Ain’t Nothing But A SophistiRatchet……..Ya Dig?!…….

Ratchet: A socket wrench used to socket wrench things together

Ratchet: A diva, who is usually from the hood or the ghetto of an urban city. Despite not being the candy of every man’s eye, she thinks she is. She is loud, wears offensive clothing and hair as well jewelry. She might even have a GRILL. 

SophistiRatchet: A woman that is intelligent. She is gifted in academics, she is social and knows about the world things in life. Great etiquette but at a moments notice pop her gluteus maximus to the latest 2Chainz song.

These are the definitions to “Ratchet Phenomena” that is the word of daily life at the moment. Is it a compliment or is an insult? Who actually aspires to this level of ghettoness? Is it actually a curse? Like I want to know…

“That is so RATCHET! Tell me more?!”

Well, clearly if Beyoncè is on board with “Sophistiratchet” it’s a bad thing in the making to be honest. I love me some Beyoncè, but that girl fell off the ghetto tree. Not only did she hit every branch on the way down, the trunk of the tree got out of the ground and smacked her hard in the head. So I know better than to accept a trend that she is pushing….”A sophistiratchet woman knows when she must be sophisticated and when it’s totally appropriate to be ratchet”  That just screams undercover ghetto. Why can’t you just be sophisticated and have fun? Why do you need to be this loud, ghetto, hot mess with bad vernacular that everybody wants to not be around? Nobody wants to be around a hot mess from the hood. At least in the Northeast, we don’t.  Why would a person especially a woman want to portray herself in this manner?

It seems like an oxymoron that one would have the ability to possess both of these qualities. I personally don’t think this applies to many groups of people except for those that come from the worst of families and backgrounds but then come up out of a situation. You know the Boughetto type of people(personal opinion) cause I for one do not know anyone is who is ratchet or sophstiratchet and if I did, I’d probably pass judgment. That is just because it’s easier to judge what you don’t know.


I find myself asking questions like “Is this the result of taking the person out of the hood but not being able to take the hood out of the person?” I say person because both men and women can be ratchet. Some might say ratchet is just the 2012 definition of ghetto but I believe” Ghetto” and “Ratchet” are two different terms.

I blame Reality TV for this problem(I love Reality TV) but when you have women trying to say they are members of elite society and then turn around just to throw a chair at someone because of a funny look, it creates the mindset in the viewer that this ok to act like that.

Epitome of SophistiRatchet

Personally, if I were a heterosexual male I would prefer that the lady in my life not act like this. Throwing bottles of wine at her friends one minute cause she is mad at them and in blink of an eye going to the boardroom meeting to be that “Boss Bitch”. That’s kind of scary and seems like a multiple personality disorder if you were to ask me. KEEP IT GUTTA GUTTA! KEEP IT TRILL BABY! 

I dunno….there are a lot of questions and answers I’m sure as to why someone would want to consider themselves “Sophistiratchet”  I mean I guess it’s about as cool as when black girls were going to school with rattail combs in their. Remember that trend? It was awful, it was stupid. Oh to go back to high school and relive all those stupid trends.

Oh well, one will never know…but all I know is if anybody ever called me SOPHISTIRATCHET….I have a question for you….

Can I slap you across the face right now?

Anyways, I’m done. Have a good day and remember just be yourself. Love yourself and be you!