Just A Weird Work Experience

Sorry, I’ve haven’t updated in a bit of a hot minute. So if you haven’t noticed, I typically do not talk about work on here, primarily because work and this are two separate in my life that I want to keep that way for the most part. However, I had an interesting experience at work and would like to share that because it just goes to show you how intuitive people truly are.

Last week at the salon was particularly busy. Some of the staff were getting ready for a fashion/hair show and I got to help them get set up with that.FUN! Thursday, I had a consultation with a new client who was referred to me by one of my first clients ever. She came in was kind of not sure of how to explain what it was she exactly wanted but she did a pretty good as I gave her a clear of understanding what it was that I thought she wanted. She was super nice and said she would see me in a few weeks. “You’re a Taurus.” said the client as she was leaving. The look of shock and awe must have been clear on my face as I said “Yes, I am. How could you tell?”, she smiled and said “It’s your eyes. Taurus’s have very placid eyes.”

Thursday night the show went well, despite a few minor things but whatever. Friday I had the day off and I went and got another Mystic Tan(I think I’m addicted to being bronzed but only in the summer). Then Saturday came and I forget what I did but I didn’t do anything. Oh that’s right, I went to Verizon to deal with my phone. I think I’m going to just deal without having it for the moment.(another story for another day) Did I mention that this show the hair was inspired by the Zodiac?!

Taurus Symbol
Taurus Symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


“I’m sorry he can’t fit you in today” said the coordinator at work on Sunday to a client. She hung up the phone I immediately asked who was that and she told me, I thought about it and said “Of course I can fit her in.” So the client was called back. Client came in  and with her she had a Georgetown Vanilla Happy Birthday cupcake(my favorite but she didn’t know this), and she said “This is for you because I forgot your birthday”, a smile quickly came over me. It was absolutely so nice but how in the world did she know my favorite flavor. It’s simple and easy but how weird…….

Before she even got into the changing room, we were engulfed in conversation. She explained to me how this was a bad year for the Taurus, between betrayals, situations involving friends, trying to find themselves, trying to keep their mouth shut, etc., I couldn’t even believe it. I was just shocked. Upstairs we went and started to work on her hair. We quickly find ourselves back into the conversations of the Zodiac. She explained how the Taurus is the person soaks up all the problems that people have and take them on as their own(something that I’ve always done), Taurus is never the one to say what is on their mind they kind of just bottle it up and push it down until it’s over(true). Since, I find myself dealing with a lot of Aquarius, Virgo and Scorpios, I asked about that as well. Everything that she was describing was perfect to a T.

I always find myself arguing with the Aquarius signs. We’re both very stubborn and it has to be our way. However the Aquarius are a bit flighty. Anyways, I’m sure we could have talked for hours about all of this but we didn’t. It’s probably not as weird as it was when it happened but it was strange, it felt as if she knew about situations that I had gone through the year and was able to recount or at least to me able to bring up the memory so it wasn’t something that I forgotten. Has anyone had an experience with a person like this? Am I over analyzing her intuition? Disclaimer: She is not a psychic

Please Share…..

P.S. I promise to get back to read and commenting on your blogs as well.


Being Pretty Isn’t Easy

It’s funny, of course when I started this blog I wanted to talk about street fashion and all fun things like that. Well, it’s really hard to have a street fashion blog when you work a bajillion hours a week.I decided that I would gear focus on just things that I truly know about and stay true to my personality. Fashion is one of them, music is another and life is another. There’s a point to this…..just trust me.

Believe In You
Believe In You

One of the hardest things that I think people in life go through is taking criticism. Whether it be from friends, family or a boss, it’s always hard to take what someone thinks about the best foot that we put out there and learn from that. I’m the first to admit, while I appreciate a bit of constructive criticism, depending on the delivery, I become a baby. I act like a 2-year-old child and IMPLODE! I always take it 10x worst then I should and assume that I’ve messed up in the worst way possible. “I can’t redeem myself!” “What have I done?!” “Did I make you mad?” “Do you hate me?!”  It’s really only natural and everybody has dealt with this at some stage in their life. You can lie all you want and say it’s not true but trust me it is. I’m getting to the point…..just trust me.

I have a lot of growing up to do in certain aspects(Oh Em Gee, I may look like I’m totally together but I sneeze and burp too!)  

I love this quote
I love this quote

Last week, I learned a lesson in humbling myself. Looking back at the experience, I feel good about it. I wish it had happened in other ways then this way but shit happens.

I am always willing to take on a task. A lot of the time, I succeed and do something good. I just go for it. I get gung-ho and just try my hardest. I try not to ask because even though it’s not a sign of weakness, I don’t want to be viewed as not knowing something when I should.

My thought process was in the right frame of mind. I was going about it the right way but I messed up. However I didn’t find this out til later which made the hurt sting 4x worse than it should have. I was given the situation in the opposite way which didn’t help

The situation was given to me as if I was the most untalented person on the face of the earth and should get  banished to the barren desert of Australia to live with the dingoes and aborigines(I said I have a lot of growing up to do)however, I just sulked.

Don't Let This Happen To You
Don’t Let This Happen To You

Going home, throwing myself on the bed and falling asleep in the most dramatic fashion cause that’s what I do. Woke up the next day and was still dramatic. Went and got myself a 5 scoop sundae with extra peanut butter and extra hot fudge. I asked for an extra peanut butter cup but clearly she didn’t hear me. I think I was dramatic some more and then the next day was out of my stupor of dramatics.

Ask for help when you need to
Ask for help when you need to

Somehow, I brought the subject up and got a conversation starting with my peers that were knowledgeable on the subject. It got a conversation started and I realized that it’s ok to ask sometimes. It’s ok to not know the answers. I’m in a stage in life where I’m not going to know the answers, I’ll never know the answers to everything. I learn and grow but I have to be receptive to that. When you are receptive to what those around you say, you put your best self out there.