I Love My Nights As Designated BoyToy……

Everyone has a goal. Everyone has a path to get to that goal. The people you find along the way either understand or they don’t. It’s nice when you meet people who share the same vision and have different ways of expressing that.

One of the many that I like about my life, I’m always the “Designated BoyToy!” Like when girls go out in groups and there’s the one boy, that’s me and it’s pretty fab!

Shabu-Zen in Allston, Ma
Shabu-Zen in Allston, Ma

Friday July 12th, 2013 at about 5:25, I met Georgina at the commuter rail station in Framingham. At about 5:36, we boarded the train, had I remembered that it was the Jason Aldean concert at Fenway Stadium, I probably would have suggested Uber(just kidding), while we sat on the train we each listened to our own music since the fans were too rowdy for us to enjoy the conversation we wanted to have.

As I learn more and more about blogging, I come across more and more networks, which is amazing. However, I will say that the girls that I met on Friday night at Shabu-Zen, are truly amazing individuals.

Hot Pot!!! One of my favorite meals ever!!! So delicious that literally whenever, I have it, I always have to go again a few days later(I went the next day to Hot Pot Buffet Chinatown) and this was a great option! Incase you aren’t familiar, Hot Pot is where you have the soup broth(Chinese Herbal , Tom Yum, Mala, Kim-chee, etc.) and you basically cook your own soup with meats, vegetables and whatever else.

Disclaimer: Since I’m without my phone at the moment, excuse lack of pictures showcasing. I snagged a few from the night.

I can speak for everyone when I say “Thank you for planning this!”, I had fun meeting new people and reconnecting with some I’ve met before. My favorite part of the evening was the different ideas that everyone had for future events. Genuine, unique, talented, stylish and gorgeous women who are very smart. I always have fun being the Designated BoyToy(copyright pending), oh and our waiter was so sweet. An absolute peach! Did I mention that the Strawberry Smoothies(fresh fruit and ice only, perplexed me too!) is FUMAZING!!!!!  I can’t wait for the next one!!!……….

Thank You Georgina
Thank You Georgina

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Good times with good people!