Isabel Marant for H&M

Daria Werbowy is the lead model for the campaign
Daria Werbowy is the lead model for the campaign

I can already envision people lined up freezing outside on Clarendon St. in Boston’s Back Bay. Waiting in the frigid weather, just so they are first for the 15 minute shopping limits and only allowed to buy 4 pieces. You can only buy one piece if you buy online which I think is a little ridiculous.

What I am really excited for is the men’s line. It’s her first time designing for the opposite sex but based on what I’ve seen thus far, she knows what she’s doing. There’s her signature French flare in every item. There’s even pieces for the kiddies!

Men this probably your one chance at grabbing pieces as she isn’t going to add a mens line to her name anytime soon.

Isabel Marant for H&M             The Men
Isabel Marant for H&M
The Men

How To Navigate:

  • Camp outside. If you want entry inside first,you’ve got to camp outside. Doors open at 8am. Items available at 12(Noon) online
  • 15 minute intervals. Color coded wrist bands. 4 pieces per person in store. 1 piece online
  • Returns 7 days with receipt
  • Look at the collection online first, so you have an idea of what you want
  • Again this will probably be your only chance if you are  guy
  • Don’t worry there will not be  any hidden platform sneaker wedges


Migrant Worker 2013 Resort Collection

I wanted to look for some cute swim trunks….not that I don’t have a lot to begin with but you can always use more. I decided to look at Marc Jacobs for inspiration. However, when I glimpsed at the collection the first and only thing came to mind this quote from Drop Dead Gorgeous.

“There are eight thousand sequins and
fifteen hundred beads on the skirt,
alone. My mom and Mrs. Lopez make it.
She’s one of my father’s many Mexican
(Me’hee’kan) workers he lifts from the
poverty they know in Mexico
(Me’heek’koe).” -Rebecca Leeman a.k.a Denise Richards

Who Doesn't Want To Look Like A Migrant Worker?
Who Doesn’t Want To Look Like A Migrant Worker?

I love Marc Jacobs as a designer typically but this is awful. Who wants to look like a 1950s peasant worker this summer? Surely, every fashion forward girl is dying to put on these looks and go straight to the factory and start working on assembling toys for children.He’s such an extremely talented designer that this collection bothers me and I know it’s a personal view but what was he thinking. Although, I have friends that CAN pull off something this different, I applaud them for that. I know my style is a little autre at times and I shouldn’t talk but people talk about my style, so that’s ok. I can VOICE my opinion. However, I will say that Anna Wintour looked amazing at the CFDA Awards in one of the dresses…..

Anna Wintour & Tommy Hilfiger at the CFDA Awards
Anna Wintour in one of the pieces

Like I stated, I love Marc Jacobs but this particular collection has left me wondering what he was thinking……

See The Collection

Marc Jacobs Resort 2013 Collection


Style Is A Simple Way Of Saying Complicated Things…..

Anna Wintour & Kristen Stewart at Balenciaga

Jean Cocteau has given me my mantra for the rest of 2012 and probably the rest of my life. The great thing about fashion is everything recycles itself at some point. Paris Fashion Week has been amazing to watch so far. Guy LaRoche, Balenciaga, and Thierry Mugler are giving me a new LIFE!!  Words really can’t describe how amazing these collections are. One thing I’ve noticed with PFW is the strong, structured elements of the garments. The drapery is not without purpose on how the garment falls on the models, even some of the pieces that are unstructured still have some sort of structure. PFW is just pure amazement, raw talent by some of the most talented designers in the world and pure inspiration.

Sporty Spice Meets All Things Nice

BALENCIAGA: For one moment, forget everything you “THINK”, you know about Balenciaga. Not being rude, just want you to look past the bags. From the innovative silhouettes, to the eye-catching shoes, futuristic designs, and unique prints that just all seem to flow together to make their collections amazing, Balenciaga is just that AMAZING!!! 

Ghesquière usually goes for a more masculine approach, typically going for cuts that are broader and lines that are boxier. This season he actually really embraced femininity and gave us ruffles. While, I’m not a big fan of ruffles and pleats, this collection makes me want to scream “RUFFLES ARE A GIRLS BEST FRIEND!!!” However, I’ll abstain from that because I have a slightly monotone voice and my excitement still sounds monotone. 🙂

The collection didn’t shy away from an over abundance of high cut hemlines that gave us an array of legs, similar to what we saw at Armani. When watching the show, I was also reminded of the late 80s and early 90s with bare midriff exposing suits.

Balenciaga Darling….Not Chanel!

If you are used to the prints that Balenciaga tends to use this season seemed to lack those. There was a strong use of black & white for the season but used complimentary with neutral shades that infused to the tweed fabric of choice.High slits, exaggerated tops, later on the show, the more patterned and colorful side of The House of Balenciaga is shown. Enjoy the show:

Guy LaRoche, this collection is very similar in the appeal of Gucci’s 2013 collection. A little more on the conservative side of things but still very glamorous and sexy. It screams minimalist but still sleek, chic and FRENCH. Knee length skirts with high collars and colors such as greens and purples were what we were seeing. I still really like it, there were some pieces that were ultra sexy. This is where the quote comes in I think. Style isn’t something you go out and buy because the designer says so. Style is something that comes from within that really shows and expresses how you are feeling. These collections aren’t necessarily for you to buy it look for look, piece for piece down to every detail, it’s for you to be inspired and take something away.

New York Nights, Paris Mornings
Nineteen Number Naughty Baby Press It On Yo’ Dial

One other thing that was really cool about the collections in general this season, the beauty aspect. Makeup was grungy, yet hair was reminiscent of a Veronica Lake era,but there was also a very 70s appeal to the hair that was classic Jerry Hall, Brooke Shields, Studio 54 chic.

It’s What The French Call “Classique”

I wish I could find a full link for you to enjoy the show but I wasn’t able. I hate watching the shows in parts and I wouldn’t want to inflict that on you.

Thierry Mugler: Welcome to the World of Mugler Handbags. We’ll get to that later. Nicola Formichetti is really hard at work, working on a way to put his vision into the brand. That’s the really tough part of going into a brand that is already known for a certain image, however, I really think he’s past the hit or miss phase with his collections. The one problem that I have with his pieces, how do you know if it’s a Gaga piece or not. Time will tell, right? The pieces in this collection are very wearable, structured pieces. There is an element to it that says “Rebel With A Reason”

To Chic For a Parisian Ghetto
There’s Something About a Mugler Girl
Mugler Document Clutch says “I Love You”

Remember, style is a way of making your impression on the world. Get inspiration from what speaks to you. These are aspects of style that I love. It’s inspiration on all levels, even if you take away the hair and makeup, you’ve learned a little something. Enjoy!!!

Even though I’m a few seasons late…I should have posted my thoughts on this 1st….

Personally, I actually think that the team behind the creation of Balmain’s menswear line in the past few years has definitely hit the mark. Every collection that they have put out is the epitome of a rockstar style. The attention to detail in the current fall collection is really a key thing. If you notice in the womenswear, there is always such extreme detailing to beading, stitching, as well as the shape as fabrics. I really like that Oliver Rousteing brought that over to the mens. WE LOVE DETAILING TOO!!!Image