My New Favorite Haircut

Whatever Coco says, just trust it!
I trust this statement despite being a man. It holds true as well. 

If you live in Boston or the surrounding area and you are in need of a life changing haircut, let me make tell you who will make that happen! Jesse Blodgett down at Salon Mario Russo on Newbury St is the man!

When your hair is right.You feel complete.
When your hair is right.You feel complete.

Now that my hair is darker at the moment, I wanted to fade it so that it would grow out nice. I normally see Tyler but was left in the hands of new stylist Jesse. I left it to him to decide how he would go about it and I think he did a pretty spectacular job. I’m one of those people that’s extremely picky but I don’t know what I want either.

Keep It Cute. Keep It Fresh.
Keep It Cute. Keep It Fresh.

Most of the time at the barbershop, they use clippers and then sometimes they’ll blend with scissors. Midway through the haircut, Jesse employed an awesome technique of razor blending to really blend the lines for a nice fade!

I really love my haircut!
I really love my haircut!

Honestly, I couldn’t be more happy with my haircut!

Note: I’ve had a lot of haircuts and I’m typically never this happy. I’m very happy!


Outfit Of The Day: The Struggle Is Real

Outfit Of The Day: Broke


Forever 21-Cropped Tee


Steve Madden-Boots

Sunday Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Siren

Note: Karmaloop & Jeffrey Campbell is a shoe lovers dream. They're always on sale!

Jeffrey Campbell has won my heart after the fiasco last year. Remember? Thank you Jeffrey for the exclusive deals you have with Karmaloop, it makes me happy.

There once was a boy.....
There once was a boy…..

Siren made for Miss KL is the best shoe ever!!! It’s an interesting creeper style shoe with a Lucite ombre platform sole. I was very excited when I received the box in the mail. I wasn’t expecting it actually be  so heavy, however, they weigh in a whopping 21 lbs. I know this because I weighed myself and then calculated the weigh gain. Crazy, I know.

he had an obession with shoes(particularly impractical shoes)
he loved shoes like Imedla Marcos(especially impractical shoes)

A fellow blogging friend of mine, had  offered to take some pictures for me. Checkout InstantMilk‘s Blog! Thank you so much for taking the pictures.

What I’m Wearing:

ALLSAINTS Payne Mac Jacket- Great Trench

Topman Chino Shorts- Great for the summer with a pair of Oxford’s actually

American Apparel Mesh Jersey- Really cute & light. Nice fit

American Apparel Leg Warmers- Who can resist leg warmers

Jeffrey Campbell for Miss KL Siren- Lucite is heavier than you think when you used as a sole for your shoe!