Jodie Foster Got What She Deserved

The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane
The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane

For as long as Jodie Foster has been an actress, she's always taken roles in which she is the character that you fall in love with. She's one of those rare child actors that successfully made the jump from child star to adult actress without pulling a Lindsay Lohan or Gary Coleman in between teenager and young adult. It kind of makes me sick this Jodie Foster effect in which she really hasn't taken a role in which she's playing something out of the ordinary.....well maybe in Anna and The King.

Secretary of Defense Delacourt
Secretary of Defense Delacourt

So remember that movie, Elysium, starring Matt Damon as well? The premise of the film is a postapocalyptic Earth in which in the planet is a dismal place filled with minions and Elysium is paradise in space with the privileged. Anyways, Foster plays the Secretary of Defense Delacourt who doesn't really play by the rules. The citizens of Earth want the same medical attention that Elysian's have but anytime there's an attempt, Delacourt sees that it is just that an attempt.  As is the formula for all Dystopian films, there's a disaster that doesn't get solved to almost the end. I don't want to ruin the film just for the simple reason that she does such an impeccable job playing a MEGA-BITCH!

Everybody Loves Jodie Foster
Everybody Loves Jodie Foster

The opening is good. The middle is fluff. The ending is typical. However, Foster is great as always and that's why everyone loves her!

He Went From Totally Geek To Totally Chic…….


Another one of my favorite movies is the ’80s flick “Can’t Buy Me Love” staring Amanda Petersen and Patrick Dempsey. Remember that singer Gerardo(Rico Suave), Amy Dolenz(her daddy was a Monkee) and we get to meet a young Seth Green(remember he’s like 10) but anyways…..

We'll call him Seth Green.....
We’ll call him Seth Green…..


The premise of the movie is about this boy Ronald Miller(Dempsey) who plays this geeky lawn mower who is progressing into senior year of high school. We can assume he’s “Never Been Kissed” unless it was at band camp one summer. The hottest girl in school is Cindy Mancini(Petersen) and this is why she is the “End All Be All”

  • Captain of the Cheerleaders
  • Blonde(duh), Volkswagon Cabriolet(believe me I wanted one)
  • Boyfriend who goes to some school but he was the Captain of the Football Team,
  • Brunette friends(that aren’t as hot as she is but that’s subjective)
  • A mom that lets her go back to school shopping at Neiman Marcus and countless other reasons why she is so “It Girl”
  • Lots of other reasons too
The best leathers come from Rome, Paris and Des Moines
The best leathers come from Rome, Paris and Des Moines

Cindy wants to impress people at a party, she takes her mothers suede outfit(fringe sleeves and all) and this jerk spills Merlot all down the front of it! Uh oh! Before her mother finds out Cindy has to rush to the mall to bring the dress to the cleaners or buy a new outfit. Cheerleaders especially in the 80s never had an afterschool job, so it’s pretty obvious that homegirl didn’t have any money right. Well Ronald Miller spent his summer mowing lawns and has $1000 to drop for her mistake…..under one condition…


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So they spend a month pretending that they are  this couple. Cindy falls for the dweeb and then they break up. He lets popularity go to his head, and dates Patty and the other brunette(forgot her name, she looked like a chipmunk) he even gets to date Iris(She’s like Greyhound) and well it goes down and he is a social pariah. Did I mention he threw a bag of dog excrement on his friends Kenneth’s house on halloween? Well he did! Then Cindy calls him out on New Years Eve and he spends the rest of senior year basically a social outcast…”Transfer to Jefferson. Transfer to Washington. Nobody at Westerberg is going to play your reindeer games”

This movie didn’t spawn any careers whatsoever but it’s memorable. Paula Abdul did the Choreography. Nobody knows what happened to Cindy Mancini either……….

Incase you were wondering what Cindy Mancini looked like now....
Incase you were wondering what Cindy Mancini looked like now….