, iPad case, etc. gives you a OOTD that is right on the money!

You can always play your denim safe
You can always play your denim safe

Wear Denim Together. Wash Separate: Wearing different color denim washes together creates an effortlessly cool look. Stick to washes two shades different from each other or you can always turn it up by wearing colored denim. Have fun with this. Why not try acid-wash, white,black or even super light jeans.

Paris Fashion Week
Paris Fashion Week

The Key Is In The Details: It’s the simple little details on a shirt matter! Variations in fabric allow people to actually notice your own unique style. A paisley elbow and a speckled Chambray are clear indicators of bold and boring. No matter how expensive a piece of clothing is, a guy really only feels confident in his own clothes. Style is about noticing things that others don’t. That’s why it’s important to develop an eye for things you like that your less fashionable friends might not notice.

Burberry Prorsum SS14
Burberry Prorsum SS14

Brave. Bold. Choose Carefully: I’m a firm believer that at least one thing in your closet should scream when you open the closet door! So why can’t it be your jacket. Camo is an option, plaid or another pattern that pleases your eye. Stay safe with Olive, Tan, Grey and Black. Remember if it’s too bold, you might have to wait to recycle that look!

Herschel Supply Co.
Herschel Supply Co.

College Dropout: If you live in the city, the backpack is like your choice of bag. So let’s change it up this season and let’s leave our L.L. Bean and Jansport backpacks in elementary school where they belong. Opt for a Herschel Supply Co.!

Cheap Monday
Cheap Monday

Your Denim Jacket Goes With Everything: Trust me fellas this is one of the most versatile pieces you can add to your wardrobe. They’ve been around for over a century. Hoodie? Wear it with a denim jacket! Dress code at work? Fight against conformity by wearing your denim jacket as a blazer all you have to do is  pair with  slim-fit trousers and an Oxford, your set to go! Thank Me Later!

Maison Martin Margiela
Maison Martin Margiela

Jog In Style: Well, I’ll pretend to jog. Balenciaga, Maison Martin Margiela and many more have in common?  They have in common the ability to make sneakers beyond belief. Gone are the days of having a pair of ugly shoes to go with your “Casual Run Around & Do Errands” outfit. Futuristic. Sleek. Bold.

Have fun with neon colors
Have fun with neon colors

Neon Lights. Neon Lights: Keep It Cute or Put It On Mute. If you opt for trying this out, keep it pretty low-key by wearing darker colors. People will think your super stylish because you’re wearing such a daring choice!

T  by Alexander Wang
T by Alexander Wang

Blacker Than Black: Black is one of the easiest colors to actually build your daily look from. It’s why it’s the uniform of choice among the fashionable. You’ll always look dressed up, super chic without trying. Tones aren’t the issue here, the problem your going to run into is fabric. Cottons and linens are great for easy to move in, breathable materials and looser fit tees and buttons up help you from becoming a sticky mess.

Just a few ways to reinvent your style for the spring. Be a bit daring. Everyone will tell you how dashing you look.


Fashion Forward: Style With A Scarf

2014 is an interesting time for men's fashion. The trends that have graced the runways are definitely bold and daring. There are a few that I would actually rock myself.

Cozy In Your Blanket:

Burberry Prorsum Blanket Scarves
Burberry Prorsum Blanket Scarves

I like this trend a lot actually since I’m not a fan of the cold. Knit me a scarf if you want but I’ll take a warm blanket. Totally awesome! Blanket scarves are a new alternative, versatile and go with every style imaginable. Try it with suit.


I love scarves like that
I love scarves like that

Extra long, patterned and oozing colors. A must try accessory if you feel the blanket scarves are too much for you to handle. A little easier to adapt to daily lifestyle, worn with a sweater or become more casual when worn over a coat. To infinity and beyond with your scarf.

Fashion Forward: Spring Summer 2014

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn!”-Orson Welles

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer '14
Louis Vuitton Spring Summer ’14

Bomber Jackets. Floral Patterns. Color Block Stripes. Androgyny. Over-sized. Cropped Shorts. Summer Coats. Rose Gold. Deconstructed. Retro. 90’s. Tunics. There’s a lot to look forward when we move into the Spring Summer season.

Raf Simons SS14
Raf Simons Spring Summer ’14

Blending classic menswear(button ups, blazers, etc.) with overt feminine influences such as over-sized tee-shirt dresses and skirts is a really interesting perspective as seen at Raf Simons. The simple and chromatic yet with the aesthetics of 90’s club attire brings new meaning to the standard uniform. Not your average androgynous boy can pull this off either, I feel as though you should at least be 5’11.

Tom Ford Spring Summer 2014
Tom Ford Spring Summer ’14

Floral printed blazers, cropped shorts and 50 shades of pink were in abundance at Tom Ford. Actually, with the comeback of loafers, finding items that are of similar style(try ASOS) is actually a way to stay on trend without breaking the bank.

JUUN J: Have You Heard Of Him? 

Rihanna's Custom JUUN J for her Diamond's Tour
Rihanna’s Custom JUUN J for her Diamond’s Tour

Deconstructed. Menswear. Cut, structure and volume were the three main elements of this collection.  Cropped shorts that stayed at thigh level paired with over-sized jumpers made from Raglan.  An homage to American sportswear, the show starts with various shades of blues and whites. Trousers that lengthened with the aid of drawstring waists and kimono influenced sleeves dominated the second half of this show. Colors shifted more into midnight blue and black as fabrics changed to satin and leather. JUUN J is available at  SSENSE  & FarFetch.

JUUN J Spring Summer '14
JUUN J Spring Summer ’14


Trunk Club Men’s Outfitters: My Experience

Trunk Club Package
Trunk Club Package

Most men are not great at shopping let’s be real. Brian Spaly, founder of Bonobos, started Trunk Club in 2008 as a way of helping men shop for things that they like without having to actually shop. Guys do like to look good without the fuss of having to shop unless you are like myself who actually enjoys shopping.

What Trunk Club Can Do:

  • You receive a personal stylist who actually works directly with you to select clothing for you
  • Try everything for free for 10 days. Keep what you want. Send the rest back. They will charge your card afterwards
  • High quality selections based on your choices
  • Free shipping both ways

What You Have To Do:

  • Complete a profile and choose from the selections
  • Click on the looks that you are most likely to wear
  • Let them know where you’re now shopping
  • Give them your measurements
  • Fill out the account information

After that happens, you sit back and wait for your personal stylist to give you a call to discuss some last minute things.

There are many stores that offer similar services such as this one, I tried this one because I saw it on a Facebook ad and decided to check it out. I always check out those ads. I liked the clothing. However, I wish that I had a better personal stylist.

Erin(the stylist) called and it caught me off guard because I had signed up a few weeks earlier. We went over things and I didn’t get a real sense that she wanted to help me because of my honest answers. I told her my style and what I liked and what I was looking for. I felt a sense of “standoffish behavior” and that she just was kind of mean. We all have bad days, so I didn’t take it for too much but by the end of the day I felt that we hadn’t connected. I felt like I wasn’t going to even receive my trunk.

A few days went by and I hadn’t received a confirmation email to let me know my trunk was on the way. I actually called and spoke with another stylist who super friendly. I ended up asking her if I could be assigned to her but found out that was something that I needed to discuss with Erin.

I received my trunk and too my surprise. It was ok. Nothing special like I thought. I appreciated the hand-written note. Unfortunately, I cannot find the pictures(Samsung Note 2, I miss you). Overall, I like the concept, the clothes, however the customer service is lacking. I would try it again but I would want a different stylist since we just weren’t able to connect. Try it for yourself……

Check It Out Here!


London Fashion Week: Spring Summer 2013

Hopefully, we survive 12/21/2012 that way we are able to enjoy some of the amazing things that are coming out of London Fashion Week for the Spring Summer 2013. From Phillip Treacy’s impeccable millinery skills that honor the late Michael Jackson to the funky fresh throwback to the 80s collection of Topman Designs. 

I find that as I’ve gotten older I’ve become a little more reserved in what I tend to wear. I definitely am not as bold as I used to be in certain aspects of clothing. At 26, I probably should be wearing whatever I want and I do but only when the time and place calls for it. However, I really do appreciate really well constructed garments of clothing. The craftsmanship that goes into the work that these people create to inspire people’s everyday style from all walks of life is just amazing. Truly talented people. 

Rock My World…Alek Wek

If I ever need a special hat to make me feel magical Philip Treacy will be the man that I RUN to. I’m normally not a hat person but the art of millinery is one that I could definitely begin to appreciate. I watched the runway show to this collection because it was a homage for Michael Jackson. It was more than that. Words can truly not describe the talent and time that went into this collection. Lady Gaga, was definitely the right choice to open the show. A bursting pink bubble but actually she looked good. 

Below is the link to the show…Enjoy!

….cause this is THRILLER…..Actually,it’s the original red jacket!!

TopShop presents TopMan for Spring Sumer 2013….and as usual I’m only a few months late on catching this one. This collection reminds me of the 80s. When looking at this show and the images, I immediately get drawn into the masculinity and the femininity of the collection. The colors strong and bold, yet I find a soft quality about them. One of my favorite looks is reminiscent of the neon pink suit Donatella Versace had in the collection for H&M. It’s a great fun summer short suit! 

Something About the 80s

I couldn’t decide between Alexander McQueen or Moschino Cheap & Chic….but I went with Moschino. I’ll post the link and you’ll understand why. Maybe it was the fact that Aluna George gave a live concert and did a rendition of “This Is How We Do It” and totally was able to manipulate the lyrics to talk about Moschino. I really think it has to do more with the presentation of the show and just the fact that they have a quirky style for a very modern woman who isn’t afraid to take risks in the she wears. However, McQueen’s collection for both men and women for 2013….all I can say is OH MY GOD! for the Moschino Cheap&Chic

All I Can Hear is Austin Powers!!

Even though I’m a few seasons late…I should have posted my thoughts on this 1st….

Personally, I actually think that the team behind the creation of Balmain’s menswear line in the past few years has definitely hit the mark. Every collection that they have put out is the epitome of a rockstar style. The attention to detail in the current fall collection is really a key thing. If you notice in the womenswear, there is always such extreme detailing to beading, stitching, as well as the shape as fabrics. I really like that Oliver Rousteing brought that over to the mens. WE LOVE DETAILING TOO!!!Image