Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine……..

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Photo Credit: Amy Amerantes

One of the great things about life is being able to create, share and celebrate the triumphs! My friend/co-worker Tyler invited me to come with the other day as he was on assignment styling Rebecca Donovan. She is the author of “The Breathing Series” trilogy that has taken the nation by storm.

Tyler was invited to the soiree at Blithewold Mansion in Bristol, Rhode Island. Naturally, I was first invite because I’m very awesome(just kidding) actually I’m not though.  The day started out rather dreary and didn’t seem like it would let up but by the time we put our outfits on….the sun started to shine! By the time we crossed the bridge, the sun was in full effect but at 7pm!

The Back Lawn of Blithewold in Bristol, Rhode Island
The Back Lawn of Blithewold in Bristol, Rhode Island

Unfortunately the photographer caught me in the midst of a “Squint Eye” in my picture, however my outfit looks good!

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One of the things that I really enjoyed about being able to go was the fact that this was such a big moment in her life and that everybody was there to celebrate that accomplishment. Supporting her dream, helping her dream become a reality or simply being a friend, it was a great reminder that it’s important to have people in your life that you truly care about and that care about you for those reasons. She’s very lucky to have a group of people that she truly can feel that way about.

Aside from having a really cool feminine but still punkish style and being a sweetheart, she has great taste in music. All of the music was slower tempo songs that went with the story but mixed to fast tempo house music. Wishing you nothing but continued success in your journey. Congratulations!

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Shirt by Gant

Shorts by J.Crew

Shoes(even though you can’t see) by YSL

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